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since j8867bbw private his twitter contet I can’t have access to the download link does anyone out there have another way to get the game?

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If the user in question decided they didn’t want their content available anymore, then our policy is to respect their wishes.

We discourage people from distributing content that they did not make, without permission from the original maker:

You might have better luck looking in other places.

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he didn’t exactly deprive the game, he left his profile on twitter so only followers can see the contents, i’ve tried following him but he doesn’t respond to the request so i can’t access the game. Want to know if any of his followers have the game downloaded?

Here u go mate.

No bro, that’s the problem, since he prived the twitter for followers only, and yes i’ve tried following him, but he just doesn’t respond to the request he doesn’t deny or confirm, just doesn’t respond, i can’t access the download through this link

J88 only privated his Twitter due to South Korean obscenity laws. He isn’t actively trying to keep his content private, he’s just being extremely cautious since several NSFW South Korean twitter artists have been taken down and faced actual jail time for drawing smut. Dutchko, a controversial gore artist, is the most notable example. This is also why he hasn’t been accepting new followers in addition to just not being super active on Twitter anymore.

As such, I feel that an exception could be made for rehosting his work in this case.

Edit: I would be willing to do so but will not unless given approval by the site admins.


My bad didn’t know, anyway here is a link where u can download all his games