The Last Cresani(formerly Lanna's Adventures)

Huh, I didn’t realize those update’s were a thing either. As for the game, yes it’s still being worked on. I’m picking at it here and there. I’m focusing on redoing/adding to more of the beginning part’s of the game. And once I get all that done, and make sure the new stuff that got added is all finished, I might release a mini update. It’s not the full update I wanted to put out, but I haven’t updated in ages lol.


I’m trying to get this game to run on my computer, but it won’t run .rar files without some paid service or another. Anyone know how to get this to run? I’m on Windows 10, if that matters.

Just like with the .7z file from the other thread, you don’t run it you extract it. Install Winrar or 7zip, then right click the file and extract it. You might want to use the feature where you extract to a named folder.


Thanks for clearing that up Grimimic lol. I don’t check the thread often enough.

… Unless its one of those pesky Japanese games that are zipped on a japanese computer… where you have to change the goddamn name encoding from Default to ANSI - Japanese… XD


Hey, i tried the download link but its broken, any chance of a new link please

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I was clearing out my Mediafire files a bit, and it’s possible I might have deleted the link, which is totally my bad. I am actually close to putting out an updated version of it, thankfully.


No man, you can’t do this to us! The hype!!

Hey Kib, that’s some exciting news, look forward to it.

Alrighty, a small update for people. At this point, the current build is “finished”. To my knowledge, everything should be fixed. But I will be putting it through some final bug testing, and do a little more fleshing out before it get’s released to the public for playin. Ican’t give a specific date, since I’m not sure when the work will be fully finished, but it’s pretty close.

There will be new content, though only so much new “plot”. A lot of the new stuff has been me re-working/redoing older stuff to make it better. And adding in some more side stuff.


Oh, that’s great, man! I can’t wait to play it.

sounds like a good time my dude! take your time!

Alright guys, the new update is here!

Descriptions of changes and all that are in the first post of this thread. Hopefully people enjoy.


Time for a replay!

20 Character Limit

So, I am enjoying alot of this update and what has changed/been added, but one minor nitpick, if I may.

For the water shrine, I feel the green gill needs to have it’s spawn rate fixed or increased as I spent about half an hour trying to get that thing to appear but all I was getting was blue gills. I was about to comment on how I thought this was bugged and it was suppose to work like the magma slime for the fire shrine until it randomly appeared and I was confused as I didn’t do anything different. Again this is just a nitpick but it is one that left me very annoyed

Hey, quick question.

I’m not sure how far this update goes, I’ve done every temple except the one in the cave because the cave room with the waterfall’s progression door keeps teleporting me back to the entrance. I’m not sure if that’s a glitch or not. Also, I’ve been looking for the fruit tf bad end, but I can’t find it. Does it require previous side quests to be completed?

I’m glad you’re enjoying it :3

And I’ll up the spawn rate of the Green Gills. I didn’t realize how long it could take for one to actually spawn.

Like it say’s in the description, this update contain’s 3 of the 4 shrine’s, as far as story progress goes. And that’s it.

I’m assuming you mean the Fire Shrine within Crag’s Mountain, if you’re refering to the temple in the cave? I just checked and it all seemed fine to me. Unless you ment another location.

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I’m glad to know there is a new update for this great game.

Quick question.

How far does the update goes? Just like with the guy asking for a loop on a cave it goes the same for me, if you try to leave the room by the top entry you just apear at the bottom entry again: