Starbound Mod Mod: Mod Fatties

Nightar are a part of Frackin’ Universe, iirc.

Random question, but is there a fix to this weird glitch on the male Lyceen where it looks like a normal arm is moving not with the fat arm when at blob-immobile size?

I’m working on getting that fixed, it’ll take a bit of time those two sizes need to be redone.

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I am aware nightar are a part of Frackin but Nightar’s creator had stopped working on the mod years ago. From what I have noticed, Vanta is supposed to be someone trying to remake the Nightar content and add to it but as a seperate race mod which is already being discussed of being added into FU.

anyone have screenshots of blob sizes of all races? I am curious to try the mod If I happen to like any race, but would like to know before.

Can you add support for Xeno’s Invader Zim mod?

Would it be possible to mod the Lard Golems into capturable monsters? Or at least be able to spawn a Filled Capture Pod with one already inside?

I’m trying to get into modding, so if the latter doesn’t work, is there something specific I can edit to make it work?

have you tried using the any capture mod?

I have, but it conflicts with another mod. Everything just dies when a Capture Pod is thrown.

maybe there is a patch floating somewhere btw is the mod in question fracking universe? also is it reloaded or original any capture?

I don’t have FrackinUniverse, so I’m assuming its the Useful Pets mod.
I downloaded Any Capture Reloaded, but all it does is kill the monster I’m trying to catch.

id guess so too seems it had a few issues judging from skimming the changelog and comments… sorry i wasn’t any help. if you decide to uninstall i know its not quite the same but there’s an augment combiner mod that does pet collars too floating on the workshop.

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Its appreciated nonetheless. I already have the Augment Combiner mod, but I love Useful Pets too much to toss it out for just one monster.

Still, I’ve found an alternative. Its not EXACTLY what I’m looking for, but I think its worth a mention.

Lard Golem Costume

There’s a mod called “Play as an NPC” which allows you to dress up like monsters and story characters like Nuru.

But namely, there’s a Po Golem costume…which is dyeable. You can essentially play as a Lard Golem!

are you using the capture pod gun and is it at level 10? if you are and it is at level 10 it still captures them even if they are killed

There’s a Capture Pod gun? o:

yes but I believe it’s only obtainable through cheats, I’m not 100% sure though

Looked it up, and it seems like something that only comes with FrackinUniverse.

I’ve run into another problem.

So I tried to give some of the modded races a go, namely the Saturnian and Lamia races.
I have the original Granular and ModFatties Granular installed. Unfortunately, both races seem to lag quite a bit when they reach their Granular sizes. The sizes that come after work just fine.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or is there something I’m not doing right?


Take this with a grain of salt, but I think this might be an issue where the game tries to load an item that doesn’t exist over and over again, thus lagging the game.
To answer your question more directly, yeah. I have the same problem.


That sounds like the problem, honestly. I’m not sure if a vital mod is missing or anything.