The Big Fat Vore RPG

Just got as far as the demo will allow and I just want to say that I LOVE this games art, characters and humor. Cant wait for the full game! Also Tuna is the best


14 months waiting for the next update… but I don’t care because it will surely be worth it

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oh christ almighty has it really been that long?
progress is still happening, though. so there’s that lol
have another gif


I can’t wait to see this game when it’s done!
I also can’t wait to see more Tuna!


Just got done with it and I love this! Can’t wait to see the next update. All the characters are really fun to see bounce off one another, and the artwork is very nice. As for the plot in the next part, I’m half expecting Kalani to add Leanne to her ball pit after she’s defeated. (also I’d love to join that ball pit of hers :3 )
(Speaking of Leanne does she get fatter as the game goes on? If so that’s a nice touch.)

I also love Caer’s dialogue when she overcharge’s with magic, but I’m a bit sad its considered a “expanded” status though, I try and keep her in that way as much as possible, its extremely powerful because you can adventure around the map and have essentially infinite mana, so you can top off your characters after every fight. Its a bit annoying having it removed after touching a crystal or when using spells like mass purge, erases a lot of FP every time you touch one, but I do recognize that by using it the way I have been, I’ve most likely been exploiting the mechanic.

I do have one gripe though, aside from the map which I know your adding next update.
Chitrab has no special dialogue/gains no hidden moves when eating a cinnamon roll which is both the only way to give him any MP, and the same thing he’s made out of.

Overall though as many have said before, its a very nice game even without the fetish aspects, and I can’t wait to see the next update (and bad endings that you add)!


Thanks for the kind words!

She does indeed! I’m planning on having her get pretty dang big by the time you finally face off against her.

The status being removed when you interact with a crystal is to be expected, since restoring your party removes all statuses from the characters, even the beneficial ones. Having Caer’s overcharge be removed by another character’s abilities shouldn’t really happen though. I’ll take another look at Mass Purge and see what’s up.

Oh, Chitrab doesn’t gain any benefit from having any MP. I should probably make it so you can’t actually give him any of those lol


OHH nice! Also I played donut drop the other day and just realized she and Caer have a history of games and art together XD

Sad but understandable that there won’t be any Easter egg spell they’d learn even if it’s something really niche like fattening your team for a very minor benefit or none at all. If you ever do turn around of the idea though, there could be a hidden bad ending or something where after eating enough cinnamon rolls, Chitrab gain the ability to make the entire party immobile! TBH it being patched though isn’t bad either, it is a bit of a waste as it is currently.


*offer Chitrab a Cinnamon Roll*

Chitrab: “Dude, do you know how incredibly offensive that is to me?”

“Naw, I’m just kidding lol” :stuck_out_tongue:


I played the game and I relly like it. In the beginning I got lost In the castle and I didn’t know how to progress (I missed a door). Later when I remembered all the rooms, I found the door and finally I was able to progress. However after that the more I played, the more I like it.
although I’m not a fan of random figths, the characters have a lot of personality just with the faces and the writing, I loved how they interact with the environment or with other characters, the best of the game!!.

I really enjoyed playing it, Good job!! ^^