someone have this pokemon hack rom

I was looking for this pokemon ROM hack and couldn’t find it. Would anyone have this hack to download?Captura de tela 2020-12-26 120948

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apparently the game is lost to time and @Charem can’t really share the patched rom that he has. one guy in his comment section said that if he has the patched rom and the base rom he could make an .ips file (not sure how it’s done). if you can get let him know that he might be able to upload that

there is this other fat pokemon hack that you can try though. showcase-link

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I really appreciate you mentioning me because I didn’t see this YouTube comment and also I didn’t realize that I am actually a dumbass. XD I’ve patched roms before with an IPS patcher that…can also make IPS patches and I never noticed that functionality. Oops!

As for @unlock1617, here ya go mate!


yeah I thought that you might see it since you would probably have less mentions/comments here to go through

YouTube is just really crappy at keeping me informed about replies to existing comment threads. I have to go digging for them myself usually.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I can’t download the IPS. When I try, all that I get is a blank screen and I an interested in the hack. I use Windows 10 and Firefox if that helps. Good work either way.

Pokemon ChonkyRed.7z (37.5 KB)

I plopped it into a zip file and uploaded it into this post. Lets see if that works.


Thanks, that worked.

this is what I’m greeted with

So sorry I am small brain here, but I’m using virtual boy advance, and I don’t know how to add this mod into the main game, I can describe further if needed.

oh yea, you need like an earlier version of the ROM, FireRed 1.0 iirc for it to work properly.

I may be wrong but isn’t this game called pokémon Fired Fat? I do remember a game that looks similar to this called that.

@FatAzureDragon Ah does it? I had no idea what version of Fire Red I originally had it patched with (as that was done years ago), thanks for letting me know! I’ll add this detail to my video description.

@THE_DIALOUGE You combine the ips file and a Fire Red English 1.0 rom together using a program like FuSoYa's Niche - Lunar IPS (LIPS) - IPS Tool. This is one of the simplest patch programs; it’s just a small window, you hit Apply IPS Patch, then it asks you for the IPS and the rom and spits out the result.

@zeldasalt This particular hack’s name is lost to time since the source is entirely forgotten now. From what I can tell, the FIRST Pokemon Fire Red fat hack I made a video on (before this one) was just called ‘pokemon firered fat hack rom’ by its author, so I called it Pokemon Fire Fat to be more fun about it. This is likely what you’re thinking of. It was after making this video that I realized that I had this SECOND Pokemon Fire Red fat hack buried in the depths of my old files; since I had next to nothing on its history I called this one Pokemon Chonky Red.

…I have to wonder if I’ll dredge up a third Pokemon Fire Red fat hack at this rate. :stuck_out_tongue:

So uh, i applied the patch and all, but then when i tried to run the game, visual boy advance said i need something called a “BIOS”. As a side note, is there any other emulators (for pc) that this works well with?

Whoops, change of plans, my 2 brain cells started finally working, and I got it to work! (legit it took like 3 seconds, I don’t know how I am this dumb lol) The reason why I didn’t ask for help back then was out of shame, I ended up almost getting a virus like 8 times trying to get it to work, and decided not to do it. well, today I went back and tried it, and low and behold, it was really damn easy. Basically, it’s like when you where in 10th grade, and you get a simple addition problem, and you think: “Well, I KNOW the answer to 5+3=8, but surely it’s something else, some other process I need to do!” but in reality, you just overthink it like how I did here lol.

Anywho, thanks for making this mod, and i hope everyone has a swell day! ;D

At least it’s the only WG-related Pokemon hack I know of that Nintendo didn’t take down…

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How many pokemon gens does this have? I’d love to see a fat Manaphy!

I think it was only gen 1 and 2 if not only gen 1 Pokemon

this mod is pretty good, now if only someone combined this mod with the Moemon mod I’m playing

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