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@Revengeancer YAY!! Thank you!!


Here again to report another minor bug. Don’t know how I didn’t see it. When you play as a male character on day one, the moment you leave your dorm, you end up seeing Tina as if you’re playing the female character. You can’t interact with her and if you leave and come back, she’s gone back to her original male spawning point.


Thanks, that should just be a simple reordering of the script.


Added some day 4 content, including clubs. Took me longer than I wanted, I had some trouble getting the clubs working but they should be ok now (unless, of course, something randomly broke again). Also, this isn’t the end of day 4 content, I just wanted to get something out. Just remember to report bugs and spelling mistakes and make any suggestions. Thanks. :hugs:


@Revengeancer Yay!! Thanks!!


Made a small update adding a customizable rival, more with him/her later. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the update with the clubs. So far, I’ve only done weight gaining in the club, but I’ll have to try the others. Only issue that seems to be happening is the constant encounter with having to customize your rival every time to you’re in the street. I’ve gone though her three times. A bug simmilar to this can be found on Monday when you console Kathy. After you’ve consoled her and try talking to her again for some flavor dialog, the idea of her needing a pep talk happens again.

One key thing is that clubs should probably play an important role in characters you can romance. Kathy and Jeff obviously come to mind, along with the third newcomer (who’s name I forgot. Oops) but it locks you out of major romance options with certain other students. A major thing is that probably the Weight Gaining club probably makes you put on weight faster or to access sizes beyond morbid obese. It’s very clear that all the students are going to eventually gain weight in the school with that cafeteria. It would be pretty neat to start getting a ‘inspect [insert character]’ to start getting an idea of their sizes as well (like if they are bottom heavy, hourglass, apple, so on). Really would add to their design.

I am still in love with all the work, but take your time and don’t overwork yourself. Let’s just focus on a couple days first before we start adding more entertaining stuff.

Edit: Two hours later -
So after a computer restart (because chrome hates me) I decided to try out the other clubs. And I think my hunch was right. It feels that in order to romance other characters, you need to be in their clubs. Lauren and Eli in their history clubs give wonderful background lore, and seems to be needed for their romance routes, if one is planned. The reading club didn’t have Tina so I was little surprised, trying to figure out where she would end up. Either she’s the “easy” romance route, or something else.

Jeff seems to be the easy romance route as well, and just adding him to the weight gain club feels like you would want to make the skinny boy huge, but other dialog probably won’t change his outcomes.

Overall, only the weight gain club is the most fleshed out, but that’s to be expected (the site’s not called weightgaming for nothing), and feels like the number one choice the average player would pick.

I am in love with the world and I am excited to see what comes next. Keep up the wonderful work!


Heeey it’s another person who made an account to tell you how awesome this is.

It’s awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

More to the point, I really like what you have so far and I’m hyped to see what comes next! The characters are all fun and memorable (Tina and Joe are my favorites so far :smiley: ) and the world building is really nice and helps this to stand out. Super excited to see what you do with the other clubs and the upcoming days. :slight_smile:


love the clubs update, especially the weight gain club. keep up the good work, man! :+1:


Thanks for reporting those bugs, I think they were just some simple Boolean problems so I released an update to fix them. As for the romance, each character has an affection variable that goes up and down based on interactions with them and when their affection level reaches a specific threshold it changes their interactions with you. Currently I think Jeff is the only character who is able to reach the first level increase, this is because each character has a different amount of affection needed. A character like Tina it’s much easier to gain affection with, but because of this, more affection is needed for her to develop a different relationship with you. At a specific affection level I was going to add the “inspect” option to them so you kinda guessed that. :smile: Also, any character with a description like: Age, sex, skin, hair, etc. I plan to make romanceable, characters with more general descriptions are not. And I’ll be sure to make the affection thresholds reachable with the general characters whether you join a club with them or not, but club leaders are more special so you can’t romance all three of them at the same time.


Also, just wanted to know, how many people met Raul?


I don’t think I met a Raul, where does he spawn?


Is that the guy that you find at the end of day one?
Speaking of which, what’s the story with the pen?

Super excited to see updates for this by the way! :smile:


He spawns on the street after you finish all the day one activities but he goes away if you sleep.


Oh, he’ll pop up again and give you more stuff… If you can find him.


Does he appear on day two? I saw him in the street before I’d done all the day’s activities, spoke to him, and he repeated the line of dialogue from day one.


No, he shouldn’t be doing that but I think I fixed him now, thanks. :wink:


So I think when I’m less busy at the end of the week I may be helpful and go on a proofreading spree. ^^

Speaking of which, there did seem to be a glitch last time I played where it showed a jumble of code if you talked to your roommate on the first day before you left your room, not sure if it got fixed yet. :thinking:


That probably hasn’t been fixed since I haven’t messed with the beginning of the game much recently. I would definitely appreciate some proofreading, I try to paste everything into word but sometimes I forget and even then I still miss some things. My weeks been busy too but next week I have off some hopefully I can get some more work done. :wink:


Can a map or something be added in?
I get lost frequently and end up spending hours trying to find where I haven’t been…