Thicker Treat: A WG Dating Sim (v.0.4.5 with Sakura's new scenes now out for Patreons, 0.2.2 is public)

Did you comment on the wrong thread? The dev laid out exactly what the situation is like at the end of december as well as including his plans going forward.


Did you read my post? I know that he had to stop Patreon but I also know that he said that he would finish the latest version at the end of the year. So 2 months go by and you’re not allowed to ask questions? When someone doesn’t respond to comments or give people a heads up you’re just supposed to keep recurring payments hoping he comes back?

Like I suggested above, this does not mean the game is cancelled. It just means that I’ll have to cut funding for development and slow things down substantially to manage the costs myself (electricity, 3D assets, etc.) In fact, I’ll resume finishing what’s left of v.0.5 between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and it will be accessible to all Oct, Nov, and Dec patrons as promised. After that, the plan is to add Wanda’s and Gabrielle’s path for v.0.6 and make it available as early access to all 2022 patrons in 2023. (I figure, it’s only fair to have that ‘extra’ content to thank everyone for their support.)

Quote from the patreon post above.

There was never a stated time for any content to be finished. All that was said was they would resume finishing up what was left of v0.5 and no time for that was given.

I think it’s fine to want to know what’s going on with something that as you have indicated has been mismanaged since October’s update but unfortunately this isn’t the place to request updates. Asking for updates from a dev here is against the rules. While it’s unfortunate situation the patreon should of just been outright deleted.

Regular status updates didn’t happen when they were spending more time working on it I wouldn’t count on hearing anything about it now progress has to supposedly slow down.


Agreed, my main argument was that even though things don’t always go smoothly with Patreon backed games, the dev should make a quick little post even if its bad news just so people aren’t spending money for another month of no content.

I know its against the rules to ask for updates, I guess that I worded it a little incorrectly so that’s on me, I have to sub on his Patreon in order to comment. Just wanted to vent because I know everybody has had these thoughts about this game or another in the past.


I’ll be honest, i posted on patreon a few days ago with my two cents over the situation. Just to clarify i 100% respect the decision to put the job before a game but i think my issue has been the role of patreon in this.

A lot of people paid and were told a timeframe for when the update was going to be released and ofcourse delays can happen. My issue is that there are numerous updates saying a release date and implying it was coming that week/month and if it wasn’t then people had the choice to not pay.

We’re aware that in this scene that people can have things come up or even simply lose motivation and i accept that but if i’ve paid to support for months and received nothing i do expect to be kept in the loop with a post that would take very little time out of someones life realistically.

I support other Devs on Patreon with much longer waits between updates and that’s fine as they’re upfront about it and it gives everyone a choice whether or not to pay and support or to come back at a later date.


Yeah i agree we paid for several months on patreon always saying it was almost finished and he delayed it several times. And thats not so bad because he always gave a reasennable explanation, but now its been almost 3 months without no comments at al.

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I think the dev was quite clear that he wouldn’t be able to take money through Patreon any longer due to work and that people who did pay in October, November, or December will get v0.5 whenever that comes out. It seems pretty clear at this point that people can cancel their Patreons and get any new content that comes out after that.

Could it have been handled better in the past? Sure. I definitely think so. People shouldn’t promise monthly releases when that isn’t realistic. But I think the current status is quite clear from the dev’s last note.


I excuse myself in Advance for necroposting but this game is diving me insane, i dont get how you are suppose to make them gain weight, i get that you must feed them but then nothing appen with their sprites, can someone explain me how this game works?


Welcome to weight gaming @Lijoku. Version 2.2 only has weight gain for Georgina. The rest of the girls were WIP while you can interact with them most content is not in game. I believe 2.2 has two weight stages for Georgina and some content with no wg for Sakura. With Sakuras content being wholly lacking compared to Georgina.

However it’s been a very long time since I’ve played that version of the game as a few other versions had released since the 2.2 version for patreons. So I might be mistaken about the exact amount of weight stages.

It wasn’t until 3.0 that Patrizia and Sakura got some more content and weight stages and then 4.0 added Lola content. And eventually more Sakura weight gain and content. (These were never available to the public)


Hi there! Now that the people on Patreon are getting their pitchforks ready again, I’d like to get a word out before they arrive at the gates of this forum.

Let me start by saying “thank you”, to you, Voca. Yes, unironically, even with what’s been going on the last few months. Not that I’m not disappointed too by how this has developed, but for the time you did you provided us with a great game. For me personally it was the best on the forum and I guess the reactions from users here and on your Patreon only speak for the quality of your product.

For me it’s also very plain to see that this was never intended as a quick cash grab. If you look at the games code, you’ll see that it has a solid foundation for further development like adding more dating location, characters, weight stages, you name it. It’s highly modular and well structured. They clearly knew what they where doing and must also be ducking mad at how this has turned out.

When Voca first had their monthly release schedule I was already worried that they might burn out fast. And I think the first glimpses of that were when the first updates got delayed and combined with next months updates a few times. And of course then the the October update was delayed multiple times until the whole job situation delivered the final blow. I’d be devastated too if there were clearly lots of willing supporters for a passion project of mine and now all of the sudden I have to pay for everything from assets to electricity out of my own pocket again. That’s just a killer for moral.

Also Voca was always very fair when it came to his delays in the past. They always offered the option for last months Patrons to get the delayed updates. And this was also the case for the October update. I got really worried about the progress in November and canceled my subscription for December (not 100% sure on the details here) knowing I’d still get the update.

I don’t know if Vocas subscribers on Patreon still actually get billed for the game but if so, that’s their fault alone. Voca clearly asked you in their last update to cancel your subscriptions because they can’t take your money anyway. And for October, November and December? Well yeah, that sucks. But that’s just the risk of supporting a fetish game in a niche community like this. We had many people leave the scene for private reasons, stuff like this can happen. And this so clearly wasn’t supposed to happen since the Patreon was at it’s prime and subscribers recently shot up. I would have been much more profitable to just continue the project rather then take the money and run.

So yeah, I also have no real idea what’s going on. I would have liked better communication, but I guess at the moment there is just nothing to be commented on. Of course I understand that people are upset, but the comments are getting increasingly hostile now and I guess that is why I am on this rant. I don’t think Voca deserves this. And if they come back, I hope we can welcome them back with open arms.


Sorry mate but to blame to patreons is a bit absurd in my view. Voca stated on his post that the reason he can’t use patreon was that he can’t report his earnings to his job anymore. He has since decided to keep the patreon, continue taking money and not posted a word since december. The update was an October release date and MULTIPLE times was stated to be pretty much completed. When people have asked for a bit of clarity he has actively blocked them.

Just to clarify the last patreon post did tell people to unsubscribe, he also stated that the next update was coming out after new year and was to be posted on patreon and then all info would be moved to here, neither have happened. The right thing to do was to take the patreon down and not keep taking people’s money.

Nobody has complained about the actual delays in the past, in fact whenever he stated there was one everyone was more than supportive and life and delays happen. What a section of us are up in arms about is that the reason for the delay was that he can’t use patreon anymore as it would mean reporting the earnings to work which was fair…until he continued to take everyones money and use patreon and just blank everyone.

Can we please stop this blaming the patreons who have paid good money for a product when in reality a paragraph of clarity once in what is now five months would’e sorted this. He’s made thousands out of people since the said December post and if it was about not reporting earnings to work then the patreon would’ve been closed down.

In addition to this new people are still joining the patreon and losing money for no product. If the game is dead or if an update is not coming for months no problem at all, be honest about it and we all move on but Voca needs to take a bit of accountability for the fact he sees all the posts and still decides not to respond and take everyones money. You can say it’s everyones fault for not unsubbing but reality is it Vocas choice to keep the patreon up and still accept the money for doing nothing.


