THE REAL "Total Re-fat 0.216" Update May 2022

Hello, I hope you are well, I know that I’ve taken longer than I thought to update it, because of my eagerness for it to come out, an unauthorised update was released due to a confusion caused by the translator programs. Although it is not the case, I want to make it clear that due to personal problems (among them that for economic reasons I now work more hours than before) I have less time to work on my project. And believe me, working on a 2013 notebook doesn’t help, even if it was the best of that year. In any case, I hope you enjoy the new update, if you find serious errors don’t hesitate to comment it, I will surely take note of the errors and I will make an update if necessary.

In case you want to help in any way, I will leave you my Ko-fi since where I live, computers only go up in price and mine is already too old. From already many thanks.:


I talked to one girl that started a fight and I got a loading error.
Failed to load: img/system/ATBBar.png

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I see, I will fix it

Just checking, is this in English or just Spanish? I’m a simple mono-lingual :sweat_smile:

I can’t pass trough the ogre boss in the cave :frowning: is there a way to do it?

why I have feeling this is one of those grinding game that need be level up for new skills

Just keep spamming attack and manage your rations well. They heal more than the characters have in HP, so if you’re economic and keep from healing them until the last hit will KO them, you should be able to make them last over the 10 you get. Not that it matters anyway, demo’s over immediately after the fight so there’s no real point to doing it for now. As it is, it’s a slog since you can’t even get exp rn.

But aside from the sparse pickings in terms of content, which to be fair is to be expected of the 0.05, this seems like it’ll be a really good game! Super hopeful for it. While being mono-lingual myself, I am excited to see how this game unfolds. I’m loving the new battle music and format (despite Sashate’s foot seeming to glitch?) and am curious to see where you take this one give the post apocalyptic(?) state of things.

I like what is in place in the game and hope you have a fun time making this game.


the truth is that personally I carry the verifications in a percentage count of their progress, being in this case just over 5%, I do not know if the count should really be carried out in that way, but I do so.
If I can, I will try to get 30% development for the next update, which will be in mid-October, but everything will depend on the free time I can have. With the corona virus, my office job has a lot of extra burden, so I won’t know.

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the idea is that like my previous game, it is an easy game to finish, but difficult to complete in all its content.

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can i change the language?

Hello, being such a short demo I did not see it necessary, more than anything I wanted to see that the PLUGINS worked well, which did not happen, but thanks to those who reported the errors I was able to correct that. For the next demo update, I’ll leave it free for translation.

Short demo or not, the game is kinda hard to play if the player doesn’t know what is being said or what is going on


sorry for the delay, the demo 1.54 is already available weeks ago, but I think I did not give good notice of it, a thousand apologies for not giving the notice well


How do I get inside the southeast outpost?

what the original game called?

Hello, you have to talk to Jaidy, the one who is mutated with a blue coral snake, she will ask for spider eggs, and you only have to fulfill her mission to give you access to the southeast position.

A couple of tips, during the night in the bedrooms you can talk to the girls, depending on who you talk to, they will activate different missions, although at the moment everything is very basic.

Finally to level up you have to eat, but do not exceed level 4.

The original game is “Vengadoras de la grasa” but its reference is lost with the google translation.

i see so it be impossible to find the game from search