The Feeding Game - A a bit less barebones RPG Maker game.

New Update!

After a bit of silence, I again made an update, although this is a bit experimental.
Note that the update requires you to create a new save file.
Also, I have to admit that this new development patch isn’t very… well polished, to be honest.
I experimented with a lot of stuff and didn’t used GitHub for branches to seperate them from the main branch.

(P.s the thief is in the small desert city on the overworld map. Again, it’s extremely bare bones, but I really wanted to see at least some progress)

0.1 Update:

  • The fighting system got an update, It’s now actually kinda balanced, although still pretty bare bones.
  • The Princess and the first boss grant now Favors, Items which are necessary to learn new Skills and for some upgrades.

0.1.1 Update:

  • Some Bugfixes, the Inn was supposed to be upgradable, but the event wasn’t accessible cause of priority problems.
  • Added some new Equipment-types, although i am unsure what exactly i wanna include in terms of equipment in the future, mainly because of how to balance the equipment stat increases in relation to the stats of level gains.

0.1.2 Update:

  • Tweaked the stats of the second phase of the first boss, so it doesn’t take too long to kill him.

0.1.3 Update:

  • Fixed a few critical bugs, i promise i will test more next time i add a new feature.
  • Added some new versions of the Inn, which you can access when you upgrade it.
  • Added a bit more labels and explanations so the game becomes more accessable for anyone. (If someone thinks that certain things arent explained well enough, pls comment so i can fix it.)

0.1.4 Update:

  • Fixed some Bugs, again :sweat_smile:
  • The Enemies now have a special skill which allows them to reload their MP at the cost of speed.
  • Added a few new explanations. (remind me to explain that Food also gives EXP)

0.1.5 Update:

  • Fixed some Bugs, again :sweat_smile:
  • There is now a new bad end you can unlock after you leveled up the Inn to level 5.
  • A new Area was added for the purpose of rewatching bad ends.
  • A new UpdateCrystal was added, which allows you to make your save compatible with the new version. in this case, you need it to unlock the WoodWitchBadEnd if you already found the wood witch.
    The Game should be now in a state where anyone can play it without too many bugs.

0.1.6 Update:

  • Enemy level scaling fixed, the level rate scaled down from 500 percent to 5 percent :sweat_smile:
  • Some critical bugs fixed
  • Added a new food item to spend your money on :smiley:

0.1.7 Update:

  • Smaller bug fixes
  • The Witch cannot learn Belly Earthquake anymore, as this is a physical move, which is suppossed to be for more for Characters with Physical Strength.
  • Added a new animation for the Burpstorm.

0.1.8 Update:

  • After a bit of frustrated consideration, I decided to make a change to the stat growths, for the sake of balance.

0.1.9 Update:

  • Added my new Plugin Loot++, which allows more drops from the slimes the higher their level gets.
  • some minor improvements
  • added a credits crystal

0.2.0 Update:

  • The patches are from now on in the game itself, but a quick overview: the thief got added, along with a new area and new drops from the first boss. also, a experimental funiture system got added.

Javascript wasnt easy to getting used to, but i did it.

Windows Link:

Mac Link:

Windows Development Patch Link:

Mac Development Patch Link:


Interesting concept, i would love to see this fleshed out some more in the future.

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sounds like great fun honestly.

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As of right now, there’s just not much too it. This is a really basic demo in its most basic form, and really only serves to let you walk slowly and painfully because a cutscene is happening or you got fat apparently, or to mash the feed button on the princess to change dialogue mildly.

I am looking forward to seeing this game grow, but right now its just a tedious test piece that I had frustration with more than fun or boredom.


Ok, so after a week of the first version, i am making a small announcment. i am currently working on the game and i make more or less good progress, althought i struggle a bit with the scripting stuff, especially when i try to make a character outside of the party use an item. because anything is a bit chaotic at the monent, and i think that the next update should at least contain some content, i will set a goal for myself.

This will include:

At least 4 Playable (and feedable) characters, each one with at least 3-4 skills.
Plains and Woods will contain at least 5 normal areas and 1 or 2 Event areas
The Woods will additional contain a Boss
At least 3 Berry types who can be got from bushes
At least 3 Fruit types who can be got from Trees
More craftable Food items (At least one for every basis ingredient from the Trees and bushes)
A more fleshed out Battle System, which also is more dependent on food (Inspired by the Vale-City games)
And at least one bad ending (as well as a room where the bad endings can be accessed so you dont need to die every time you want to access that ending)

I am not thaaaaaat quick, but i think i should be able to do that in a few weeks.


“Hello, I wanna play a game”

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Ok, new Update after a few months of nothing :sweat_smile:
I remade the game in RPG Maker MZ instead of MV after I realized that it’s the better option for me overall. However, I am currently struggling with my concentration, and I am unsure what I should implement next.
I have to admit that my stamina isn’t the best. I am also in general more interested in gameplay rather than writing scenes, which lead to some a bit unfinished scenes.
So if someone has an idea what i should do next, i would love to hear it :smiley:


new small update :smiley:
mainly a few improvements in terms of bugs and graphics. i think the next thing i will tackle is the upgrade system, so its more rewarding to grind the game.

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it aint letting me play game

Thats… strange. how did you got the error? directly at starting?

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i just extracted file and just opened the exe file and im using an pc if you didnt know because i didnt show my full screen

i have no clue what happen never had this problem happened should i redownload it or something or you might have fix something i have no idea

Same, unfortunately.
Hm, ok. can you pls try it again and then press F8?
that should open a console. there you should find a better description of the error. pls make a screenshot from that so i can better see what the problem is.

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do i have hold you met look like it aint workin i press it the F8 button it might be crtl i have tried is there different way i can do that

i found it i forgot to enable it the f8

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honestly, its the first time i ever had to deal with such a thing and i cannot reproduce the bug. probably something got wrong with the uploads.

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true im restart the download see what happens

i know some people that can fix bug errors ask tiggertoo he might be very helpful when it come with that

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there nicksav he rpg maker game maker you could ask him for help ill make private for ya guy to fix the problem just give nicksav time to reply he might help just got take patience that all you need

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