Here I am :trident:ready to go. In all seriousness though, I agree with a lot of what you said dude and most of it mirrors my same thoughts and experiences with this entire situation as well. However, there are a lot of other things that have happened that are so unusual compared to other games here, that I feel need to be said.

First of all, I will also give Voca praise for this game. Its one of the best I have played in this scene and that’s one of the main reasons as to why we all want it to succeed, but it takes two to tango, and if you have a Patreon that at its peak had 400 plus (maybe more) members paying you, there is no reason as to why you can’t say a word to anyone for four months. Now before I continue, yes I know he said in his last post he laid out his plan and everyone should unsub. I was pledged in December because the October version was delayed multiple times and it got pushed back more and more, but I still wanted to support him, just as I’m sure a lot of others did too.

Now we get to the stuff that nobody here knows. A week ago, I was looking on this site and I saw that Voca had a Curvage account, and he has been online recently and that made me a little upset. Let me also say right now that this is not his private account that uses his real name or anything like that. I’m not Edward Snowden, it was the third search result on Google. I sent him a message asking him if he was going to update us because I can’t do it here, and nothing has been said on Patreon. A few days go by, and I check back and he reads the message and then turns his account to private. I’m sorry, but has there ever been a dev in this scene that has been less transparent then Voca? Just recently on Patreon, there were multiple devs, some with more subs then Voca and some with less, that have games here had personal issues come up and they had to take a break. And while they were focusing on their personal matters, they still followed up with everyone and didn’t disappear off this site or others and continued to keep tabs with everyone. While Trent alluded to Voca making fair posts and allowing last months members to get the newest versions, the only reason those posts were made were because people had to drag an answer out of him. Anyone can go back and look because the posts are public, every single comment section has multiple people asking him if he was going to update everyone because he would go silent after the date he specified as his target for the next update would pass. At the time, his only criticism was his communication and everyone was more than fair in waiting for him to sort through his problems.

I also need to bring this up because this is tied together with my previous argument. We all know his personal life is more important and a new job definitely takes priority. In big bold letters for everyone to see he says: beginning January I’ll no longer be able to accept support through Patreon or other channels. Totally fair and he paused billing for January like he said. To me, the biggest gripe now is for Feb, Mar, and April, billing has been reactivated. His latest post says his job is cracking down on other sources of income, so if he was concerned about a conflict of interest, why would he continue to take a risk and keep taking money that’s going to show up on his 2023 tax return? Like others in this thread have mentioned, people should know to unsub. But what about the people that have automatic resub on? What about the people that find out about this game through this site? The title of the thread says (v.0.4.5 with Sakura’s new scenes now out for Patreons, 0.2.2 is public). There are a lot of new people to this site and navigating it is difficult and can be overwhelming, especially to people that aren’t aware of the current status of a game. His final post is buried deep in the thread and nowhere at the top where the links are or in the title does it say the game is on hiatus. So what ends up happening is people pledge on Patreon to get the newest version and don’t know that the dev has gone radio silent and they continue to pay monthly for nothing. If at the very least is there a way a mod, or someone with the ability to, could make an edit to the title or lock the thread to prevent people from getting duped?

As you said, the game has a lot of content and the quality of the code is well done, but the lack of communication, privatizing an account to hide from people’s questions, and monthly billing continuing to be on after saying it was going to effect a job don’t add up and I have never seen any game dev act like this before.


Hey there, I don’t want to get too involved in arguments. Not because I don’t stand by my post, but because I think that, again, there really is just nothing to comment on. Of course you guys make fair points. I just don’t see this as being deliberate judging from the viewpoint I explained above.

One thing I would like to clarify is that I absolutely do not blame the patrons (and I don’t see how I could). The main argument I see for not putting the Patreon down is that it’s currently the only way to get the game. Sure, Voca could just put it out for free here, but In case these issues can be resolved it would be very good to keep the Patreon intact. One thing I do not know is the whole financial aspect of it: I have no clue when the Patreon money gets booked and shows up in tax returns. My understanding is that you have to actively withdraw money from your account as a creator and as such this might not contradict what Voca said (i.e. he hasn’t received any money despite people still subscribed).

