Starbound Big Fatties: "Modded" Items

One of the nice things about Starbound is that unlike most games it allows you to make your own weapons, armor, or items using things that are already in the game. The way it works is that when spawning in an item, instead of just doing /spawnitem <item + amount>, you can do /spawnitem <item + amount> ‘{Things you want changed}’. It’s a bit of a doozy and I had to do quite a lot of bug testing to make sure these worked, but I successfully managed to pull them off. These are just the ones I have created for others to mess around with and get an idea of what is possible with the code at their disposal. I would love to see what ideas you come up with and let me know if you make a custom weapon, armor, or other item yourself…it might just be added to the next phase!

Edit: Fixed the issues with the spawn codes so they should be able to be copy-pasted directly into the game. Just had some issues with the formating screwing up the code and making it not work properly. These have been resolved so feel free to use the arsonal of fattening weapons

Program/Site Used (Only has 1.3 items though it does not try to forcibly correct you if you enter something “incorrectly”, which makes it really good for modded status effects, projectiles, etc.)

List of Different Projectiles








"lardbullet" (ModFatties)


"lardbreath" (ModFatties)



"squirtlard" (ModFatties)










List of significant status effects {There's more these are just the major ones}








Phase 1 “Initial Shipment” Items

Blob Crown: When equipped in the cosmetic slot it just looks pretty. When equipped in the armor slot, well you’ll be a mountain of lard for quite a long time…

Spawn Code

/spawnitem glitchroyalhead 1 '{"shortdescription":"Blob Crown", "description": "If you put this on for even a moment, good luck being anything other than a mountain of lard.", "statusEffects":["engorged","wellfed","buffethuge","fatattack","buffetmilkshake","buffet","fatray"]}'

Exoskeleton Legs: Like the crown they do nothing in the cosmetic slot. However unlike the crown when put into the armor slot, they improve your overall movement to a point where even the blob stage can move around normally (though you’re not going anywhere when immobile)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem copperarmorpants 1 '{"shortdescription":"Exoskeleton Legs", "description":"All this R&D, just so a fatty like you can move around normally despite weighing several thousand kilos. Money well spent if you ask me.","statusEffects":["bflowgrav","shiprunboost","jumpboostfood","runboostfood","shipjumpboost", "runboost20","jumpboost20"]}'

Fattening Field: A modified version of the cryogenic blaster in the Dash challenge room that generate a fattening field similar to what occurs with the cursed avian statue

Spawn Code

/spawnitem freezetrap 1 '{"shortdescription":"Fattening Field","description":"Walking through this invisible field seems to cause mild weight gain","projectile":"fattyEffectProjectile","fireTime":2.0}'

Lard Assault Rifle: A fully automatic version of the Lard Rifle (Needs ModFatties to work)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem lardrifle 1 '{"shortdescription":"Lard Assault Rifle", "description":"A fully automatic variant of the lard rifle", "tooltipKind":"Base","primaryAbility":{"scripts":["/items/active/weapons/ranged/gunfire.lua"],"class":"GunFire","fireTime":0.13,"baseDps":0,"energyUsage":65,"inaccuracy":0.02,"projectileCount":1,"fireType":"auto","projectileType":"lardbullet","projectileParameters":{"knockback":0},"stances":{"idle":{"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true},"fire":{"duration":0,"armRotation":3,"weaponRotation":3,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false},"cooldown":{"duration":0.05,"armRotation":3,"weaponRotation":3,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false}}},"projectileCount":"3"}'

Portable Milkshake Hose : Able to pump gallons upon gallons of fattening milkshakes downrange in no time!

Spawn Code

/spawnitem gluesprayer 1 '{"shortdescription":"Portable Milkshake Hose", "description":"Perfect for rendering your enemies immobile blobs in seconds!","primaryAbility":{"scripts":["/items/active/weapons/ranged/gunfire.lua"],"class":"GunFire","fireTime":0.005,"baseDps":"0","energyUsage":400,"inaccuracy":0.04,"projectileCount":"7","fireType":"auto","projectileType":"milkshakesquirt","projectileParameters":{"knockback":0},"stances":{"idle":{"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true},"fire":{"duration":0,"armRotation":3,"weaponRotation":3,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false},"cooldown":{"duration":0.11,"armRotation":3,"weaponRotation":3,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false}}},"altAbilityType":""}'

Modified Flame Trap: A modified version of the avian temple flame traps that behaves more like a water fountain than a flamethrower

