Strange Man Feeder - Title is a template since I just came up with it and I am open for option on it

I’m currently making a side game since I’m at a artist block for Human Growth and would like people to submit story ideas, they will be credited for the ideas more than just a simple thank you, and I recently purchased RPG Maker MV and decided to make a game inspired by Apostles’s village and the fact most of the villagers start at war but in my game instead of the men doing that its the women because in my game the gender roles are reversed though a lot of the men in the town aren’t straight or are closeted gays in relationships with the women fighting in the war with the Mayor being openly gay
Mayor Cedric
yes I have inserted a picture of said mayor, the player is able to choose their gender and hair colour and eventually they will have a choice to be either Trans or Non-Binary with Trans swapping gender though a Black haired guy would turn into a Pink haired girl and visa versa, a Green haired guy would turn into a turn into a Purple haired girl and visa versa but the player is able to rename their character and when I implement the Transgender I will include the ability to choose a new name, they player can only gain weight if they are male, also the Mayor has a crush on the male player and starts blushing if you do anything besides “just talk” and you get a house right next to him as long as you don’t “just talk” to him though even if you do “just talk” to him you are allowed to keep talking to him to be able to get the key to the house to continue the game, when the women of the town comes back they will immediately leave if the player is male or trans male but stay if the player is female, trans female or non-binary though they won’t come back until Act 7 since I plan the game to have 10 Acts at least, females can get the key to the house from the mayor just by talking to him this also applies to transgenders of either and Non-Binary when I add them. If anyone is interest I’m looking for Sprite artists and once I finish Act 1 the game will be available to play on the same site as my Human Growth game by Act 2 though I will need the fat Sprites because that is when the fattening comes on, Act 1 is just getting to know the residents and the initial start of the game. I’m looking for sprites that are the same height as say
and yes I used the Mayor as the example again over one of the player characters since the only differences as of this point for the players is the hair colour everything else is identical, I will add different eye colours and hairstyles eventually but as of this point those aren’t priorities since I wanna at least get the game started first.

I have added a jail where you might end up in jail for a couple days if you attempt to enter the guard quarters that are off screen.

The game has been released on Itch. By the way, Strange Man Feeder means Stranger that feeds the all the men in the village.

I posted a Mac OS X version and Linux version but I have no clue if the Mac OS X version will run let alone the Linux version since I only have a Windows 10, I doubt I could test the Mac OS X version my my iPod at iOS 14.


I have so far gotten all Male events done for getting the House Key, I probably will be working on the female events later once I finish all the male ones the most I have done for the female was set up the character creation and item events so that the gender dialogue is actually restricted since the gender item isn’t given post-character creation (when transgender and non-binary characters are added I will give them their own, Transman/Transwoman and Non-Binary with the trans even keeping their original gender item in case they wanna use it later since Trans will get the choice to view the male or female dialogue or their own (male or female dialogue depends on which gender they started as meaning a Transman would get the choice between female and transman dialogue while a Transwoman would get the choice between male and transwoman dialogue (the transgender choice would happen after arriving in town after character creation basically a parallel process will trigger asking “are you transgender” with a yes or no answer with answering know gives a item which blocks being asked again while answering yes gives a different item which prevents the process from asking again)

I’d make a demo video but I doubt my computer would let me since its never exactly done stuff correctly since the day I bought it so if I expect it to do anything correctly it always does the opposite. Fortunately the game will be out soon since Act 1 doesn’t include the Priest in the church (which looks like a castle) since the Church is closed during Act 1 and only opens in Act 2 since the Priest is out with a nasty cold and fears that if he saw anyone that he’d infect them during Act 1 by Act 2 since its only been a week since he had the cold and only up to 6 days since you arrived in town, he realizes its just a common cold since he is no longer sick.

I’m gonna include some characters
Villager 1
though I’m still not including player characters because that would be revealing too much and I haven’t fully completed a full set of player characters yet. The first guy who is a prisoner and the last guy which is the Guard template since all Guards are identical and have the exact same dialogue are related to the Jail and the middle guy is a Villager. I am still working on making characters with other eye colours the mayor being an exception, and characters with other skin tones since I keep neglecting to change the colour outside of hair.

I made the Inn Keeper finally.
Inn Keeper

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I’m very happy to see more male stuff on here.
Also quite happy to see trans & NB rep too.
Very exited to see your work.

If you ever want a dev for branching outside of RPGMaker, do dm me.


I have a Non-Binary friend who used to believe that they were Trans plus that friend introduced me to a Transgender, though I’m not sure if they are a Transman or Transwoman since I’ve never asked, and I am still working on Human Growth on Twine but am at a impasse since I’m experiencing Artist Block when trying to write stories for the rooms since I’d rather not copy the same room events for all room paths yet keep the room themes, so I have started asking for story ideas for that game, fortunately for this game I’ve had this Idea for quite a while now but never could easily make the custom characters with RPG Maker 2003 or XP and I have tried branching outside of RPG Maker and Twine but those game batch within the first stage of testing since I test after I do anything and anything outside of RPG Maker and Twine end up failing before I even reach the stage of sharing content because outside of RPG Maker and Twine I can only map, if I even try to script it fails since I’m not great with scripting though fortunately RPG Maker and Twine make that no longer an issue, despite my failure at scripting I will never stop trying to branch out though because of my failure at scripting I’d need a constant team which sometimes concerns me since when I think of a game development team it makes me think I’d have to pay the team and that the game has to be cost money which I like making games solely based on sharing my creations without making a profit of them the most I’d accept is donations but even then I wouldn’t even suggest or recommend that since I’d rather not earn money for my games no matter how good they turn out… I have said too much, haven’t I…

