The Queendom of Corpula: A Weight Gain Visual Novel v0.5.1

I’m working on a visual novel called the Queendom of Corpula. The premise of which is that you are enlisted by a gluttonous princess named Annora to supervise her feasts, ensuring that she doesn’t “overdo it” and end up gaining weight. Obviously, you fail at this assignment, and Annora ends up pretty pudgy by the end of it all.

Plan is for 5+ weight gain stages, each of which is relatively similar in structure so that the contrast can be appreciated as she gets fatter across the same situations. The story is linear with a few choices for flavor, that way all available scenes can be viewed in one playthrough.

General format for each weight stage is chatting, then eating, then stuffed aftermath. The game is semi-realistic; the biggest deviation from reality is how much Annora can eat and how much she bloats from overeating. Future directions may include adding additional girls in different societal roles and situations. I will probably keep it pretty linear though, considering this project stemmed from my dissatisfaction with grindy weight gain/feederism fetish games.

Please note I am not a programmer! I style myself as more of a writer who is dabbling in 3d virtual art. Moreover, I only work on this project in my free time, which is limited. My only ask is that I’m not heckled about updates. Otherwise, I’m very open to discussion about the VN!

"Shift + a” will allow you to revert the font to renpy’s default or change font scaling as you would like.

PC: 1.32 GB file on MEGA

Mac: 1.3 GB file on MEGA


Interesting, I’ll def keep my eye on this as the project continues forward, but I am intrigued by the premise .

Welcome! This is a great idea, and I’m a big fan of VN’s.

I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that it is against site rules to ask for updates on a project, so no worries there.

I see that you are looking to keep it linear will the choices be more a difference in dialogue or are you planning to have different scenes based on choices?

Good luck to you I will be watching this one can’t wait to see how your project progresses.

My plan is for choices to be a difference in dialogue, more for flavor than anything. I was inspired to make this by some absolutely amazing VNs on this site. But I wanted to make this VN different in that there will be little if any repetition. There should be few if any repeated scenes at the cost of the plot being linear. In other words, the princess is going to get quite fat- you’re more or less along for the ride.


Sounds great I look forward to it.

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It would be nice if you could also play a reverse of the roles of the characters.

Wow. This idea definitely sounds cool! I think side stories with side characters would definitely be hot.

A question: you mentioned that the players will have some choices. What impact does the choices have (in your plan)? I agree that too much impact would not be possible for a linear storyline

welp, i’m interetsed. Very cute character model.

I love the rendering posted and I love Renpy games, so I think I’m going to be really excited for this one to come out. Looking forward to it!

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Looks awesome can’t wait to see more

I know this is a weird suggestion. I’ve noticed a number of other VNs that use DAZ get to a point in development where modelling the larger sizes convincingly gets difficult. This means the end size changes shape and the earlier stages need to be remodelled and rerendered. I’d suggest you do some tests for the max size that looks good to you and make sure you can achieve that before doing loads of work on the earlier stages.


The choices would be more for dialogue flavor than anything, at least at first.

Not a weird suggestion at all. You make her bigger and bigger and by the time you realize you’ve taken it too far, it’s too late lol. One thing the MC Annora has going for her is that she has a pretty standard fat distribution- she gains weight everywhere. I feel like the more odd looking renders I’ve seen use models that have a more emphasized body type like big belly shape, pear shape, etc.

I’m curious- how large do you plan on making her get?

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About as big as you can make a Daz genesis 8 female without looking ridiculous I’d say. If you’re familiar with the feedee model KittyPiggy, Annora’s max weight stage is right around her size, probably a little bigger.


Version 0.1 is out on DeviantArt if anyone is interested!


It’s great to see more visual novels. I look forward to it.

This is great. I can see what you are going for and this was an awesome demo. You have me curious as to where you will take it from here. I definitely love the multiple size increase stuffing scenes within each feast.

More of this plus some possibly other stuff down the line, I’m definitely diggin this one keep up the good work.

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Thanks! This is great feedback. I’m very much interested in what the community likes about this VN so far and what they would like to see expanded upon. Any feedback I receive will definitely be considered as I continue to work on the VN.

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This was fantastic to play (read?) through, I very much enjoyed it. Annora feels very personable and you really do a great job drawing out her character and making the dialogue feel very life like. And the renders are absolutely phenomenal. It feels flirty, fun, and sexy at the same time. I’m very impressed!