Despite that (and I hope I don’t contradict myself because, again, I do not blame the patrons) I think the games current state has been clearly communicated. I really don’t want to get into arguments with you guys, your points are definitely valid, but at this point I just don’t see anyone stumbling over the game and just throwing money at it. I think people are generally very conservative with their pledges with the only new patrons being the people that want access to the last version. But there really should be some mechanism on Patreons side to notify the patrons or pause pledges once a creator is clearly inactive.

I have seen people (not necessarily creators) go underground for much longer then this for stress or mental reasons. I think this whole experience must have been really demoralizing and to that extend it “get it”. But yeah, I get you too, of course. I hope that at least I could put another perspective to it.


Fair points. My initial post on patreon was that i was going to come on here to advise new members not to become a patreon and losing money for no reason. To clarify i hope Voca does the right thing here and even if it was a post saying he’d screwed up and to reinforce people to leave the patreon i think it’d be respected.

The only thing i disagree on is the state of the game. For example i stayed a patreon between october-december as multiple posts said the next update was around a week away. Whilst in hindsight it obviously wasn’t and i can empathise with Voca being overwhelmed or even losing motivation i think once patreon and money is involved whilst it’s a passion project a certain amount of responsibility has to be taken.

It may be a warped view but i look at it like if i’m prepared to take your money, even if i can’t deliver on time or if something goes wrong i need to let people know whats going on. I don’t ask Voca to explain his personal life by any means it’s none of my business but to ghost everyone makes it seem (and i only mean seem and not accusing) that he’s happy to do nothing and knows hes got money coming in for nothing. This could easily be explained and whenever he has in the past nobody has give him a hard time. The only time he’s been given a bit of a verbal beating is since december and to be honest i think he has only himself to blame for that.

I also don’t blame Voca for wanting to go underground if they need a break that’s fine, other patreon devs do it and near enough everyone understands but i’ve found his posts misleading since October now and even in the december post states everyone from october is getting the new version soon. This is all pretty easily solved with a post either on here or the patreon even if that’s saying mistakes have been made. People paid good money for the months prior to the december post and before even that it did take other patreons asking whats going on to get that post.

Anyway i’ll stop blabbering on but if you’re new and reading this please be aware of subscribing to the patreon.


I totally get where you’re coming from. I always try to look at other perspectives and don’t want to fly off the handle and say something out of line or irrelevant to this issue, its just some things don’t add up and don’t make sense when you think about real life actions.

I’m not as comfortable as others about this fetish and I’m sure others are, nor do I think I’m qualified to work on a game like others, but when you look back at this entire situation, just ask yourself if this makes sense?

If you order a package on Amazon and you don’t hear from them in 4 months, and they have your money, are you going to sit back and say nothing, and just hope they have the decency to give you an answer? Now that’s obviously a little different than this situation, but can you see where it doesn’t make sense to ride the wave and hope they get their act together? I’m not endorsing necroposting old threads and breaking the rules of the site to ask for updates, but when a situation like this happens, is it not fair to call out a dev that has been acting extremely unusual and downright disrespectful?

At the end of the day, Voca decided to make this game, and he decided to create a Patreon to fund the cost for assets. At any level, no matter how successful it is or not, if money is involved, the guy needs to be responsible and held accountable for things like this. Ghosting everybody for this long is extremely unusual and hiding from accountability is insulting to paying customers regardless of how somebody handles a hiatus.

I’ll leave a similar message here too: To all the new viewers, subscribing to the Patreon now is NOT going to get you anything new right now.


damn this creator must been having an very bad year damn i hope the creators okay never heard of him for an while now


Love the game and the Charakters


So i understand that voca hasn’t been active for a good 6 months now and has paused the patreon for a reasonable reason. Is there any way of accessing the latest version?

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the new version doesn’t add that much tbh


is there ever going to be a mac version