Spawn Code

/spawnitem ancientflametrap 1 '{"description":"Instead of ejecting hot flames like normal, it instead ejects a pillar of fattening fluid.","shortdescription":"Modified Flame Trap","soundEffect":"/sfx/objects/fridge_hum.ogg","fireTime":0.13,"fireTimeVariance":0,"projectile":"milkshakesquirt","projectileConfig":{"damageTeam":{"type":"environment"},"power":0,"speed":30}}'

Phase 2 “Expansive Weaponry Shipment” Items

Fattening Bow: A bow with relatively little fattening power, so perhaps not the best choice in a firefight

Spawn Code

/spawnitem compoundbow 1 '{"description":"These arrows are covered in lard, though it might take a few hits before the effects show.","shortdescription":"Fatty Compound Bow","primaryAbility":{"drawFrameSelector":"poisonBowImageSelector","drawArmFrames":["rotation","swim.2","swim.2","swim.2","swimIdle.1","swimIdle.1"],"projectileType":"fatdart","powerProjectileType":"floranfatdart","projectileParameters":{"power":0}}}'

Lard Baton: It’s an ordinary Electro-Baton right? Wrong! It now fattens enemies on hit rather than electrifying them, which both work for riot control I guess.


/spawnitem electrobaton 1 '{"description":"This Electro-Baton has been modified to make targets it hits forcibly gain weight.","shortdescription":"Lard Baton","elementalType":"physical","primaryAbility":{"fireTime":0.8,"baseDps":"0","damageConfig":{"damageSourceKind":"electrobaton","statusEffects":["engorged","forcefed","npctracker","digesting"]},"stances":{"idle":{"armRotation":-90,"weaponRotation":-10,"weaponOffset":[0,2.75]},"windup1":{"duration":0.1,"armRotation":-15,"weaponRotation":-60,"weaponOffset":[0,2.75]},"fire1":{"duration":0.2,"armRotation":-135,"weaponRotation":30,"weaponOffset":[0,2.75]},"wait1":{"duration":0.3,"armRotation":-135,"weaponRotation":30,"weaponOffset":[0,2.75]},"windup2":{"duration":0.15,"armRotation":30,"weaponRotation":0,"weaponOffset":[0,2.75]},"fire2":{"duration":0.3,"armRotation":-40,"weaponRotation":-70,"weaponOffset":[0,2.75]}}}}'

Sludge Assault Rifle: Loaded up with special “Moontant Blast” rounds, each shot fires off a brief blast of moontant sludge.

Spawn Code

/spawnitem npcassaultrifle 1 '{"description":"A fully automatic, military grade rifle designed to fire blasts of moontant goop.","shortdescription":"Sludge Assault Rifle", "tooltipKind":"Base", "primaryAbility":{"scripts":["/items/active/weapons/ranged/gunfire.lua"],"class":"GunFire","fireTime":0.15,"baseDps":0,"energyUsage":32,"inaccuracy":0.02,"fireType":"auto","projectileType":"moontantgoop","projectileParameters":{"knockbackRange":[4,8]},"stances":{"idle":{"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true},"fire":{"duration":0,"armRotation":3,"weaponRotation":3,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false},"cooldown":{"duration":0.075,"armRotation":3,"weaponRotation":3,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false}}}}'

Fatray 2.0: Oh boy where do we start? Improved caloric density? Check. Further decreasing target mobility? Check. Further range than before? Check. Forcibly making enemies digest the food at a faster rate? Check. All and all, it’s a complete upgrade from the original.

Spawn Code

/spawnitem aegisaltpistol 1 '{"description":"More calories, more range, more slowing, and more digesting, essentially a straight upgrade.","shortdescription":"Fat Ray 2.0", "tooltipKind":"Base","primaryAbility":{"scripts":["/items/active/weapons/ranged/beamfire.lua"],"class":"BeamFire","fireTime":0.2,"baseDps":0,"energyUsage":19.5,"damageConfig":{"statusEffects":["fatray","buffethuge","npctracker","engorged","digesting","fatattack","forcefed"],"damageSourceKind":"plasma","knockback":2},"beamLength":25,"chain":{"startOffset":[0,0],"segmentImage":"/items/active/weapons/protectorate/aegisaltpistol/beam.png","endSegmentImage":"/items/active/weapons/protectorate/aegisaltpistol/beamend.png","segmentSize":0.48,"overdrawLength":0.2,"taper":0,"waveform":{"frequency":2,"amplitude":0.125,"movement":40},"fullbright":true},"stances":{"idle":{"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true},"fire":{"duration":0,"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true},"cooldown":{"duration":0.1,"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true}}}}'

Milkshake Paintball Gun: Just a reskinned and slightly improved Milkshake Squirtgun.

