Sneak Feast (The Hoodah's Submission)

Most people try to find honest work for a living. Monseiur Leblanc is not like most people. His special set of skills make him a valuable asset for Big Foodie corporations who wish to take a discrete and untraceable bite out of each other’s surpluses and sabatoge their well-stocked larders. Do you have what it takes to clean out the competition, or will you get stuck washing dishes for the rest of your life?

Live the job as a profesional feast thief and sneak your way through gradually narrowing halls as you try to clean out the map of edible food.

  • The more you eat, the wider you get, meaning you’ll need to find alternate paths to continue snacking without getting stuck.
  • Use Hiding Spots to help avoid guards, especially at wider sizes. Get caught and it’s game over, along with your buffet.
  • You can’t just stand around either, there’s a time limit! You also need to escape, so plan your route wisely!

Extract the .rar and run the .exe to play.
Arrow Keys - Movement
Spacebar - Action (Eat food, use Hiding Spot. Must be facing UP to interact with Food or Hideyholes)
Esc - Open Menu/Quit to Title

Old Version - Windows Only: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

EDIT: New Topic for Updates To keep the original version and updates seperate and clean for the purposes of judging, we’ve moved all updates and notes to its own post in the Projects section, which you can visit here: Sneak Feast - Future Plans for 2020

Hoodah here! I’ve been lurking for a while but wanted to try my hand at making a game, so what better time than at a game jam! Myself (Art, Design) along with Dom Foxley (Programming, Design) have been working hard to get this game together, and we hope you enjoy playing it!

KNOWN BUGS: Entries marked with a *** should be fixed in the latest version.

  • *** Reaching Stage 3 growth may stick you into a wall. You will need to restart the game by pressing ESC.
  • *** Restarting from a Game Over will keep you in the state you were at. If you want a fresh start, you will need to quit from the ESC menu.
  • *** Restarting doing strange things in general.
  • *** Guards may catch you even if in a hidey hole as long as they walk past the player.
  • *** Selecting Restart after getting caught right in front of a hidey hole may make the player invisible. Quit from the ESC menu and restart to fix.
  • Guards may “spot” you through walls if the flashlight can reach the player. That’s just how life works when you’re big enough to spot through walls.
  • If a guard spots you right outside a hidey hole before you enter, you will still be caught. Because, like, c’mon man, you were right there.

the jazz soundtrack and film noir theming immediately sold me on this. the controls are a bit unresponsive at times, but overall, quite a fun lil’ game here!

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I seem to get stuck in the wall every time I get to the third weight stage. Otherwise brilliant game!

found a another bug
i got caught and had to retry, but when i did, i could just straight up walk through walls
the effect continued until i hid in one the hiding spots

I really dig this, but I’ve found a couple bugs. You’ve already got two mentioned in the OP, but also, one time it seemed like the guards were able to see me while I was hiding in a crawlspace, and stood there until I came out and got caught.

Thank you for the feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed! I certainly liked your two current submissions to these jams, so it means a lot to hear praise from you.

Download the latest version, they should fix most of these issues. Let me know if any more issues persist. Thank you for the kind words regardless of issues!

Don’t know what the deal is but i can’t seem to download it.
I can look at the files, preview the text files, but not download it.
There is no “download and save” it doesn’t do it automatically.
Did i just forget how dropbox works or something?

On the top right corner there should be a button to Download.

Actually, let me adjust the link so it automatically downloads when clicking, thanks for the heads up!

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I got stuck in the wall here.

And honestly, once you’re size 3, it’s over. Every path you can take is a dead end, and there are no hiding places for you at those dead ends so the guards WILL catch you because their patrol routes are so short and fast.

Really good, I still haven’t beaten it yet, but I’ve encountered an issue. The third guard that patrols in the first quadrant “bumps” into the character (stage 3 size, if it matters) even while hidden in the large hiding spot. It’s the hiding spot in the far left of Korota’s screenshot.

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Great game so far, but even with the updated version the same bugs from the original are still happening every now and then, what with the getting stuck, guards seeing you while hidden, or getting stuck outside hiding spots and essentially trapping you. Once those get cleared up this might be my favorite submission so far, the game is veeeery precise and difficult. Makes initial trial and error more than just a little frustrating (admittedly I still haven’t beaten it, even after a few hours) but very satisfying once you figure out the next proper step.

I love the game but I seem to be starting at 11/15 eaten and size 3 right off the bat, once I eat something I go from starting size to size 3 immediately!

We’re adjusting the map layout and guard placement so it should be much easier to navigate without getting caught. We’ve also increased the speed on the larger sizes so it should be a bit easier to escape if spotted. I’ve updated the download link above and have a link in this post as well.

Yea, accidently uploaded a dev version, so enjoy the free food I guess!

While we’re working on a redesign on the map and routes, I’ve uploaded a temporary version with some QoL fixes such as a skip intro button and faster speeds at larger sizes. Check the update downloads above to grab them, or grab it at the bottom of this post. Thanks again for the feedback and support!

The speed increase helped, but it doesn’t really feel as good as before, since there’s no difference between the second and third sizes. And the new pathing for the guards and the shorter time limit cancel out the increased speed. I think more hiding places and easier-to-avoid guards is a better avenue for adjusting the difficulty than increasing character speed.

Yea, this is a temporary fix for the current layout while we work on the new one. We’re stuck using certain values for the player speed so we can’t have a gradual decrease on speed, unfortunately. But with the newer map we will probably adjust the large speed back down, for the reasons you stated. While it might be harder moving so slow it also has that “impact” of being that large of a size.

The time limit was shortened because initial playtesting had more than enough time to grab everything and leave, usually under 5 minutes. It should be even easier after the map updates are done, but we’ll tweak as needed. We’re planning to open up the map a bit more so there should be multiple ways to approach, which should help in avoiding guards, which we are also planning to reroute/remove as needed. Thanks for the feedback though, it really helps!

Awesome. I did manage to finish the game within the 5 minute time limit, so it really isn’t that big a deal, just something I was thinking about the effects of at the final size’s original speed.

All in all, I do really like this game! The art and spritework is awesome, and the concept itself is a lot of fun!

its good, but perhaps you could add a few more wider paths for easier access to the exit once you max out

Do you guys plan on adding more maps? If so, you could leave this level as is. I don’t think it was too hard overall, just rough for the first and only instance the player gets to play and learn the game.

Hey there! Got around to playing this and I love it! But there is one glaring issue that I see least with the Mac version as that’s the version I played.

Eaten starts off already at 11/15, This does make it impossible to clear the map as I end up hitting final fat stage far too early to make any progress.

I agree. The difficulty needs to be lower. And the fact that the bots take the shortest path towards the player makes this unintentionally harder too.