Spacethumper 2

Probably time to announce on here that I have started development of Spacethumper 2! Nothing that’s really worth playing yet, but I’ll be using this space as a place to put out some dev-log type stuff while I work on things, maybe hold a few polls for the time being.


The sprites in Spacethumper need a bit of an update for this new one, with the first thing I wanted to fix being the colors. The palettes I had were pretty bad (mostly because I didn’t even bother creating a proper palette, mostly just used what was in Aseprite’s default colors), so I’ve updated both the player sprites and the buildings sprites with some fresh, and more importantly better contrasting and readable colors.

For the pilot I’m keeping the skin tones the same since those were pretty much fine already, but the suit colors are all blueish shades instead of warm of cool mixed together, and no more pure white for the majority of the suit.

Pilot Color Comparison

The buildings are getting a similar treatment, but with slightly darker colors so that the player character stands out more against them, as well as doing away with doubling up on line/fill colors (easiest to see at the top and bottom of the sprites below).

Miner Color Comparison


Oh, I can’t wait for it going to be lovely to watch the development~


Oh the hype is real for this! Lookin’ forward to how it’ll turn out!

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Will there be a male variant of the character?


Not in those terms precisely, but I am planning on having multiple characters you can play as, as well as including a slightly more robust way to put in custom spritesheets for characters.


Oooooh, sweet, loved the first one. Can’t wait to see what you do for this one.

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Ah nice! I’d love to see a male character, since ya have a great concept (also need to play the first game) but I’m just not too attracted to girls.


I recently enjoyed playing the first game. I’m excited to see what new stuff is made for this one.

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glad there’s going to be a sequel/second one, will there be any new content in this one?

That’s the plan, would be a bit odd if I made the same game twice!

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true, which i was wanting to ask if this was inspired by me in any way

Ah, excitement! Spacethumper is among my pet favourites and a game I will continue to recommend to others here.

Part of the reason I’m so excited is for the continuity of the characters - something that is rare outside of long-form genres (ie, your VNs and RPGs) - so we get to see more of Pilot’s reaction to her prior ordeal and how she feels about a new, similar predicament arising. Fear? Careworn resignation? Guilty thrill? Full commitment to becoming larger than previously possible? The mind reels at the story and character implications!
That the writing was of good quality in the first game, I have full faith in Chubberdy delivering once more.


I am hyped for this i cannot wait for it to come out ST 1 is amazing

Ohhh, this looks like it’s going to be good. The updated sprites for Pilot look great already, and I totally agree with your decision to make the suit not be pure white (it’s a very light shade of mint in my HD pack.)

If you want help with any of the sprites, toss me a DM! I’d love to help out with this project.

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Gonna follow this games development as closely as I did with your other games. Do you think you’d be in need of a tester of sorts to find bugs n what not? If so I’d love to help :slight_smile: , I’d like to help in anyway possible if ever need be, good luck on this regardless and of course take your time!

Which is the newer sprite set? I can’t tell… It seems the one on the right is the newer one but you claimed you’re not doing two separate shades on the top of that building which only matches the left one.

the ones on the right are the newer ones

Yooooo I can’t wait!!! So exciting!!!

There’s a sneak peek of a potentially new mining machine more powerful than the 3rd upgrade. It’s been shown on Chubberdy’s discord before- I can show it to you if you like?