Sims 4 Weight Gain Career

Well everybody, I figured it’s about time for a new mod, and boy I hope you guys like this one. This mod adds an immersive gainer career where you work as a model, you go into work every other day and work about 3 hours this is your photoshoot/filming session. There are not any daily tasks that come with this career, only promotion taks.

Promotion tasks:

-Eat x amount of pizza (depending on career level)
-Eat x amount of cake (depending on level)
-Reach a certain weight, yes that’s right my career actually tracks your sims weight so that once your sim passes a certain fat level they are able to be promoted. Note: if your sims fat slider is all the way down their fat will be listed as -100, the sims system bases fat off of a -100 - 100 scale

I heavily suggest you play this mod using Roburky’s fitness controls. This mod increases the max game limit size, and also can slow down how fast your sim gains/loses weight (since sims tend to blow up quickly)


The “-6” in this photo means the sim actually has 16 fat points to gain before reaching that milestone.

Download: Gainer Career - Google Drive

Join my new Sims Weight Gain Community discord: The Sims WG Community

As always, if you have feedback, questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to voice them down below.

I really hope you guys have fun with this mod!


Now this is awesome. This can definitely add some immersion to a gainer sim you create instead of having them eat a mountains worth of cake everyday. Will be adding this to the mods folder once again. Thank you for all your hard work!


Epic stuff, thanks for releasing it man.

Saweet! Definitely gonna have to reinstall it now. XD

Just knowing that a few people like my mods makes it all worth it for me, I appreciate your support!

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Absolutely brilliant! The next time I decide to play Sims 4, I’m definitely installing this one. The perfect way for our big beautiful sim ladies to have the perfect career!

Maybe nerf the income? $200 /hr is a bit much especially for stage 1, even when only working 3 hour shifts.

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I agree with that after playing around with the career for a few hours yesterday, it’s not a huge issue however just for the sake of immersion it would balance it out with other careers and prevent an influx of rich BBW’s all over the place :smile:


Part of why I did it is because sims have to sacrifice their bodies in order to make money, but yeah I can lower it.


Sacrifice? You make it sound like so irreversible(Maybe irl, but sims have always been able to lose weight easily, with enough cardio(like the treadmill or jogging), or, in the case of 3, there was this device that could change a sims’ body shape, and here in 4, there’s a fit potion(and a fat potion), for aspiration rewards)! XD

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So as of level 5 of this career cake eating has stopped registering. Pizza so far is fine, but it wants 25 pieces of cake and none will count it seems.

Thanks for the feedback, I am going to look into it

I was going to chalk it up to a mod conflict, but no changes have been made and its worked up until now. Beyond that I was thinking maybe… its labeled cake, but flagged as something else? Just brainstorming ive no clue how the process works :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, more than likely it is flagged as something else

Pizza is real inconvenient to get. you have to manually order it, and wait for the delivery person, and you can only get 1 at a time(Also, I think they and the nanny broke, but that might have been because of a different mod?). At least you can make a cake yourself, even at lvl 1 cooking. Also, eating both the required pizza and cake BLOWS past the weight requirement, at least if you try to do both in 1 sitting.

Oh yeah, and apparently the new starwars update broke a ton of mods, including any that mess with rabbit holes(like careers), so if anything’s broke, that might be why.

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Yes, that’s why I reccomended users utilize roburky’s fitness controls to slow down how fast sims gain. Also pizza is a realistic food that people in the career would eat a lot of.

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I suppose… I hope there’s an easier way to get em… I LOVE how’s there’s 3 different kinds we can get. Maybe one of the packs(or a mod(HOLY! Not only did I find one, it’s fantastic! SO MANY DIFFERENT PIZZAS! And they also have mods to allow kids to cook and use the pizza oven(If you want your offspring to be chefs as well)! kid cooking mods can be found via links(one leading to the script mod, then on that page, one leading to the skill mod itself(Er… the kid mods broke thanks to the game updating… at least the pizza oven still works.)))))) adds a way to make pizza ourselves(if we don’t already have the ability to do so at a very high cooking level). I hope some packs at least add more pizza varieties to order…

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All the mods in one with Roburky category??.

Thanks for making sims 4 mod for this game.

Wow such high praise lol. It is funny because I don’t even think it looks like they include any links to my mods


how can I download this mod? I can’t seem to find a link anywhere?