Starpounds Granular WG +

here is the link to the official version

the current public version is the old version, i’d recommend checking this as well as browse this entire forum section for any mods you want to try.

It does exist you just didn’t check

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I think my browser problem. The pc browser shows the link expiration page. I tried it on my mobile phone and it’s work. Thank you.

so i am the person that did the sprites never throught to see the day of me being credit so yeah hope everyone is enjoying this

Well I did credit you for the protogen sprites a while ago

yeah also i been waiting for the files again so i can resume working on them but i cant do anything without the files

There seems to be an issue with the mod when one gains the vore feature, will that be addressed and fixed. The issue is that the stomach doesn’t fill

It’s something with the new wip I have to fix

Hope it gets up to date and compatible, helps enhance the weight gain visuals while playing

You did all the sprites? I remember someone in a server I’m in did a bunch of spritework for this, unless I’m wrong?

he did the protogen sprites. I made the bases and human sprites for weight stages chunky, tubby, corpulent, and I am currently working on huge and titanic. Mrmoto did most of the work on the old sprites. I am just updating them.

How does one set up the mod ? Like do they put it in the Big Fatties folder and call it a day or ??
Because if i just planely add it into the mods folder, it crashes the game, giving me an extensive error detailing lambda functions crashing…

edit: Oh my god i just found the tutorial for installing the game!! Bisu

Yeah mostly also the mod is not fully up to date to the newest wip update

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yeah it didnt work unfortunately </3, i was kinda thinking this would be some form of debugging the fatties mod :frowning:

This isn’t for Big Fatties. The next update has renamed it to Starpounds which this version of granular is trying to update to, though even then as Solaris has said, hasn’t been keeping up with the wips. Which are only available from the discord server currently. If by debugging you’re referring to the buttons in the gif to change size, that’s just a feature in admin mode for Starpounds.

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ohhhh, alr alr, thanks man.

New issue: Using this mod causes the citizen in the Hog Diner location to disappear. Hope that the issues with this mod get fixed well

Yeah I have to do a patch and I haven’t had time yet.