Starbound Mod Mod: Mod Fatties

I was wondering if someone could make a compatibility mod for the roka race mod

Can someone make another eld’uukhar file? it appears the original was taken down.

wait fuck nothing is suddenly working, not even vanilla races, is it because of the vore mod?

TLDR is this a standalone mod or is this used in addition to the original.

This is an addition to the main mod

Do i need to choose between [ModFattiesRaces.pak], or [ModFattiesRacesGranular.pak], because I installed both yet it doesnt seem to work at all.
Edit; Ive done some modifying and found that the Granular pak is causing the issues…dont know why.

You can use both. You need Granular installed to use modfattiesraces granular. I dont think its compatible with the latest Granular update though.

I merged the new Lycanroc, Lyceen, EP Shadows, and Elites into modfatties races. Let me know if there are issues.

Been a while since I’ve done much here, unfortunately I don’t really have anything ready to upload at the moment. I am working on changing how the swimsuits work.

Currently I have no plans to continue work on the Granular race support but that may change in the future.


Cool! I appreciate having the Elites merged in, and the Lycanrocs updated – I’ll go ahead and update a few posts of my own accordingly.

Also, take your time~. It’s all hard work being done for free in the end so I would hope people would be understanding about the “delay” between updates. I still don’t regret basically taking a full year to get that Lycanroc update out in the first place but at least the Elites were spared that fate this time around uwu.


i was curious if the maker of this mod would update it so you can vore any creature

can someone post here the file for the dark latex race? i want to test it but i cant download it from steam

Fenerox are actually part of Bigfatties, not modfatties.

If I am allowed to make a ModFattiesRaces request, could someone make the Selachii race BF compatible?


Mod Fatties is adding a blank race card to my race selection screen that crashes my game when I hover over it; everything else seems operable. FIgured you should be aware of this.

Still not modfatties, that is from the bigfatties mod and there is a fixed version of it in the main thread.


Thanks, I’ll go look for it. I just assumed in was Mod Fatties because it wasn’t showing up when I pulled the Mod Fatties file out.

Figured this would be more fitting over here since it’s similar to the Swimsuit addon, but would anyone be willing to make Hooter’s Outfits Big Fatties compatible? I figured that since it shared the exposed skin/fur/etc. of the Swimsuit addon and because it covered quite a few other interests (Femboy, Milf, Tomboy, etc.), I figured it would be a fun addition to the mod.

my starbound broke so now I can’t even play the mod or anything ; w ;

hi been lurking for awhile but i just cant get the races to work at all any tips on how to get them to work? all of the other mods work fine for some reason and i ant figured it out.

Could we get support for Jolteon and Glaceon by Steam users Fruit-tea3 and IceStoneVulpix/Taart respectively?

Also I’m seeing that Lopunny, Inkling, GalaxyFoxes, and Zoroark are requested, I might try and sprite out those as well as the two I’m requesting once I’m done with other WIP projects Starbound related.