The Big Fat Vore RPG

Big thanks to Longcriercat for the art!

It’s finally out!

You can read the changelog here: Dropbox - changelog 0.4.txt - Simplify your life

As a heads up, unlike earlier versions, your saves should be compatible with this version! (Although considering how long this took, I wouldn’t blame you if you started a fresh save lol)


Those two years were worth the wait! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Can’t wait to sit down and play it!


That poster is awesome


Years, YEARS and now we can now play the update!!


this update is super fun

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Going to go ahead and replay from the beginning, looking forward to the new stuff!


Aaaand after two multi-hour sessions, I’ve once again completed the bulk (hah) of the game. All that’s left to do is the second arena battle and miscellaneous cleanup.

Chitrab is still best boi. Shrugs off statuses like a champ, extremely wide variety of attacks, and any healer in the party makes the HP cost of his moves basically nonexistent. Although, am I crazy, or are enemies that inflict expansion statuses targeting him less often than the rest of my party? It’s like they know his tricks.

Also, there appears to be a misplaced tile in the study, or maybe someone just left half a cake on the floor? I can collide with it, but I can’t interact with it.


I’ve been thinking of making the HP cost for his abilities percentage based rather than a flat number, but I have no idea how that would effect his balancing lol
Him being targeted less is probably just RNG pointing at other folks instead. I wouldn’t really worry about it unless you start noticing it happening all the dang time.

I think that slipped through when I updated the tilesheets. It should be gone in the next update. :V


Hiya! Must say I love this game, been waiting years to see an update! Thanks for finally getting round to it, with it though I am struggling. I have just complete the Game Show scene which was where the last update was more or less upto. Ive explored everywhere on that floor, from the gardens, to the locked place with the talking spears and even been to the Arena. Where is it I go, or what is it I do to continue the story?

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aw shoot here we go again, time to play another hour or so with this update

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Just completed (I think) all there is to do in 0.4. Wanted to go see this game from start to finish again so I started a new game and played all the way up until I completed the Arena. All in all, great update, worth the wait imo.

The addition of more Arena Challenges was awesome, and the selection of fighters faced in them was probably the best part. I can only hope that there are more in the future, but that’s just wishful thinking. I also hope in the future for the arena that we can rematch the rest of the fighters that we face. While there are rematches for the first two guest characters you face, the rest are unrematchable, which is quite a shame since some of these matches have unique interactions.

In my time playing the game, I also stumbled across a few oddities here and there. I can only think of a couple at the moment that I can list here:

  • I found that Alexis’ Energy Bomb heals 40 HP instead of 40 MP as it’s described to do, making what would be a really useful move useless.
  • One of the cameo guest characters, I believe one of Grimmimic’s, is out of reach without Alexis, who you can only get once you beat the Velvet Rat Queen, whose defeat causes all floor 3 and 4 characters to fatten up, so it’s impossible to see her thin sprite and interaction pre-Alexis. Unless there isn’t an interaction at all and I’m just rambling about nothing.
  • Some of the Arena fighters don’t change sprites upon being inflicted an expansion status. Some examples I recall included Percy, Shallow and Maddy. They still had the effects of the status applied, but didn’t change sprites accordingly.

I believe that’s all I really have to say regarding what I’ve experienced with the update. Thoroughly enjoyed what was implemented and what I got to reexperience. The new arena fights were fun, though I hope in the future we’ll be able to rematch the ones still present in the arena lobby, Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next update to this game, you did great with this one.


I think I’ve done everything available to do for 0.4. I did all of the trading side quests, and did every arena fight. Shame we couldn’t find where Spiff went after he fell through the floor, but considering he’s a fight in the Arena I at least know he’s fine, but I do agree with one of the posts above that I wish I could re-fight some of the other Arena bosses past the first 3 or so.

There is something a bit annoying with how if you imported a save from 0.2 or 0.2.1 that’s not completely fresh (aside from picking up the debug items in 0.2.1), characters kinda… break. Libra just, didn’t have any working spells until she leveled up, and even then she had nothing for single target. So I had to make a fresh save in 0.2.1, pick up the debug items, then transfer the save to 0.4 so I could have said debug items to use once I had gotten done with the majority of the content. Also doing that means you don’t have the adventurer’s manual, but that’s pretty optional all things considered.

