The Queendom of Corpula: A Weight Gain Visual Novel v0.5.1

Fantastic update! I really loved the new Brenna and Annora interactions/ competitive vibes from them. Also I can’t wait to see what is in store for Khaira she seems like a great addition to the cast. I’ve no clue what is in store for our dear Genevieve, but I can imagine that Khaira and Annora would be great influences on her self-imposed body issues. All in all love what you’re doing here and can’t wait for more.


Shift-A font override DejaVu Sans game is now readable again. Note the fact I am writing this means you should likely choose a new font for the next patch. As the currently selected font is essentially unreadable. Note: I have bad eyesight and my monitor is at like 150-200% DPI or whatever.

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Sorry. I am going to fix the font ASAP. I was waiting a few days to see if there was any other feedback on bugs or dialogue I could fix simultaneously.

do you have a patreon or a deviantart page to follow?

I was just trying to tell people that they don’t need to wait, they can override the font to a default via the button I mentioned :smiley: I’m playing just fine.

Does Genevieve has also new content?

No to either. Everything I make is free and posted here.

Not in this version. She could get new content in the next version pending the final result of the above poll.

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  • Font is good
  • Font is bad- find a different one
  • Forget the font- revert to vanilla renpy font
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I have a small update ready to post, but I wanted to confirm a new font that I selected is well received first. I think it better strikes a balance between the aesthetic I am going for and readability. Please vote in the above poll to help me out.


I think the font is ok, but having the option to change it’s size would be better


Changing font-size is a default renpy option on the accessibility menu accessed via shift-a

Sometimes if the UI is tweaked too much though changing the font size via that means will go outside boundaries, but usually it’s great/fine.

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I think this update really shows your vision for the game coming together. I don’t know if you feel more that way than when you were making the last update, but to me the new story content flows better, and the ways characters interact feel more natural. I am in the camp that wishes the font was less busy and hard to look at, but it was easy enough to change it to the default font and it didn’t impact my enjoyment.

I give you so much credit for following through with this project as a single developer currently asking for no money for these updates. The quality of the images and writing remains terrific. I enjoy the two paths we have to choose from. The character models are gorgeous. I only cross my fingers that you’ll have more time to work on it so we will see more before long. Thank you for your efforts :pray:


0.5.1 update posted. The only changes are a different font and a few minor fixes that @Krodmandoon pointed out to me in a post above. Please utilize “Shift + a” while in game if you would like to revert back to renpy’s default font or change the text scaling.


Well, I think the poll is pretty clear. Brenna and Genevieve are in a dead heat, and Khaira isn’t far behind at all. I’m happy to see that my characters are diverse enough that this survey generated results like this.

Considering the survey results, my approach to the next update will be new content for Brenna, Genevieve, and Khaira.


I finally got around to playing this (yay work!), and man can I just say what a fun game this is. It is clear you have such a good vision for where everything is going, and things feel much more cohesive in this release. All of the characters are unique and memorable, and the scenes are just fantastic.

I think my only critique is that is feels like Annora barely differs depending on which red choice you make. So right now, it feels like there is now reason not to choose Brenna, as you get Annora scenes PLUS the Brenna scenes. Of course, that may change in future releases!