Spawn Code

/spawnitem paintgunpurple 1 '{"description":"Still not 100% sure how a paintball gun shoots milkshakes, but who cares?","shortdescription":"Milkshake Paintball Gun","primaryAbility":{"scripts":["/items/active/weapons/ranged/gunfire.lua"],"class":"GunFire","fireTime":0.05,"baseDps":0,"energyUsage":24,"inaccuracy":0.02,"projectileCount":1,"fireType":"auto","projectileType":"milkshakesquirt","projectileParameters":{"speed":60,"knockback":0},"stances":{"idle":{"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true},"fire":{"duration":0,"armRotation":-2,"weaponRotation":-2,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false},"cooldown":{"duration":0.15,"armRotation":-2,"weaponRotation":-2,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false}}}}'

Tactical Lardnade Launcher: If you prefer precision and range over raw saturation, this variant of the Lardnade Launcher should suit you (Needs ModFatties to work)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem remotegrenadelauncher 1 '{"description":"For when you want more precise and long-range lard balloon delivery.","shortdescription":"Tactical Lardnade Launcher","inaccuracy":"0","projectileType":"lardballoon","projectileParameters":{"power":0, "timeToLive":null}}'

Phase 3: “Oddball Shipment” Items

Fattening Stim Pack: An injection of a potent fattening fluid that will help expand that waistline of yours (For your convenience, the spawncode spawns in a stack of 1000 just so you don’t have to constantly reinput the spawncode as well)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem greenstim 1000 '{"description":"A stimpack full of fattening liquid, gives your waistline boost!","shortdescription":"Fattening Stim Pack","effects":[[{"effect":"engorged","duration":3},{"effect":"fatray","duration":3},{"effect":"digesting","duration":8}, {"effect":"buffethuge","duration":3}]]}'

Fat Chamber: Commonly used to soften up dangerous criminals in both meanings of the word.

Spawn Code

/spawnitem prisonforcecell 1 '{"description":"Something inside of it seems to gradually fatten up anyone inside","shortdescription":"Fat Chamber","sitStatusEffects":["forcefed"]}'

Fat Throne: It isn’t just a throne for a king that has had too much to eat, it also turns you into one. At least if we’re talking about the “too much to eat” part.

Spawn Code

/spawnitem royalthrone 1 '{"description":"A throne fit for a royal fatty, or someone who wants to become one...","shortdescription":"Fat Throne","sitStatusEffects":["forcefed"]}'

Cake Containment Crate 2.0: Wish the original Cake Containment Crate spawned more than just one cake? Well this should do the trick.

Spawn Code

/spawnitem bf871 1 '{"description":"Takes infinite cakes to a whole new level.","shortdescription":"Cake Containment Crate 2.0","scripts":["/objects/scripts/autofill.lua"],"scriptDelta":240,"autofillContents":[{"name":"bf871a","count":1000,"parameters":{}}]}'

Digestive Chestplate: Formally worn by a hunter who wasn’t happy with how slowly his prey digested.

Spawn Code

/spawnitem predatorychest 1 '{"shortdescription":"Digestive Chestplate", "description": "Seems to be cursed with a voracious spirit that causes its wearer to digest at an abnormal rate.", "statusEffects":["digesting","digestionaid"]}'

Coconut Gun: Will probably give someone a concussion given how much muzzle velocity each of the coconuts, but does it really matter?

Spawn Code

/spawnitem snowgun 1 '{"description":"Unfortunately it does not fire in spurts, but it will send a lot of coconuts downrange fast.","shortdescription":"Coconut Gun","primaryAbility":{"scripts":["/items/active/weapons/ranged/gunfire.lua"],"class":"GunFire","fireTime":0.15,"baseDps":0,"energyUsage":0,"inaccuracy":0.02,"projectileCount":1,"fireType":"auto","projectileType":"coconut","projectileParameters":{"speed":60,"knockback":0},"stances":{"idle":{"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true},"fire":{"duration":0,"armRotation":-2,"weaponRotation":-2,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false},"cooldown":{"duration":0.15,"armRotation":-2,"weaponRotation":-2,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false}}}}'

