Thicker Treat: A WG Dating Sim (v.0.4.5 with Sakura's new scenes now out for Patreons, 0.2.2 is public)

So, just tried to become a patron to gain access to the most recent versions and went down the rabbit hole. Are there plans to make .4 available for non-patrons due to the patreon option no longer being applicable? I would love to be able to pay for the access, but I just can’t because of the reason given.(Sorry if someone already asked this, I’m just mesmerized that(According to the post I read) a company would care about that sort of thing, especially since it doesn’t conflict with its interest)


I also would happily pay to access the game. In the form of a donation or something? I don’t know.

Anyways, OP, I’m sorry you’re in that situation. You have to do what’s best for you. Hopefully your project, beloved by so many, finds a way to live on! :slight_smile:


It’s a shame you can’t gift people assets on the daz3d store, the way you can via steam. That would be a loophole that would actually work.


Okay so I’ve been looking for loopholes, and this is the closest thing I can find.

It would be a LOT better if you could directly gift daz3d store items like a steam game can be gifted to a friend, because that would have 0% liquidity, a daz3d gift card might in eltipito42’s opinion have more than 0% liquidity and thus my idea would be a dishonest loophole, which eltipito42 has clearly stated they’re not interested in.

I’ve never bought a daz3d store gift card before so I have no idea how it would work, but well, there it is, it’s literally the best possible loophole that exists on earth because daz3d doesn’t appear to have a better method of wishing for assets to be gifted.

Hence why I made this message a reply, I think this idea is at least worth having the developer read. Even if they’re still not interested.


A little bit late on this, but never mind.

Even if Ko-fi was a viable financial option, you’d be dead in the water inside a few weeks. They are ridiculously puritanical. As I know all too well, anything remotely risque, let alone bordering on NSFW will get you banned.


Hey! I missed the opportunity to get the game on patron as I was late. is there any possibility to get access to the game v.0.4.5? I really would love to play it.


I’d also like to play please. I’m on mac but if it’s only available on PC I can wait to play it when I get home. Is there anyway to play still?

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I’m very sad to hear about your situation, I am however glad to hear it doesn’t cancel the game as I really love the potential it has, you’ve posted on patreon that 0.5 will be available to patreons from october - november, as promised. I was wondering where I can find that?

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Damn, I just found this and wanted to play the latest version, but since I can’t sub to the patreon that’ll have to wait :frowning:

Can’t he have his wife / sister / best friend / whomever do it , as a front?

E.g., I’m not doing any such thing, but I have a couple of friends with whom I discuss most things, and in a similar situation I’d be willing to trust them with not-large amounts of money so this wouldn’t be legally tied to me in any way. J

The issue is he has a real job, at that real job they’re going to start asking, are you moonlighting at all? and he intends to tell the truth.

If you’re going to confess, loopholes don’t matter. The one I pointed out might be exceptable, as it would be a series of worthless gifts that weren’t profitable at all, but would help reduce his costs.

Bummed Just got around to trying it. Easily one of, if not the best VN Ive seen, very high quality. I went to patreon and then I find out its closed. I know its a tough situation with not being able to accept payment but for those of us late to the party what can we expect?

If he doesn’t wants to lie to the psychopathic corporate entity employing him, he could just ask the guy doing the money stuff for him to keep the money, or donate it to a charity or anything like that.

Then, if you’re doing some work but you’re not getting paid, it’s not moonlighting. And nobody but a malicious hacker could trace this back to him, so…

Look I get people mean well and they have their heads and hearts in a place that isn’t malicious but can we please stop asking if there’s some way for a dev, that has already made up their mind about what to do, to commit fraud, withhold income, exploit some loophole to “fix” this.

I know if it ever came down to risking my livelihood or main source of income that takes care of my family and self for a passion project. I know which one I would be choosing to prioritize.


100%. Like others i’m gutted the project appears to have died but the dude has priorities in his life and the reality is it’s just a game at the end of the day.


I think I’ve encouraged this argument, so sorry about that.


Its just a litlle bad that he doesnt respond to his patreons anymore😥. Its been 3 weeks without an response.


His real life obviously takes priority, he has announced that the patreon is done and is probably very busy navigating a quite stressful real life situation.


damn that quite sad crossed fingers to the creator he needs the support he needs

Had to make an account here because I have to pay to leave a comment on Patreon.

I always usually watch forums and comment sections and never reply of comment on things but I can’t be the only person who isn’t upset at this.

I totally understand that when personal issues arise things tend to get put on the backburner but what’s been going on for 4 months now has been totally mismanaged. I know that taxes are no joke, I pay then too, but when your making 4 figures a month on a side job, there has to be some clarification to the people that are paying you for your content. No update on Patreon since December and no login on this site since the beginning of January and we’re all are stuck in limbo wondering what’s going on. Bad news is better than no news at all.