SFRPG - EXPANDED - Custom Sprites

Excellent work. All we need is Matthew Broderick and P-Diddy and you’ve captured the rad 90s Godzilla remake!

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Oh my goodness this looks amazing

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Bless you, bless you for this blessed work you are doing. Blessed <3

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All finished. Here’s the download for the player gator mod. (313.6 KB)

Instructions: Unzip this inside of ((Game Folder)>Graphics>Characters). Replaces second sprite sheet. Then go in-game, interact with your wardrobe, Appearance, then Spriteset, then Spriteset_2. Have fun!

Screenshot (5230)
Screenshot (5235)
Screenshot (5240)


this is wonderful and the way the higher sizes look is very well done. while missing one size level (going by the file names it looks like it would be “$SPTS_5_1_2”) i still absolutely love how the gator looks.


Oops! I’ll quickly fix that. And thanks, honestly I had a lot of fun doing the higher weights.

Here’s the fix, I’ll edit the original post as well. (313.6 KB)


You are a damn legend!

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They do work very well in the game’s style (even if you had your personal touch within)
I wonder, however, if a female variant will come or not.


I wanted some player cow sprites in the game and decided to make my own. I did this right before finding this thread and seeing someone already made one. But if anyone wants a green sprite with cow features here it is. Green Cow - Album on Imgur Only works on size 3.

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We’ll have to see. I might do a variant with breasts if I get the time, but I can’t guarantee if that’ll be any time soon!



my dreams have been fulfilled


I will look at it :> your gator sprites is beautiful and blessed at the same times :>


how do you change the battle sprites

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Once you’ve edited a battler sprite file (Which in this case looks like en_gatorgoth1.png and en_gatorgoth2.png), all you have to do is copy the new file(s) to Graphics > Battlers and overwrite the file. Then just find that enemy in game to see how it took. It’s really that simple.
Always a good idea to keep a backup folder of all the default graphics before you start replacing files as well!

Did a bit of a touch up on the female succubus to make her just that lil bit cuter. Among other things, I added lil nip slips, a seductively chubby tummy, and some good ol fashioned thigh-highs.

// INSTALL (just in case you’re unsure)

  1. Download these pics onto your PC
  2. Find your SFRPG - Expanded game folder
  3. Open Graphics > Pictures
  4. (OPTIONAL) Take out the old succubus pictures and put them in a backup folder
  5. Drag these pictures into the folder and click ‘Replace’ if prompted
  6. Chubby succubus tummy caught in 4K HD!!!

P.S - I forgot to rename them lol, uhhhh time for a mini tutorial!!

  1. Forgive me
  2. Rename the smaller succubus ‘en_succ1_1’ and the larger succubus ‘en_succ1_2’
  3. NOW you can enjoy chumby succubus tummy 4K HD
    en_succ1_1 en_succ1_2
    I also have a dropbox full of some female reskins for male characters HERE!
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Back at it again at Krispy Kreme! Did you want fox? Me too. Have fox.

This should have been finished a long time ago but life uh, uh, uh… gets in the way.
These are the x_2_x set (booba), and no tail (…yet). As previously pointed out, that involves a lot of finagling within the sheet dimensions.
Anyways. Have fun!


Nice work, can’t wait to see the final product