Suspicious Hunting Rifle: This…I…since when was this ever a thing? (Needs ModFatties to work)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem hunterrifle 1 '{"description":"I do not recall this one being in the history books at all...","shortdescription":"Suspicious Vintage Scoped Rifle","tooltipKind":"tool","primaryAbility":{"scripts":["/items/active/weapons/ranged/gunfire.lua"],"class":"GunFire","fireTime":1,"baseDps":0,"energyUsage":24,"inaccuracy":0.01,"projectileCount":6,"fireType":"auto","projectileType":"lardbreath","projectileParameters":{"knockback":0,"power":1000},"stances":{"idle":{"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true},"fire":{"duration":0,"armRotation":5,"weaponRotation":5,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false},"cooldown":{"duration":0.25,"armRotation":5,"weaponRotation":5,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false}}},"altAbilityType":""}'

Patch 4: “Armor of Wonders Shipment” Items

Helm of Regeneration: You know how overheal exists in other games? Well this helmet will give you a very different kind of overheal.

Spawn Code

/spawnitem valkyriehelm 1 '{"shortdescription":"Helm of Regeneration", "description": "Not only is this thing extremely heavy, but can heal you exceptionally fast. In fact, it heals so fast that it will give you a different kind of overheal.","statusEffects":["buffetdrink","regenerationfast","regenerationfood","medkitheal","nanowrapheal","bandageheal"]}'

Blueberry Data Disc: A kind of “bloatware” advanced to affect things that are not digital, best you stay away if you can.

Spawn Code

/spawnitem neoback 1 '{"shortdescription":"Blueberry Data Disc", "description": "This new bloatware is really getting out of hand.","statusEffects":["forcefed","buffetdrink","colorblue"]}'

Fattening Slime: Incoherent Muffling Intensifies

Spawn Code

/spawnitem slimehead 1 '{"shortdescription":"Fattening Slime", "description": "Whatever this little guy is made of is quite fattening...and tasty!","statusEffects":["slimeslow","wellfed"]}'

Buffet Warper: For when you’re gluttonous enough to want dozens of buffets worth of food but don’t have the strength or time to eat the food yourself

Spawn Code

/spawnitem neochest 1 '{"shortdescription":"Buffet Warper", "description": "Perfect for if you want buffets worth of food being constantly warped into your stomach.", "statusEffects":["buffettiny"]}'

Chugging Cap: Wish the Brewmaster Hat did something? Well worry no longer!

Spawn Code

/spawnitem bevhead 1 '{"shortdescription":"Chugging Cap", "description": "Did you fill those cups with sports drink or milkshakes? Eh, not like you would notice the difference.", "statusEffects":["forcefed"]}'

Patch 5: “Excess Blubber Shipment” Items

Milk Hose: It’s like the Milkshake Hose, but with regular milk. (Need the Work-In-Progress version of Big Fatties to work)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem gluesprayer 1 '{"shortdescription":"Milk Hose", "description":"Pumps hundreds of gallons of fresh milk per minute at whoever you aim it at!", "tooltipKind":"Base","primaryAbility":{"scripts":["/items/active/weapons/ranged/gunfire.lua"],"class":"GunFire","fireTime":0.03,"baseDps":0,"energyUsage":120,"inaccuracy":0.02,"projectileCount":1,"fireType":"auto","projectileType":"mootantmilk","projectileParameters":{"knockback":0},"stances":{"idle":{"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true},"fire":{"duration":0,"armRotation":3,"weaponRotation":3,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false},"cooldown":{"duration":0.05,"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false}}},"projectileCount":"3"}'

Lard Minigun: You know you wanted it, I mean who doesn’t love miniguns? (Requires both Avali and ModFatties to work)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem avaliminigun 1 '{"shortdescription":"Lard Minigun", "description":"3000 RPM? If you were firing normal bullets you would turn your target into a red mist rather than an immobile blob.", "tooltipKind":"Base","primaryAbility":{"scripts":["/items/active/weapons/ranged/gunfire.lua"],"class":"GunFire","fireTime":0.02,"baseDps":0,"energyUsage":150,"inaccuracy":0.02,"projectileCount":1,"fireType":"auto","projectileType":"lardbullet","projectileParameters":{"knockback":0},"stances":{"idle":{"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true},"fire":{"duration":0,"armRotation":3,"weaponRotation":3,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false},"cooldown":{"duration":0.05,"armRotation":3,"weaponRotation":3,"twoHanded":true,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":false}}},"projectileCount":"3"}'