Don’t know what the empty cell or the green dude at the end of the dungeon is for, as I don’t think there’s a party member out yet that could understand them. Also when you come back to the dungeons after beating the Clock Tower boss, the Kobold who ate the bars is gone, but the spot where they’re interactable is still there, so you can talk to them despite them not being there.

I did notice in the Faces folder in Graphics that Cear has a Oversaturated face with glowing green eyes, so either there’s a skill I missed or alternatively something I didn’t activate or isn’t implemented yet.


Very good update, love the dialog and interactions as usual! The new animations look great as well, I appreciate the time and effort you’re putting in on that front.

how foolish of me, i thought there were only two battles total ;-;

I came into the final arena a bit underleveled, and dang was it tough. I ended up having to spam Time Warp while drip-feeding Kyra focus potions, but I made it! Hopefully that diploma will arrive in the mail for me soon… But the arena was a lot of fun regardless! I audibly gave an “oh shit” when I had to fight the sentient book and Spiffy.

I think I’ve completed the game now, unless there’s something I’m forgetting. At this point, the game has enough content that it might be worth adding a completion tracker, although I’m not sure if that’s possible or viable in RPGmaker. A simple percent sign in the pause menu would do, but it might be useful to have a big list corresponding to all the various progression events throughout the castle, maybe with numbers and short blurbs after you complete them. For instance, before you fight Libra, entry number one would just be a bunch of question marks, but then after defeating her, it would say “1) buffoon beatdown” or something. Again, I don’t know how much trouble this would be, so feel free to ignore this one.

Also, would it be possible to have all of a character’s skills be viewable in the skills menu, and not just the ones they can use by default? It makes it difficult to use characters like Alexis (who can inflict expansion statuses on allies, potentially triggering their unviewable skills) and Tuna-Chan (who has a variety of abilities that require her to be hidden).

Me neither, honestly. Maybe a test patch that just changes Chitrab’s stuff would be good? That way the community could compare and contrast for themselves.

Personally, I’d be fine either way. Chitrab’s HP essentially functions as his mana, and all of the other characters (that I know of) have flat mana costs instead of percentage-based ones, so I could see the argument for leaving it as-is. On the other hand, Chitrab has a LOT of options, and it might be worth adding a more significant drawback to his abilities. He can buff the entire party and debuff all opponents while still doing damage, he can remove negative stat changes from the entire party, Chocolate-Frosted Sugar Bomb is arguably one of the most damaging attacks in the entire game, and he can remove any expansion-based status from himself while also doing something else on top of that (attacking moves for inflation, fat, and blueberry, and a self buff for sloshed). He even comes with a few HP-absorbing moves just in case there’s no healer around.


Something I forgot to mention, but I had Caer in the party for the entire game, as I saw no point taking her out at any point. And with her Oversaturation, she pretty much was self sufficient outside of the fact her damage numbers with her two MP cost skills are pathetic past floor 2. Once she has Aura, that’s the majority of what she does in battle, only using her mana transfer skill out of battle to replenish allies’ MP. Her and Libra are just mainstays for the party since once Libra gets access to her bomb skills she pretty much is a good support for whatever team comp you get. Heck, Caer is pretty much the only reason I was able to get through all of the arena due to her healing, and the only times I struggled was because she got eaten so we lost out on healing, forcing me to play safe when using Yva when she goes super Geep.

Chitrab is the only other character that was a mainstay in the party after we got them, mainly due to the fact he can function even in a magic team due to his mixed attacking, especially once he gets his sugar storm skill since that hits both defense stats for the enemy, softening them up even more when paired with Libra’s expansions.

Of the other party members, Kyra and Ash seem to be the better of the magic side (Kyra having access to Time Warp after the Study and Ash later getting a multi-hit attack along with getting a buff purge spell helps) compared to Nichole and Janine. Now don’t get me wrong, Nichole having access to powerful single target and AoE damage of both physical and magical attributes is fine, but the high MP costs of them, along with her being built to do everything when Caer and more specialized mages exist, kinda paints her in a bad light for now. Janine, meanwhile… doesn’t have enough offensively that doesn’t require the FP meter (also, not being able to see said meter out of combat is annoying), as anything that’s not tied to it is either her AoE, inflicts ballooned (something you wouldn’t want if you’re putting her in a mage team, even though enemies can only have one expansion status on them at a time), or already pierces defense while doing physical damage. She’s more of an alternative to Caer with her many healing skills… without any sort of passive MP upkeep, since at the point you get her, Caer should of already learned Oversaturate.

