Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game

Btw, Nerds, is any idea when you’ll do a QnA? I have some questions thought up but I’m not sure when you’ll want questions sent to ya, or if you and the crew will do a QnA at all tbh.

Could you help me?
When i play this game by my phone,it stops the last door in tower.
All characters can’t move and all control keys
doesn’t work.
I don’t know why

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I had this same problem but it only happened once for me. I recommend making a save before you do any of the challenges and then a separate save before you do the last challenge then just reload from either save. It could be something with the order or simply could be a bug. Oh and don’t speed up the text as that can cause bugs too

She does??

I saw what looked to be a vore picture in the game files but that was literally it, where do you find the other picture(s)? Is it during the “date” scene with the demon girl and the thief? Cause if it was then those pictures just did not show up for me.

Do you have the vore code enabled? If not, you won’t be able to see vore related scenes, a la that picture.

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Is there not anything else besides what’s behind the vore code? I don’t care for vore.

For the thief? No, nothing else for her at the moment. If/When they update for more post-story content maybe she’ll get stuff. The pic in question has Esse doing the vore, while the thief was food stuff by Esse.

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I come again bearing memes, crafted in MS Paint, as the old masters once did. (potential spoilers for those who haven’t played the new expansion)


I would give all the garbage in my inventory to see the Brewmaster go even further beyond.

Both to celebrate the endgame update of Some Bullshit, and to Celebrate @Nerds birthday, I made a two part comic.

Part two comes out next week =)


I was about to report the very same error. Emmie must be in the middle, otherwise she can’t go through the door.

Among all the long messages, I really don’t know what more to add. Thank you, for your great job @Nerds and @clinko_clinko! I enjoyed every moment of the game!

I’m also pretty late to hop onto the wagon, but I couldn’t resist posting mine.

BTW, I’ll really enjoy the replay, since I genuely don’t remember lots of characters from the list.

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Can i turn on the voer code only afer the game over?

No, there is a character in on of the bars on the port town where you can turn codes on and off. By default vore is turned off though.

Hi there, i lost my saves and i done everything before the final chapter, does anyone has a save right before The group get separated from Esse after the ritual
i’m really not in the mood to redo the whole game ToT

I completed the game; man, what a fuckin’ journey. I wouldn’t have expected a fetish game to be one of the highlights of the last few years for me, but here we are. I’m definitely going to be revisiting this in the future. Honestly, hat’s off to everyone who worked on this.

You can tell this was a game with blood, sweat, and an ample amount of love poured into it. Which I honestly can’t say for many games I play these days.

Also the whole end was a treat, a big payoff for everything that we’ve worked up to. I love the scenes with Sophia (I’m hearing she’s borrowed from another game?) but also Zyntris with how she tries making moves on Clara, also she’s just cuuute…!

Sucks to see ETV’s powers diminished so, I look forward to seeing if we get more with her. If we don’t though, I don’t really have any complaints given the game’s story is finished. I wasn’t around for the early development of this game, but this update felt massive. That and it being a whopping 1.3 gigabytes. That’s a lotta PNGs.

I think, after experiencing this game I’m gonna get back into learning game dev and work on some ideas for something of my own.


Can you tell me what is the cord and when can i type the cord?

it’s all 8s. get it? Because vore > ate > 8


I’ve done it!
I’ve completed the game in it’s ENTIRETY in about 2 weeks of near binge playing it every chance I got, all to build up to the final chapter of the game, so I must say:
This is one of, if not THE best belly stuffing/belly inflation games I have ever played!

Is it a perfect game? No I’ll freely admit that, but the effort, love, humor, skill, and dedication put into this game by Nerds and his team.
All without asking for a DIME to help make the game no less!! [that I’m aware of at the time of posting this at least.]

[Blurred out parts contain spoilers for mid-to-end events.]

The characters are likeable, engaging and fun to watch bounce off one another [sometimes literally! XD]
The world and setting is fascinating and interesting.
The humor is VERY well executed and knows how to even use the RPG sprites to their full advantage [pun intended XD] as well as having several nice little references sprinkles in here and there.
The story is well put together [maybe not PERFECT but I’ll get to that later in the spoilers] and the kink material is that rare breed where it’s a lot of kinky belly stuffing and feederism, yet doesn’t steer to full porn/sex scenes, it is a story first, fetish material second, mostly, but either way they can be clever with how kink stuff is sometimes implemented or used both story and character development.
[For example, spoilers: near the end of the game Emmy requires a ‘dummy soul’ in order to cast magic without Esse, thus basically she becomes pregnant for a short chapter, the event also lets the viewer see how much she has grown character wise as she gets stronger and more wise about the world without losing her sweet lovable charm, and pregnancy is one of my favorite kinks hands down! ]
The RPG based combat sections, though relatively few and not so hard most of the time, are well put together and full of pretty fun tactics and tricks.
Particularly for example, how Emmy’s magic is powered by food so ways of gathering up mana is eating food items then digesting them real quick.