Room Flooder: The names says it all, one press of the trigger and whatever room you fired it in or into is practically guarantied to be filled with liquid moontant sludge (Need the Work-In-Progress version of Big Fatties and ModFatties)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem lardnadelauncher 1 '{"shortdescription":"Room Flooder", "description":"On second thought, even this might be a bit excessive...", "tooltipKind":"Base", "primaryAbility":{"scripts":["/items/active/weapons/ranged/gunfire.lua"],"class":"GunFire","fireTime":0.25,"baseDps":0,"energyUsage":100,"inaccuracy":0.1,"burstTime": 0.02,"burstCount":6,"projectileCount":10,"fireType":"burst","projectileType":"moontantsludgeballoon","projectileParameters":{"speed":40,"knockback":0},"stances":{"idle":{"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"twoHanded":false,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true},"fire":{"duration":0,"armRotation":7.5,"weaponRotation":7.5,"twoHanded":false,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":true},"cooldown":{"duration":0.15,"armRotation":7.5,"weaponRotation":7.5,"twoHanded":false,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":true}}},"critChance":0,"critBonus":0,"builder":"/items/buildscripts/buildunrandweapon.lua"}

Cursed Cake: Guess someone was fed up with you constantly hoarding and stealing food for fat yourself. Even if you can work off all the fat, moving is still going to be difficult for a looooooooooooooong time.

Spawn Code

/spawnitem enormouscake 1 '{"description":"This cake is cursed to render anyone who eats it immobile. Along with that, even after all the fat is gone you will still feel like you are more lard than person for a while.","shortdescription":"Cursed Cake","effects":[[{"effect":"engorged","duration":3200},{"effect":"buffetmilkshake","duration":3200},{"effect":"wellfed","duration":3200},{"effect":"bigfattiesfood","duration":20000}]]}'

Throne of Corpulence: Unless you want your rear to be the size of a house, I would avoid sitting on this throne for very long, if at all.

Spawn Code

/spawnitem birdthrone 1 '{"description":"Seems enchanted by a rather fattening spell, best not sit in it for too long.","shortdescription":"Throne of Corpulence","sitStatusEffects":["buffet"]}'

Immobilizing Stim Pack: An improved version of Fattening Stim Pack for if you want to put on tons of weight in less than a second. (Spawns in 1000 for convenience; idea from xrsrx)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem redstim 1000 '{"description":"Perfect for if you need to turn into a immobile lard ball in less than a second!","shortdescription":"Immobilizing Stim Pack","effects":[[{"effect":"engorged","duration":300}, {"effect":"wellfed","duration":300}, {"effect":"bigfattiesfood","duration":10000}, {"effect":"digesting","duration":15}]]}'

Patch 6: “Community Service Shipment” Items

Lard Launcher Extreme: Fires a small pond’s worth of lard at whatever you aim it at (Done by robbieradiant)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem lardnadelauncher 1 '{"shortdescription":"Lard Launcher Extreme", "description":"Dunk yourself in this stuff and watch the numbers grow.", "tooltipKind":"Base", "primaryAbility":{"scripts":["/items/active/weapons/ranged/gunfire.lua"],"class":"GunFire","fireTime":0.20,"baseDps":0,"energyUsage":100,"inaccuracy":0.1,"burstTime": 0.02,"burstCount":6,"projectileCount":10,"fireType":"burst","projectileType":"lardballoon","projectileParameters":{"speed":40,"knockback":0},"stances":{"idle":{"armRotation":0,"weaponRotation":0,"twoHanded":false,"allowRotate":true,"allowFlip":true},"fire":{"duration":0,"armRotation":7.5,"weaponRotation":7.5,"twoHanded":false,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":true},"cooldown":{"duration":0.15,"armRotation":7.5,"weaponRotation":7.5,"twoHanded":false,"allowRotate":false,"allowFlip":true}}},"critChance":0,"critBonus":0,"builder":"/items/buildscripts/buildunrandweapon.lua"}

Suspicious Stim Pack: You probably should not be injecting things into yourself when you don’t know what they’ll do to you (Done by robbieradiant, modified by me)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem yellowstim 1000 '{"description":"The effects are not very known...","shortdescription":"Suspicious Stim Pack","effects":[[{"effect":"engorged","duration":3},{"effect":"digestionaid","duration":20},{"effect":"digesting","duration":20},{"effect":"bigfattiesfood","duration":1400}]]}'

Exoskeleton Legs 2.0: Even if you would normally be on borderline immobility, moving around is little issue with these (Done by robbieradiant)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem perfectpants 1 '{"shortdescription":"Exoskeleton Legs 2.0", "description":"The exoskeleton legs meant for blobs and the like.", "statusEffects":["bflowgrav","shiprunboost","jumpboostfood","runboostfood","shipjumpboost", "runboost20","jumpboost20", "swimboost"]}'

