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Clara with sugar rush and accuse is very important. She reduces damage output very significantly. Dont be afraid to taunt with Pro and just have him guard and use items if you have any as well. But yeah, Sugar rush is the best moce in the game.


I think I kept spamming stun moves on them until one of them died and their damage output was less terrifying.

or it was something else. I distinctly remember being annoyed that I had been stuck on that fight for a few hours on one day, and then the next day I beat them on the first try in the morning.

i think i just kept using the burp accuse and later energydrink on pro, then i believe Cleave

Is energy drink good? I ask since I never used it and can’t tell if I’m sleeping on a good move or not.

I do not have sugar rush for Clara :frowning: I must have messed something up bigtime. No numb pain or energy drink either.

I have been quite busy lately, but Rise of Van Damm Chapter 3: “Serendipity” is coming soon. Keep an eye out, and experience the 19 year-old Clara Van Damm’s infamous binge that earned her the title of “The Destroyer” and will finally force her to reckon with her weight and appetite… to varying degrees of success.

I still have lots of big plans for this series and hope to soon be able to dedicate more time into writing chapters more quickly. I’m not sure if I’m out of line posting about it here, but I wanted to share this little passion project of mine with fellow SB fans. Read the first and second chapters here: ZD-a-writer - Hobbyist, General Artist | DeviantArt


you missed a LOT of sidequests, then

After a long time of thinking, let me present to you: all the similarities between Esse Ter Vigilia and Dio Brando

-extremely manipulative
-blonde (at least at some point for Esse) and with red eyes
-known by a three-letter shortening of their name (ETV and DIO)
-took the body of their longtime acquaintance (Dio took Jonathan, Esse took Priscilla)
-has a fanatic worshipper that tries to complete their original goal (Charlotte/Chuck and Pucci)
-consumes people
-has stopped time
-particularly decadent lifestyle
-hatred towards a dark-haired, angry and stoic powerhouse (Pro and Jotaro)

and most importantly of all, both are extremely hot

this concludes my ted talk


Don’t forget they’re both extremely old.

I don’t think over 2000 years old and 120 really compare so i didn’t put it in

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Hey lads new debate Does Emmie remind y’all of Chowder?

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Yes and no, while they have the appetite they lack the desire to be a chef(unless I missed a dialogue)

TIL that there are Clara Van Damm assets that I somehow never noticed in ChubChompChill. Brb while I slowly make her an enormous blob over the course of several weeks.


Hadn’t heard of this game before, neat. How big do you think she can get?

I tried to make Clara by using AI, this should be AI generated Clara Van Damm, are The images coherent? Any thoughts? Should i try to make Emmie and Pro too?


It’s finally here. A certain moment in Clara’s past is referenced many times in the game, but only now will it finally be brought to life in my prequel series, with a small bit of accompanying art! Hope you enjoy. Any feedback is appreciated.


Oh no I have been accused and my stats have dropped.

Managed to finish before the end of the month!



Oh my she wants more :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

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Lot of Clara content being made. The people are restless!