Smasher and the Will o' the Thiccs (Full release public beta)

Just posted a MASSIVE update to my game, Smasher and the Will o’ the Thiccs! 8 totally new levels, a new mode, and over 200 player skins, I have put a ton of work into it!

It’s a public beta, so any bugs will be printed to the console, and be fixed before the final final release (assuming y’all let me know)

Also, news: It’ll be on Steam, Mac, and Android, all coming soon!

Go check it out!

Report bugs here:


“This is where the fun begins.”
-Anakin Skywalker


Christ, that’s enough skins to overturn the fur industry. How the fuck does one even make that many and still have time to make a video game?


Easy to justify when it’s a YCH and funds the rest of development, haha. I spent a solid 3 months on skins, I’d guess, but also had school during that time

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Here’s a Let’s Play of the game, I love it but boy its more fun :slight_smile:

The skins are much simpler than it look. here, it is essentially 2 sprites per skin. That still means that he would have made 400-ish asset, if there is no duplicate (200 original upper body and most likely some reused, edited lower body based on the species and coloration of a given skin.)

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They do at least have unique expressions drawn for each of them, but yes, it helps it’s basically puppet animated, so it doesn’t require a whole huge sprite sheet

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Practically beat the whole game (secret mode and almost all goals included) and I have to say you guys really outdid yourself!

Only thing I would add is to put a ‘Retry Level’ button for when you beat a level or fail it. For a game centered around trial and error it takes too long to go all the way back to the level select and THEN be able to retry a level.


Gotta say, I love this game and all the little secret nooks and crannies scattered around the maps (and of course the artwork). Spent a while churning through all the bonus goals and only got stumped by one. How exactly do you cook the burger? I tried shoving it onto the grill but that didn’t do anything.

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There is a restart button in the pause menu!


It is unfortunately bugged, but will be fixed in the final final release

The callback to Fats Food did make me smile ^^

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Just a couple little bugs I found.

  • One of the spinning things in the bakery seemed to latch onto me weirdly, like it had clipped inside the player. I was able to free myself in two moves though.
  • I got caught in one of the red beams when escaping. I seem to keep growing infinitely so much that the game froze.
  • I get an exception in the console when I hit the blueberry victims in the blueberry mode. At least for the first two levels.
    "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    at SoundManager+d__19.MoveNext () [0x00026] in D:\Backup\GameBase\Assets\Scripts\Managers\SoundManager.cs:153
    at UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) [0x00026] in :0

(Filename: D:/Backup/GameBase/Assets/Scripts/Managers/SoundManager.cs Line: 153)"

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In level 3, “Fats Food”, how does one complete the “Cook a burger” challenge? I’m assuming it’s somehow related to the slab of steak on the ground in the freezer, but it moves like a hockey puck, and I can’t figure out where it goes.

That goal is unfortunately bugged, it will be fixed for the final release!

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if modding skins can happen then im going to do so

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That happened to me to a degree. Being caught by the red beams at one point blew me up hugely - entertaining, but I guess slightly glitched.

One other possible glitch I found was that only occasionally does moving the cursor back over Smasher does the shot reset and I can release the mouse button. Other times it’ll be locked into taking a shot. There may be some other factors involved, such as if you’re presently moving, say, but it feels inconsistent to me.

Also maybe I’m being slow, but what does the white bar and its changing position on the power gauge represent? Not very clear to me.

Final point, I like the final zoom in you get when you complete a mission and get your results, but the final shot of your full resplendence goes by so quickly! It would be nice if the shot lingered and you could click to continue. Hell, maybe even pan the camera or continue playing, so you can revel in your final form for the level.


I agree with the option to freely roam around the level after completing it, continuing to break stuff while you’re at the biggest size you can be on the current level~ (Maybe even belch on command for added fun~)

Also, maybe there could be an option to freely zoom in and out using the mouse wheel?


ok, one thing that caught my eye was the 2 island levels, bois lets steam roll the blue berry levels and acess them

(oh lord forgive the man who fought the final boss like that)

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Seems like blueberry mode has some problem with its scoring system.

What i did that people might not have done

  • switched character skin during blueberry mode
  • realized that the character color on the new skin was back to default, so i restarted the level
  • color was back to the one selected in blueberry mode
  • complete the level and this trigger an error, the score is set to 3000 by default (i scored lower than that).

the error showed up only thrice over level 1 (twice) and 2. Seems to have stopped if i don’t seek to reproduce it

ps: i could be wrong on the nature of the bug. i wasn’t able to reproduce it, so i didn’t think about nothing the error down.

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