For the physical damage, Once Yva can go all out she becomes one of the best physical damage dealers, meaning the last slot is split between Tuna-Chan, who has issues in getting the FP needed to use her more powerful skills due to how Hidden locks her out of attacking normally, and Kass, who doesn’t have as much issues since she has Belly Drum to buff her attack and has a skill that does both good damage and gives her FP, but her best skills require a lot of FP to use, so you’ll only see them once a fight.

The only other technical Physical damage dealers are Alexis and Wendy, but both of them are more supports in different ways, and though Alexis can do serious damage with her spider bombs, her expansion serums would work better when paired with Chitrab… but in the late game you don’t want him expanded so he can go first with either sugar storm or dough destroyer to debuff enemies. Her bombs are useful in combat, but again she runs into a similar issue of being a character having their best skills be locked behind FP, something that is hard to remedy even with her ability to use swords. Wendy is pretty good as a buffer, and her Swords Dance gives her an AoE attack for the early game and she gains a pretty useful skill on the 4th floor that restores everyone’s MP and halves their MP costs for 5 turns… which is only useful for tanky boss fights, but still. Her only problem is that in this game stat buffs aren’t as useful as stat debuffs, which Chitrab has access to, along with being able to buff the party and has the ability to remove debuffs as well.

No characters are bad per say, but there are just simply better characters to put in the active party.


Oh a new update came out? Awesome!! I’m gonna make a new save and try it out, soon! :smile:

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huh, I had a different experience with Caer. after getting to the Arena I realized she was getting left behind. the instant I put Kyra in her place I started having a better time all around in fights. I completely agree with Chitrap part. best boyo all around. As for Yva I initially wanted to make the next Tank in line, to take over Kass. but saw her as being kind of unreliable in the end I settled for Kass and Decked her out


as for tactics, yup, I went the debuff route. Everyone in my party has at least one debuff spell, which made for funny scenarios where I just debuff the shit out of enemies in the first round, attack, and then rinse & repeat


Seriously tho, this update made Kyra shine in my eyes. I feel she’s a good replacement for Caer once you start noticing she’s not doing much anymore she has good healing spells and damaging ones. Also once I finished the main game I went back and tested out the others. and yup I agree. Also, I don’t know but when I was testing them in fights Tuna-chan was dealing mad Damage on enemies that left me like “wtf” around 1000 or so to be exact, and was pretty consistent too. almost made me sad for sleeping on her for so long lol

overall yeah I Agree, wish I could play the other characters again. especially spiffy as when I was meddling in the game files saw she had other fat phases that never triggered in the fight with them.

I liked this update, and now that it’s out makes me excited to see what will come out next

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Personally I don’t get a lot of use out of Libra. She doesn’t have a lot going for her once all the enemies are expanded, since the status is permanent once it’s inflicted once. After everyone’s all blown up she’s relegated to item duty or healing statuses, or failing either of those, just spamming her expansion attacks over and over for damage. Feedback is a fun move in theory, but the FP cost makes it hard to use more than once every few fights.

I ended up just leaving her out of the arena entirely since the majority of fights there were against single targets, and at that point there’s other options for inflicting expansion statuses, like Chitrab, Luna, Kyra, or just using items.

I suppose no other party member has the ability to remove expansion statuses from allies, but she can still only cure one ally at a time, which you can just do with items anyway.

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Yea, I kinda forgot that Chitrab has access to the expansion statuses, but they’re only single target, but that just means for most of arena and the boss fights you can just swap out Libra with who ever you want to use for whatever damage type you’re going for if you keep Chitrab in the party.

Libra still is good in random encounters since having access to the expansion bombs means that you can hit all the enemies with which ever status is weak to your team comp, but yea the fact she can only heal one ally at a time with her skills, along with Feedback being relegated to FP as opposed to MP just hurts her. The only problem is that the other characters that have expansion skills are limited to single targets or for Kyra’s case, random. So while Libra does have a niche, it’s limited to the early game and just wandering about the castle.

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AYYY Shallow with their Ghost Hands as a boss fight lessgoooo!!!

Liked the colour change effect as their TV moved around too, very nice~