Sweet Mania ♥ [ Short and Adorable Yum's story ]


Note: Hello everyone! That’s my last minute entry, and I got know about this contest only 5 days ago (and one day I spent on finding someone who could help XD rip…). So we had only ~96 hours to come up with a concept and finish that. This is honestly first time when I finished something with my friend (last2424), but we did it! And I still would like to change some last strokes, but time is already out. We did everything we could and we got experience. And at least, Yum’s story is finished and I hope you will like this little boy :heart:




Yums are little chinchilla/jerboa creatures and they eat everything! But especially they like sweets! You will watch a story of one young Yum that decided to leave his home and… probably find a new one!

  • Catch most delicious food. React quickly and catch the right one! (or both, if you are lucky)
  • Gain enough of mass to finish the level.
  • Shake the room, that makes you react harder!



This story is linear, but has 3 different cute endings.
Complete the levels and watch the full story!


19 unique illustrations, 6 sprites of Yam, 9+9 types of food… everything here look cute and silly and drawn by me :3


Ah, right! This game also has 3 magical soundtracks made by me too.


… and “beep” sound on typing made by Last2424 XD (yes it was important to mention)

There are a couple of fixes and updates I’d like to do later (shaking should work in another way and be a part of gameplay!), but Yum’s story is finished, so, thanks for your attention and for the great opportunity to join!


Download link: Sweet Mania (Yum's Story) by SillyGame
(unarchive *.zip file and click Sweet Mania.exe)


Best of luck to you!
Simple but really adorable and good-hearted game, I needed something like this to brighten my day! Thank you! <3


The game is extremely cute and the Yum is adorable.


A cute showcasing of some lovely art ^.^

The screen shaking added a satisfyingly weighty impact to the feeding frenzy.


The cute art style and story are the strong point of this entry!

It is very subtle with the slowness and screen shaking, all until the end of the second level!
An option to set a cap on screen shake could have been a nice addition if the entry was longer.

Overall! it was short and… well SWEET!

We will be waiting for more entries and games from Sillygame in the future, regardless of theme.


What a simple and delightful little game! The completion thresholds are admittedly a little high and getting good food is based a lot on luck, but the adorable presentation certainly does a lot to soften the blow. Great work, you two!



Thanks to all for such a positive feedback!! I’m so happy to hear that! <3

yeah, I think we will change that shake in future a little, honestly, it was in a coding part and we just couldn’t change it in time (because coding required a lot of time to do & test)

Thank you! <3

Thank you so much for the feedback! <3
Food actually has a formula that gives you 100% chance to get enough if you caught all food right! At least one row gives you enough of points to complete the level, but it doesn’t mean that you can stay on only left or only right side to get 50% chance of win, because these rows may change their position after each food drops. Only the third level has a small chance to lose because of unluck, because you become slow and item you need can be generated too far from you; but your hands also become bigger, and this level has bigger item sprites (like cakes), so pretty often you can catсh both items that compensates this!

This formula also doesn’t allow to generate massive of, like, 20 chocolate strawberries or 20 chocolate cakes, because it gives too much points. So you usually lose if you missed more than ~3-5 items.

Cake CakeChoco

Original idea was in quick recognition of which item you should catch, because the difference of points is huge (you get x3 points for chocolate/ketchup version), and shaking on last levels should make it even harder, because the best hamburgers and cakes looks very similar!


The overall style and tone are certainly adorable, and the mechanics are well-crafted. However, there’s an extremely sharp jump in difficulty between the first and second levels. One moment, I’m catching every coated treat with no difficulty, and then everything is suddenly so fast that it feels like I can’t catch them without being clairvoyant. Furthermore, the random positions of items is often the only thing separating a successful attempt from a failed one, especially in the final level.

This was as advertised: short, adorable, and fun! The handling was great, and the difficulty was about right (if slightly above my expectations). I only failed on my first attempt for the first level, and that was because I did not realize you could hold down the arrow keys to move faster. The music would have been a sweet touch, but for some reason the round effect (i.e. overlapping sounds) made it a bit too manic and distracting for me. Your artwork is so distinctive (your FA advertising is quite eye-catching), and the writing was the epitome of cute. Overall, well done!

Thank you all <3 !

Anonymous264170, and I agree with your opinion! I had only 2-3 hours left to finish the soundtrack that was almost impossible, but I still liked it more than melodies from free sources, so decided to keep it, because it helped to highlight the final scene (by keeping the motive, but changing instruments) ^^ I’ve never write for real games before, this game gave me sooo much new experience


Guys, guys! A question!

Is this allowed to add 1.0.1 version to itchio, without removing 1.0.0 and with mentioning somewhere in topic that only 1.0.0 version should be judged, because it’s made for contest and in time?

I can’t wait to update and let other people play, but itchio is only place where this game posted and this topic is my only place where the game is announced uwu I guess I will not create extra topics, so can I edit this one by somehow? (I guess it’s fine, just want to be sure, because I don’t want to get disqualification xD)

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You could ask the moderators of the forum, but as long as you make that distinction very clear, it should be fine.


cute but pretty difficult

hehe, thanks!
it’s honestly hard to design 3 levels for everyone, because it can be too easy for pro gamers in another case : D I personally can complete any level from first try, everything you need is recognize chocolate/ketchup food or realize that you can catch both sweets!

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a loophole I found. pause the game when the food drops and you get time to say witch food is the better choice

hi : D do you think, it should be fixed in our game?
I personally don’t mind if game has some cheaty ways to finish it, like cheatcodes or something, because it might help to get all endings if game is too hard. It’s not competition with scores, it’s rather story telling, so I just assume it’s an opportunity if someone don’t want to take a challenge.

the loop hole doesn’t make the game and still needs sometiming. all it does is freeze the food so you can see what to go after. I done that and still failed to get the item becuase it was to far

thanks for feedback! <3

Here’s my let’s play for the game :slight_smile:

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WOW! I expected that someone will make letsplays and even wanted to suggest this idea, but didn’t expect that our game will get this attention qwq Thank you so much, this is so sweet! :heart: I’m glad you enjoyed!

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