Sims 4 Weight Gain Career

Speaking of Roburky’s controls. Has anyone found good setting for slower gains like taking all of the young adult and first bit of adult stages to go from min to max fatness???

You can set the speed of weight gain. By default it is 1, but you can make it as slow as you want. I usually have it set to 0.05, but sometimes for testing things I make it 0.2.

Hi. I recently started playing Sims 4 and used this mod to have a gainer Sim, but one thing I had noticed on my game is that…Apparently you can’t seem to use vacation days? I wanna know if other people have the same problem, or if it’s because the PC version had been updated or something.

I noticed in the weight gain career, it’s bugged at Veteran Model. It’s not registering slices of cake being eaten and can no longer progress.