Starbound Mod Mod: Mod Fatties

I’m having an issue with Huge and Titanic sizes. When my character gets to those sizes, her body just changes to a normal, pre-fat size. I’m playing as the Kemono race.

call me dumb but I don’t recall a huge and Titanic size. but then again I think I need to update the core mod I have. could you perhaps tell me if its a add on that gives your that size or the core mod?

The Huge and Titanic sizes come from the Granular WG mod, not the core mod. The OP on this page implies that the Kemono race is supported in the ModFattiesRacesGranular addon.

ah I see thank you. the names made me think they where larger then blob and I been hopeing at somepoint we get larger sizes

huge and titanic are the new sizes before blob, right? they only work for the vanilla races.

Fair warning though, it sounds like the granular sizes in MF doesn’t update very often - it’s been supposedly six months based on what I heard, maybe even seven now? - so I’d advise sticking to the vanilla races if you want to stay up to date with size changes/additions from that mod.

As far as I can tell, the Kemono race is seemingly the only mod race that is supported in the .pak file here for granular sizes besides the other ones that pull human sprites. Still, you’ll probably have to wait a while before support for those sizes are added for it.

I think I mentioned at some point myself that I may try my hand at even making some of those sizes for anything I’ve worked on since I honestly have an interest in the mod as well, but I don’t really plan to do so until the mod is finalized. I’d definitely love an excuse to revisit some of the sprites to touch 'em up while also adding some new stuff~


Could you put a zip file verson of the mods? Espesificaly the modfattiesraces. thanks!

If you want the files in non-.pak form, you can use, which I’ve been using for years and even works on steam workshop mods as well! Just know that you’ll need a chucklefish account to download it so hopefully you don’t mind making one or already have one.

It won’t extract the files as zip of course, only as raw files/folders, so you’ll need to make one yourself if you specifically need it in that format.

May I ask, what ever happened to the Lamia race?

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I got the updated sprites for the Lyceen here.

Drop the folder into your mods and it should be good.


…ok, so, today I learned that if you want to make changes to a mod without reuploading the whole thing, the changes just have to be in a folder that comes latter alphabetically (presumably?)

Anyway, allow me to just, like, steal your method really quick since I admittedly felt kind of uncomfortable uploading the whole mod again just for that one change. Good stuff on the Lyceen sprites though, always appreciate seeing other people’s own changes and updates to the mod, certainly helps with getting my own motivation going!

So, uh…yeah, here’s the newest, standalone Lycanroc link for anyone else that wants it that features a few more fixed miscolored pixels…and hopefully the last time I need to fix anything so I can continue working on the next race in secret~ uwu

(Link removed, the update has been integrated into the main mod.)


This may just be an issue with the way I did it, but it’s turning it into a RAR file rather than a PAK file. TL:DR of the differences between them, it means that you can’t just drop it into the mod folder and it will work immediately. See if you can find a way to either save the files in PAK format or make sure that they aren’t swapped mid-download, then again it may just be an issue with the way I did it.

Was it even approved? Might have been questioned like with arachne.

That’s because the download itself is indeed in a .rar format, although the changes seem to happen just fine for me. I even tested it out with the lycanroc by making sure my version is alphabetically later than the MFR pak file and it seemed to work fine, even replacing the descriptions for the ‘armors’ with the unique ones I wrote up in the latest version. I can only assume you have yet another version of the lyceen that overrites both the MFR version and the one Glasscannon posted…or something, I dunno.

…And hey, may as well make the most of this post while I can instead of making a separate one. I posted in great detail about it over here already, but I’ve added support for the Sangheili but with the male fat body type only for both genders, soon to include the female variant based of the results I got in the poll. I’ve already posted a preview there but have one here too if you just want the link from here, I don’t mind!
thicc ayylamos

Have fun with them for now until I update them hopefully soon!
(New version posted, see below post.)


I was wondering if someone could make a addon for the npcs to be able to vore you?

I downloaded and dropped the folder into my mods folder, but the problem hasn’t been fixed. Furthermore, when I looked into the Modfatties-Lyceen folder, the granular sizes weren’t there.

So uhhhhhh…

…So yeah, the people have spoken. There’s now a second version of the fat Sangheili I just uploaded that has females use the female sprites so that they can have breasts when fat and is now the primary version. The male-based version (the one I initially linked) had a few text-based fixes as well so feel free to redownload it if you want, but otherwise they’re relatively unchanged. Thank you for the input and patience. <3


Has anyone had a problem with the swimsuits? for some reason the bags never open

What race is your character when you were trying to get the swimsuits? If I’m correct, the swimsuits were built for only the vanilla races to wear and not for any modded races. But like I said, I could be wrong on this. I’ve tried it myself and it would only open if my characters were, like say, either Human or Avian. But not for a Lucario like myself.

I did some digging around and apparently, only the human, Hylotl, and 2 other modded races