Text Adventure Game - Strasbane University



Putting images into the game from what I’ve seen is… difficult. But I can post a little map I’ve made of the school building if that helps.


@Revengeancer Lookin Good!


yo this is great! everything so far is really well done! also i know its mainly about wg, but would you be adding a stuffing sequence or aspect in the future? like maybe when eating meals you can decide whether to keep eating or put the food down when full, or maybe an eating contest event at the diner :sweat_smile:


I’m from Poland and I was happy to see a (possibly) Polish character in this game :slight_smile: Good luck on your project!


Found a type of typo, looks like somehow you moved the first half of Jeff’s reply later on in the dialogue.

Also finding my way around is difficult, but I think Quest allows for in-game map image generation? Perhaps looking into that would help navigation be easier.


Thanks for pointing out the typo. I’ve tried working with the Quest map but it’s very glitchy with rooms overlapping and the map sometimes displaying the player in incorrect locations. But I can try enabling it for the next update and see what people think of it.