I’v been wanting to include similar level of diversity but my artistic ability can barely do males and I’v started at quite a few in my time. I’v even tried creating a skin tone algorithm from skin tone samples I found online so the computer can randomly generate them. (Later I found out changing hue can get similar results and human skintones are more 2d than linear.)
I’v have had similar issues on the art as you have on scripting. I’v had 3 artists come and then ghost me at some point. Most artists I know only do female stuff.
Also I do think some of the best fetish games on here have come from good artists who have branched out into development.
Finally, I would say working in a team can help brainstorms a lot. Just getting them to stay is the hard part. Though few, who come willingly, are looking for money.

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I don’t have any drawing artistic skill, even though a drip painting I made in Grade 10 art class I was told by my art teacher that my drip art was perfect and was better then her first and current attempts since everyone say something different, fortunately the character generator has skin colour options though I keep neglecting to change any colour other than hair colour, I only know one artist (same as my Non-Binary friend who used to believe they were trans) but they have lost motivation to draw despite being very talented and they aren’t interested in helping with any art aspects on any of my games because they aren’t interest in my kinks, i have played a few games found on here, I’d love to brain storm with a team, that is the problem because I get payed but I spend too much to the point where a pay check would be out of the question since I’d have no money to pay them before even the 3rd day of the month. I’d like I said previously I’d rather not earn money for any of my games because I don’t wanna develop games for money but for something for people to enjoy.

I missed the don’t after the I and before the have.

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sorry for the late first release but I am currently having emotional troubles and have lost all motivation because of those troubles so please be patient since the game hasn’t been canceled.


the first Act and first playable version should be released by Monday, I have set up all Act 1 characters and Act 1 maps so far as well as extended the town though the extension isn’t accessible until Act 2 so right now its just a gimmick, and I said should be released by Monday that is because I can only work on it after 11 PM Eastern on Fridays and Saturdays and if I can’t work today after 11 PM Eastern then I won’t be able to finish by Monday, so lets hope my sleep schedule doesn’t jump before Monday.

I just finished a rough release of Act 1, by rough I mean I fully made the dialogue for male characters and right now female and non-binary (trans still hasn’t been added) just have the same dialogue at the moment, I’ll be fixing up the Act 1 dialogue as I make Act 2 so by Act 2’s release Act 1’s dialogue won’t be rough.

I’m trying to deploy the Mac OS X version but its stuck at Credits.html but at least the Windows version has finished deploying.

I apologize for lack of updates but I’ve gotten to the point where i have lost motivation in doing anything that I enjoy since my closest friend who is the same one who is the non-binary friend I’ve mentioned has stopped talking to me and has probably just given up on me completely, I don’t want this game to be forgotten about or anything so this game and the other one I was making the threads I don’t wish to be archived since there is a chance in the future where I will have motivation again but as of right now I have none to speak of, I might want to continue but without motivation I can’t, I apologize in advance and hope that someday soon I will have my motivation back.

I continue to apologize for lack of updates but even though I am in a better mood despite that friend leaving I still haven’t got my motivation back, I will never give up on this game or my other one but it has been difficult for me, it would be easier for updates to be released if I wasn’t the only one doing the game itself, I did get some help for one stage of weight gain for the mayor which is only viewable if you choose to stuff him during the first act which is only available for males and trans males once those are added and that stage of his weight gain isn’t viewable outside of my version which is the dev though its possible that I left the teleport to Act 2 in the release because I tested and I had to save in Act 2 to test Act 2 though the version of Act 2 that is included in the released version is pretty bare since no one has any scripts as far as I can remember.

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No worries about the delay, this is a really nice game with finally some really nice hunky men.
I am looking forward to your updates, whenever they will come, and the only thing I can offer to help with might be writing. No experience actually coding in RPG maker here.
Have great holidays, and looking forward to future updates.

sorry for continued lack of updates, this year didn’t start off great for me since 5 days into the year which was January 5th my mother passed away and despite being almost 24 which I will be late next month, I am still taking it as someone would were under 18 probably due to the fact she was the one who raised me more than my father, and that wasn’t because he wasn’t around when he was it was just that after their divorce I was given the choice to choose who had custody over me, since they didn’t want to fight over me so they gave me the choice and I chose my mother. I know I went off topic but I thought I should clarify why its hitting me so hard. It might take a few more months before I feel up to continuing, so don’t think I have given up, the only way that would happen is if I had to start all over due to the .project file being corrupted or deleted or worse data being removed, which that last one happened on a different unrelated game I am working on which I might not release due to the prequel to it not being finished and also due ot the prequel not really being original more like me making fanfiction in a game format, the sequel which had data being removed continues that fanfiction but a few years later and from a different person’s perspective one not related to the fanfiction. I am gonna end this post here before I make this a page long.

its okay I am more happy that this project isnt dead

And don’t worry, it’s your mum. Doesn’t matter how old you are, shit like that takes time to heal. Take as long as you need to. Life is always the priority. Everything else can wait.

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This Project still isn’t dead, just haven’t been able to do anything with it since my external drive broke and the program won’t install on to the internal drive, the project file is safe and not lost since it seems to be synced with Steam Cloud so I don’t have to worry about losing the project.