The Lipomancer's Realm [V0.3.5]

Hello hello hello!

So you know how I may or may not have been teasing the fact that I’ve been working on a sequel to The Lipomancer’s Ruins for the past few years?

Well, prepare to be disappointed!

Not in the sense that I’m not actually working on it, because I did. It’s just that I didn’t do much work over that span. In fact, the vast majority of the work I’ve done on it was done withing the span of this week.

On that note, I’ve managed to put together a “game” that is “playable” enough that I figured I might as well throw it onto the forum. It’s definitely got waaay less content than the original TLR in its current state, but hopefully there’s enough that you guys will enjoy it enough to provide some feedback. I’d love to hear what you think of what’s currently in the game, what you’d like to see, et cetera, et cetera.

Anyway, here is game:

The Lipomancers Realm (267.4 KB)

Known Bugs:
-Inventory may sometimes remove the wrong item if you consume/sell an item
-Something is causing pudding samples to randomly disappear?

Saves should be compatible between versions, though bugs may pop up depending on what’s added/changed.

Previous Versions:
The Lipomancers Realm (257.2 KB)
The Lipomancer’s Realm V0.2.7 and a (176.5 KB)
The Lipomancer’s Realm (168.2 KB)

Link to my Discord:

Good luck and enjoy!


I guess I know what I’m doing when I get home from work…


Gonna try it out, but before that, wanted to let you know that this error message is showing up on every page


lol just found the forbiden knowledge and it took me by surprise


Fixed it. Wish I could make one game without a broken first version.

Speaking of, saves are now transferable between versions, unlike in my previous games*.


Looks interesting. I’ll give it try

OK, so, I went out into the woods, and there was no way to get back into town. I ran out of energy, collapsed, and woke up in the hospital. And now my energy stat is ‘NaN’, so there’s a bug there on top of getting lost and stuck in the woods.

I don’t think this is gonna be properly playable without a simple ‘go back to town’ button.


It is possible to get back to town, but in retrospect I might’ve made it a lot more difficult than I had planned.

In order to get out of the woods, you have to gex to X:0, Y:0. For reference, you start at X:1, Y:1. Certain events such as running away from Puddings/Bees will move you over to a random adjacent position, so bear that in mind. The easiest way to make your way back is to go South/West until you reach the Fence/Wall, then move South/West from there.

I will see about working on making a system that’ll tell you when you’re close to the exit.


ye and one more thing i dont know how to make money i tried with the mage but at the end of the day i didnt have a single gold nor was i able to complete the missions


At the moment monsters don’t drop gold. However, you can sell items at any store (in the Marketplace) to make money (ie Apples, Pudding Samples). I plan on adding more methods to make money pretty soon, such as working jobs in town, as well.


so about that there is a error that appears in the market and i think that is where the sell button should be

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Captura de ecrã 2022-12-10 021216


In combat, when a Pudding hits you, it says “You manage to hit the Pudding” instead of saying that the Pudding hit YOU.


Everything above has been fixed. Surely there will be no other bugs found in the newest version which has been posted.


So hey another bug if you just click the attack button after being defeated instead of the continue you can still fight but now you seem to have infinite health and can even win as normal

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another bug was found i guess there is no health cap i gained it just by walking around
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Funny you should mention that, I just noticed that bug while I was testing to make sure I fixed the other bugs. Patch will be posted shortly.

If you pass out from running out of HP or Energy, when you wake up back in the hospital, your Energy becomes “NaN”


oh one more thing to add to that if you get nan energy you can no longer rest at the inn but i havent been able to walk around do to low health and the problem that i mentioned

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Alright everything above has been fixed. Surely there will not be anymore bugs in this game ever again (:

EDIT: Shit. Selling stuff doesn’t give money.

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