Spacethumper 2

New version, a bit more dialogue and teleporters.


My save from the previous version is noww corrupt

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Yeah, turns out gamemaker changes all the object indexes whenever you add a new one, which screws everything up. I’m figuring out a potential solution to this, but unfortunately old saves are going to be unstable between versions, at least when the second version number changes. So V0.5.2 or V0.5.3 should be good if those come out.


I would suggest having the option to have more than a single return point teleports just so you can zip back and forth for tasks or collecting extra crystals from distant parts of the map. The return point also seems to be quite hefty on the energy side. Anywhere where the sun doesn’t shine such as platforms will require two fusion reactors MKII running at all times. Also, it would be a fantastic feature if you could have an “on / off” button for the fusion reactors so they don’t constantly burn through crystals since endgame turns into fueling multiple of them 24/7.

On a good note no more crashes thus far from a multiple hour run so that’s great. The only elevator problem I encountered was that you can drop from platforms (usually close to the starting area where it doesn’t allow you to place as structure right next which would make life alot easier and creates the bug problem) it often positions your height axis slightly below your actual level, making the elevators not recognise on what level you are.

Solution for V0.5.2 : Saving the game and Loading that save file fixes all the elevators

For some reason when that bug occurs the elevator sound effect will play forever.

Solution for V0.5.2: Exiting to the menu and loading back to the save file stops the sound effect from playing

Am I the only one who uses energy accumulators efficiently?
I don’t see anyone doing things like this

or this other

just look at how much energy without any reactor

also level 3 miners without any reactor

I hope this helps you see the potential of energy accumulators


I also think this is the best possible defense, but I’m not sure.


Missclicked on a Teleportes before building the Hub, game hardcrashed

Try this if you want to energise the player character as fast as possible without too much crystal spending
Accumulator next to 2 MK3 fusion reactors that you give 20-30 crystals only or 100 if you want to max out the energy on your character, permanately running mk2 fusion next to them, full solar panel mk3 on top and full wind turbines mk3 below (if you can afford to run them constantly you can fill the bottom with mk2 fusion reactors below or even on top as well but thats a bit overkill since you already go from 0 to max in a few seconds).
Be sure to stand between the MK3 fusion reactor and the accumulator to gain the full energy energy from both at the same time for an even faster gain. When big enough stand exactly on top of the accumulator to gain the full power from all 3 sources at the same time.

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With all the discussion of accumulators, I thought I’d pitch in:

I believe this is the highest possible output you can get with an accumulator, but I challenge anyone to prove me wrong! The faster I can make my space crew fatter, the better >:3
If you wanna replicate what I did or just see it in action, here’s a vidya:

(youtube is still processing the HD version :/)
(Aaalso, it doesn’t seem to like to work when you try to watch it as an embed, for some reason. So just go to it on YouTube, I guess.)

Also, just to be clear, this is on a previous version, just because I didn’t want to spend a bunch of time re-setting it all up on the newest one, so it’s probably not a good idea to pick it apart for any bugs or anything because it’s not entirely up to date.


I mean, you can put all the fusion reactors you want, but what I want to do is gain energy without having to have fusion reactors, so I don’t have to waste time recharging them.
I also already did everything possible in this version, so I want to test if there is a better formation to defend for now.

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Actually I just realized. Fusion reactors ARE batteries. Just incredibly magically convenient ones.

You put energy in to extract crystals… then put crystals in to extract power. By logic, it’s a chemical battery no different from coal or uranium. You just need the building to extract it. Except you’re not penalized for carrying crystals, you ARE penalized for carrying energy.

Except for the part where they’re also incredibly inconvenient because i’d rather just place self-sufficient generators instead…

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I mean you’re not really penalized for carrying energy, it’s obvious that the characters body would struggle to carry more energy in the way the energy transfer is designed. Don’t forget, the AI thought of it on whim making it a rather unoptimized method but the only way to get out of the planet.

The only bit tedious thing is indeed having to run left and right 24/7 to fill the reactors with crystals, to the point where engame is only doing that one thing.

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Fixing a few bugs, hopefully making saves compatible from now on unless I do something drastic.


Hello gamer, that’s a nice energy accumulator you have there, what if I told you that your no reactor generation could be improved ever so slightly…

You can sneak in some solar panels to improve your generation if you don’t need the platform to be connected for any reason


With the new saving system I lost everything but since it seems more stable, I’m going to do it that way, thanks for optimizing it even more.

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I’m starting to think that the sen image disappearing during a single tutorial dialog is not normal.

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I suppose this counts as a bug.
You can put two energy accumulators in specific positions so that both can draw energy from the same MK3 reactor without either stopping because they are too close to the other, also the number of energy they accumulate is the same as always, so there is no loss of energy.

The image is so that you can see the position in which you have to put them, but you can still see that both of them are on.
I hope it is understood correctly.

How am i supposed ot transfer energy to buildings that i want to build on “columns”?

You have to have a way to physically stand on the columns to build whatever’s up there.

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With an elevator, but it requires power.