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ok i try to but look bit more worst. i guess don’t work on premade sims

I made a mod this evening to introduce weight gain elements to vampire sims.

Drinking blood from a sim now adds to the fatness of the vampire sim, allowing you to have your gluttonous vampire go on a fattening blood-sucking rampage.

I also increased the calorie value of plasma and other plasma-based drinks to 1,000 per drink.

You should be able to just toss this mod file into your C:\Users[USER]\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder after extracting it from the .7z archive.
VampireCalorieMod.7z (35.0 KB)



This is great, excellent work! :slight_smile:

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i hate the update, make all the mods unplayable…

with cottage living I can see a mod that is going to use some kind of weight gain element with the cow milk. with every sims 4 update mods might need to be updated.

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This is a bit late, but that is an awesome idea.

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Hey, all! I’m a bit late to this party. I know “mpreg” of a sort (via alien pregnancy) already exists for TS3. Personally, I don’t consider mpreg to be one of my own fantasies per se. What intrigues me - kink-wise - is actually Couvade syndrome (aka “sympathy pregnancy”), where the male partner experiences symptoms in sync with the pregnant female partner. What if there was a mod which caused fathers-to-be to experience pregnancy symptoms including but not limited to sympathetic weight gain? Secondary buffs might include “backache/sore muscles”, “morning sickness”, “full bladder”, etc. But, of course, the sympathy weight would be essential here. And then, once the pregnant partner gives birth, the Couvade buffs end (though the weight that was gained may remain). Has such a mod like that ever been created? Thoughts?

do you think you could ever modify the pregnancy buff to act as a stuffed buff that lasts temporaory based on how much your sim eats? 3 stages Stuffed, overstuffed, and bursting for the three pregnancy stages. Or maybe it could work like the vore mod does with kirax belly slider. Just wondering because I have no clue on how to mod sims 4.

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Where did you find turn ons? Is it only in CAS?

Couldn’t find “turn ons” in the Slice of Life modpack. Could you be thinking of WonderfulWhims by TURBODRIVER? That mod has a feature called “Attractiveness” which allows you to set your Sims’ (sexual/romantic) preferences, including bodyweight preferences, sexual orientation, etc.


  1. Click on your Sim to bring up the menu options, and open “Attractiveness…”:

  2. Click on “Choose [SimName]'s Preferences”

  3. A dialogue box titled “Attractive Traits Categories” will pop up on the screen. Select “Body Attractiveness Traits.”

  4. Another dialogue box appears. Select “Preferred Body Weight.”

  5. A final dialogue box will appear. You can set both Liked Body Weight preferences and/or Disliked Body Weight preferences. There are three options in each list, each of which may be toggled ON/OFF. If an option is toggled OFF in both lists, this should render a NEUTRAL or AMBIVALENT response in your Sim toward Sims who fall into that particular category.


what does this change exactly?
Like what is the outcome of changing the preferences?

it’s WW so it’s used to calculate autonomous hookups.

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There’s another feature included in this mod that adds the action “Scope the surroundings.” I need to test it out, but I believe, in theory, you can have your Sim scan the room for other sims they consider attractive (based on their preferences settings). So, a person who has a preference for heavyweight people will take notice of Sims who fit that description. For more detailed info, follow this link to go to the main page for the mod.

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is there a list for male sims? MY MEN NEED MOOBS! help please.

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I remember that hi-land made moobs slider, and if you’re looking for presets… there is no list I know about, but Tumblr is the place you should look for those mods (most obvious choice is hi-land with his chunky males, but maybe look at universal presets (they do lack moobs, but hi-land’s slider should fix that). If you want to try sliders, vibrantpixels created many sliders that focus on other body parts than just belly. You can also check Narci-cism for his sliders & presets.

(the comment may look a bit messy, but I wrote it when browsing my modpack, so I just added what I reminded myself about when doing so)

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Is there a link? For hiland?