Stealth Games list and Ideas

I’m not sure if this would be the right category for this, so I apologise if I have put this in the wrong section.
I wanted to know if there were any stealth genre weight gain games I was not aware of. I know that it is genre that isn’t used in weight gain games very often.

The games I know of are:
Pantry Raid V4
Sneak Feast
Yamhead’s untitled Stealth Game

Could also post some ideas for stealth weight gain games to get the idea brewery running.
My idea would be a weight gain game where you attempt to hide the gain from parents/carers via corsets and sucking in your belly. It isn’t quite regular stealth but you could incorporate it with stealth concepts. Too bad I’m next to useless with coding and art, would try to give game making a spin,


I don’t think that there are any more, stealth is kinda difficult to make and also niche so there aren’t that many tutorials to make it easier.

the idea you have is pretty similar to how Hitman works and would probably fit another stealth game idea I have. it is basically like the escapists except you are at a fat camp instead of a prison and when you get out your boy/girl-friend would dump you if you are too skinny (bonus points if you manage to get fatter).

in another you would be a monster that eats children and can use closet to teleport to other houses. so if you were spotted you wouldn’t have to wait out the search phase, you could instead go to another house and try there in the mean time.

also just because you are next to useless with code and art now doesn’t mean you have to be in the future. we all were useless at code and art at some point in our life. though if you do decide to give it a try don’t make your first major game a stealth game like I did, start with something way simpler

In a more 3D stealth game (like Thief or Dishonored), inflation could work. If you were to inflate yourself with air, you’d be able to jump higher and longer, but at the cost of not being able to fit through vents and such.

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Best stealth platformer hands down for me was Stealth Bastard (yes that’s its name) and its sequels. So taking a cue from them an increase in size could mean being spotted easier and an increase in weight could make you louder attracting attention from farther away.

To me, an old Flash game named Fat Ninja counts as a stealth game.