Disguised Slime: It looks like a chair, except it isn’t… (Done byNopnopenohome)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem slimechair 1 '{"description":"A slime that pretends to be a chair and immobilizes its prey with a fattening membrane.","shortdescription": "Disguised Slime","sitStatusEffects":["slimeslow","buffetmilkshake"]}'

Throne of Absolute Gluttony: If it were possible, this would make you a lardy mass the size of a planet in mere seconds (Done by robbieradiant)

Spawn Code

/spawnitem birdthrone 1 '{"description":"Seems enchanted by a very fattening spell... best not get anywhere near it.","shortdescription":"Throne of Absolute Gluttony","sitStatusEffects":["wellfed", "buffethuge", "buffetdrink", "buffet", "buffetmilkshake", "fatray", "fatattack", "digesting", "disgestionaid", "buffettiny", "forcefed"]}'


Is this a good place to add ideas?

Absolutely! If I can’t make it perhaps someone else might, or they could add their own twist to it. So go right ahead!

Cool; here’s some I’ve already thought of.

-Feeding Tentacle (Alien Worm Gun/Alien Appendage variant which inflicts the “force fed” status)

-Moontant Arm (An amputated/weaponized arm of a Moontant which releases fattening liquid)

-Immobilizer Ray (Fat Ray variant which works faster and inflicts damage)

-Fattening Concoction (Flask/vial reskin of Lard Grenade? Throwable item.)

-Handful of Lard (Fattening fist weapons which looks like scooped-up lard.)

-Meat Club (Fattening hammer/axe/sword variant. Floran weapon?)

-Fat Extractor (Basically a NPC/player affecting gun which removes cosmetic armor. Can be used to pick up legs and belly cosmetics to wear)

I might not be able to do all of those but I’ll give what I can a try. The alien one in particular sounds like fun!

These are thrown in the air for anyone to use if they want to! If I learn how to mod weapons myself, I might make these.

And it should be easier if you use the Alien worm gun or Alien appendage as a base.

I’ve been using it as a base, but the main issue right now is trying to get the attacks to apply the status effects.

So, I have a request. It’s like the Alien apendage. So there’s a slime mod, right? And in it, you can have these weapons called Slime Tendrils. I was wondering if someone could make a weapon like it, but it fattens overtime while also dealing damage.

The mod is just called The Slime Race Mod. If anyone could do this for me, I would be appreciative.

And, if you could do this at all, try to make them so they can be different colors? So it can fit others.

Also, you should try to get most of these into a mod pack all together. People would like it.

I’m considering doing it but I am not good at making mod stuff. At the moment I’ve just been toying with pre-exsisting items via the /spawnitem system rather than actually making it into a mod. If I were to do it, it would probably be a Mod-Fatties style shop where you can buy the items, though I suck at spriting so…rip my dreams of a custom shop. Unless someone was willing to make a sprite for me but I doubt anyone would given how new this post is and most of the other spirters doing armors/races/etc.

Well, I’m certain someone can. You probably have to ask around though.

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Phase Two “Expansive Weaponry Shipment” has gone through! We’ve got new weapons, fixed descriptions, a much cleaner forum page, and enough stuff done to hopefully satisfy my modding itch. I plan on stepping away for a while due to how exhausting, tiresome, and frustrating creating these can be along with maybe giving other people a chance to make their own modded weapons for the next patch. Along with those I do feel like I’ve already done most of the stuff that is possible (with my skills at least) so I plan on taking a break to see if I can learn anything else about the Starbound “”“modding”"" system. In the meantime, feel free to make your own creations and don’t be afraid to collaborate with others!

These are all really great, but I just have to point out that the apostrophes and quotations that you use in the spawn codes don’t show up in Starbound. They have to be replaced with plain 's and "s

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Yeah I might need to fix that since the original thing that I copy-pasted the code from had those but something might have happened in the pasting process, is it preventing the weapon spawns or no?

I tried to create the Immobilizer (first time trying to mod, by the way), and I’ve been trying to spawn it in the Big Fatties shop. Or at least the Crafting menu.

But the thing hasn’t shown up in the shop, or even admin commands.
I also tried trying to make the Meat Club from vanilla hammer assets, but those are currently in an inaccessible .PAK file.

If you copy and paste them directly from the page, yes.

Oof, I’ll get to work on that.

Alright it should be fixed now! Enjoy your fattening weapons!

Jesus, this is extensive… gonna have to find the time to try these.