I hope Nerds and his team get the rest they must need and all the high praises on this channel, though I hope someday they may continue to make games, be they belly related or not…which they probably will be. lol

The game is not without it’s flaws, not JUST in bugs both big and small:
The first few chapters are a slog to push through, though not UNBERABLE for the most part I feel, there is no known way of skipping chapters or jumping into a specific one [and if you lose your save files, which I actually did once from the previous update! You have to play through the ENTIRE game all over again just to catch up]
Some of the side quests are not very well explained on where to go and complete them

The goblin brewery points for example requires you to double back to the VERY beginning to get one of the points, and you wouldn’t KNOW that at all as technically Pro and Emmy long past the point of no return until a certain point in the game you can time travel back!

One or two quests even seem to stick around in the ‘ongoing’ section even when seemingly completed.
While the combat is well made for the most part, by the end you’ll easily trample over any enemy’s you encounter
The game also has optional vore content, which personally I’m not a huge fan of, and though the method of accessing it requires a code, once it’s on there’s NO way of turning it off unless you complete the ENTIRE game first!
[to be clear: I don’t HATE vore, sometimes I enjoy it because it gives a gal a nice big round belly easy, but I do not like fatal vore at all, and some of the vore feels casually put into the game that serve little change to the outcome of events, let alone consequence]
And the ending, while amazing beyond words, I feel is…missing something.

Whether it’s a lack of ‘where are they now’ after the war that’s not fully seen or a character not getting the screen-time they deserve I am not sure.

I plan to put my thoughts on the final chapter itself on another post to keep this relatively short, but of all the kink based games to finish being made here, I’m glad this completed.

9/10, played through the entire game and will likely do it again if given the chance. :smiley:
Nerds, you and your team are awesome! :smiling_face:


And how, my thoughts on the final chapter in of itself, heavily spoilers from here on out so I’ll just say my overall thoughts right now:
Excusing a number of notable bugs, a pretty great send-off with wondering belly stuffing/feederism events packed with it! I enjoyed every moment of it and I’m willing to play the game FROM THE BEGINNING all over again just to get to the finale!
A wonderfully told story that couldn’t be made by any cooler guy’s! :smiley:

And now, unto the spoilers of events:

Lantrum: A fun build-up to the final showdown with many new faces, and even some familiar one in a way I didn’t expect.
I’m one of the biggest fans of another W.G. game on here called Apostol’s, so imagine my surprise when one of it’s characters, Sophia, not only shows up in the game, but pretty much is a guest star for the entire final chapter! She’s adorable and sweet and I’m glad everyone seems to like her, even if they never seen/played Apostol’s [which I hope this encourages folks to play it!]
The two Architects she works for were also a hoot and a half with their not-so-subtle love of fattening up pretty girls, and of course the mischievous thieving [and gay in both the old AND new terms!] Zyntris was an unexpected fun lady to meet!

While using LOZ Majora’s Mask’s music for the final third day was a fitting tune, I personally found the intensity would slowly turn to anxiety inducing if left on for to long, making me feel I had to rush things even though I had all the gameplay time in the world.
While it was understandable why Emmie sat out for most of this chapter [having a huge noisy gut that wouldn’t digest and all] it was a tad bit of a bummer she was out of the picture for most of it, unable to see Zyntris, let alone any of the townsfolk.

The Tower/Final Battle:

The dumb challenges EL puts up to make everyone take just to go up and down his tower is pretty hilarious [minus one room, more on that later] Lot of funny moments, with a notable highlight of Clara ‘dusting’ out of despair at one point.
Fighting Deuter was also pretty intense, the sudden change to fighting Pro was unexpected but a good trick to lightly hint on what the final battle would be like.
EL was also a pretty intense fight, though one may argue not AS hard as some other bosses in the game, I think he makes up for in creative and unexpected obstacles one must overcome to survive, from nerfing down your team to even mindcontrolling them at points.
And of course the unexpected near-sacrifice both Esse AND Emmie did gave me QUITE a fright, a good fake-out [please don’t do that again! either of them!! lol XD]

Though it’s very understandable WHY the forest room was like the way it was, random encounters nearly every other step, didn’t make it any less of a slog-fest to get through, especially when half of the rooms were pretty easy and fun to go through.
Though the mountain room having you go through each and every item of choice before you can pass was annoying too, but at least that one was straight-forward in it’s slow work
Side note: MIIIGHT have lucked out on the town room, not sure.

Victory Party:

Regardless of what cons I may say, the whole final-FINAL chapter of the game was a wonderful event to bare witness, it was sweet, heart-warming, adorable, and surprisingly super kinky with belly stuffing moments.
Seeing virtually every character, friend, and even a few ‘foes’ show up for a final ‘haza! We won!’ was a treat! Seeing some of them chat with each other when they never would have met made it worth interacting with literally everyone at every moment worth the work.
Curious if Clara will finally ‘accept’ her binge eating habits after these events.
Heidi having both a food baby and a REAL baby on the way is so sweet I am so happy for her and Pro!
Emmie and her sister being adorable while near-binging on so much food was also a treat, I hope her sister can match with the pros-I mean, skilled eaters soon enough.
Esse’s outfit was fly! [though I have thoughts about her event in a minute]
Leo and Hygge being all but an official couple is also adorable, I wish them well.
And of course the after-party/grand finale…ooooh gosh was amazing!
Though I DO have some side thoughts not going to lie, but Esse feeding Emmie till she was more belly then woman was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in this game, bar none!!!
VERY well written, I had tingles LITERALLY for over a day afterwords [not joking, still feeling it a tad bit even as I write this! XD]

Though I adored every moment of the party and it’s events, it…honestly doesn’t quite feel like the proper finale to the game, at least for me, it felt more like the end of the long war and everyone coming together, but it ends right as the party itself ends, thus we do not know what fully is going to happen to everyone, sure we know things like Clara becoming 2nd in command, Heidi having a baby, and Joblin turning her own megafat sister into a challenging quest, but there feels like a number of unanswered questions left as well:
Is Pro going to marry Heidi?
What will Clara’s new position entail?
Will Hygge making half-demon babys with Leo?? [ok that last one’s just me I’m sure but still!]

Others seem to note this and I feel similarly as well, Esse felt like she didn’t have much going for her.
She mainly does a bunch of fetch-quests, shags Zyntris and she’s gone for most of the party until the very end.
Don’t get me wrong, the very ending of her was great! And fitting of her to show Emmie just what she could have done when they were still ‘together’ [like Esse’s soul still in Emmies body] but then the vore part is only Emmie eating him, which I get, besides ‘not canon’, Emmie finally got to taste what vore-ing a whole person is like, and was aware she did it too, but I feel that it would have been more fitting for Esse to vore EL when given the chance, demon devouring demon to regain her power back.
Esse also ate the first bandit boss in the game which was also fitting of her to do, but maybe if the two swopped vore partners? I donno.

Another thing that bugged me, which was part of the reason why I felt the party shouldn’t have been the finale-finale, is how Emmie has been around the world for no less then half a year, as far as she knew her father, or rather the man who raised her like his own flesh and blood, was dead, only to find out for sure he was alive like only a few hours before ‘go-time’, and even during the party, the two barely interact with each other unless the other king, her ‘real’ father is around.
We barely even know much about him personally [do you even know his name? Cuz I don’t!] We only know from second-hand comments from folks like Pro or the King, we barely had time to see what he was like in a normal setting, much less the party.

I’ll forgo mentioning any major bugs that I have found at the endgame point, as I assume their either working on fixing them, or HAVE fixed them eventually.

And, yah that’s my thoughts, somehow the ending is both picture perfect amazing beyond ANYTHING I have ever seen, especially in this community, though I suspect it’s flaws standing out more to me because of how bright it shined in the end.

Would I want things changed if not added on in the future? Absolutely.
How would I feel if Nerds and his teams goes ‘alright were done for good’ on this and moves on?
Perfectly fine, I am content with how things played out.

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That’s the closest equivalent to a post game I was effectively asking for!
Actually, it’s pretty common for RPG’s like Fire Emblem and Xenoblade to have a “just before the final boss” type of “post-game”.

20 days later, and the ride has ended. Me and my bro will finish this later, and I’ll be able to check out all the fanart and tier lists everyone made without spoiling myself. XD