Thicker Treat: A WG Dating Sim (v.0.4.5 with Sakura's new scenes now out for Patreons, 0.2.2 is public)

Did you comment on the wrong thread? The dev laid out exactly what the situation is like at the end of december as well as including his plans going forward.


Did you read my post? I know that he had to stop Patreon but I also know that he said that he would finish the latest version at the end of the year. So 2 months go by and you’re not allowed to ask questions? When someone doesn’t respond to comments or give people a heads up you’re just supposed to keep recurring payments hoping he comes back?

Like I suggested above, this does not mean the game is cancelled. It just means that I’ll have to cut funding for development and slow things down substantially to manage the costs myself (electricity, 3D assets, etc.) In fact, I’ll resume finishing what’s left of v.0.5 between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and it will be accessible to all Oct, Nov, and Dec patrons as promised. After that, the plan is to add Wanda’s and Gabrielle’s path for v.0.6 and make it available as early access to all 2022 patrons in 2023. (I figure, it’s only fair to have that ‘extra’ content to thank everyone for their support.)

Quote from the patreon post above.

There was never a stated time for any content to be finished. All that was said was they would resume finishing up what was left of v0.5 and no time for that was given.

I think it’s fine to want to know what’s going on with something that as you have indicated has been mismanaged since October’s update but unfortunately this isn’t the place to request updates. Asking for updates from a dev here is against the rules. While it’s unfortunate situation the patreon should of just been outright deleted.

Regular status updates didn’t happen when they were spending more time working on it I wouldn’t count on hearing anything about it now progress has to supposedly slow down.


Agreed, my main argument was that even though things don’t always go smoothly with Patreon backed games, the dev should make a quick little post even if its bad news just so people aren’t spending money for another month of no content.

I know its against the rules to ask for updates, I guess that I worded it a little incorrectly so that’s on me, I have to sub on his Patreon in order to comment. Just wanted to vent because I know everybody has had these thoughts about this game or another in the past.


I’ll be honest, i posted on patreon a few days ago with my two cents over the situation. Just to clarify i 100% respect the decision to put the job before a game but i think my issue has been the role of patreon in this.

A lot of people paid and were told a timeframe for when the update was going to be released and ofcourse delays can happen. My issue is that there are numerous updates saying a release date and implying it was coming that week/month and if it wasn’t then people had the choice to not pay.

We’re aware that in this scene that people can have things come up or even simply lose motivation and i accept that but if i’ve paid to support for months and received nothing i do expect to be kept in the loop with a post that would take very little time out of someones life realistically.

I support other Devs on Patreon with much longer waits between updates and that’s fine as they’re upfront about it and it gives everyone a choice whether or not to pay and support or to come back at a later date.


Yeah i agree we paid for several months on patreon always saying it was almost finished and he delayed it several times. And thats not so bad because he always gave a reasennable explanation, but now its been almost 3 months without no comments at al.

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I think the dev was quite clear that he wouldn’t be able to take money through Patreon any longer due to work and that people who did pay in October, November, or December will get v0.5 whenever that comes out. It seems pretty clear at this point that people can cancel their Patreons and get any new content that comes out after that.

Could it have been handled better in the past? Sure. I definitely think so. People shouldn’t promise monthly releases when that isn’t realistic. But I think the current status is quite clear from the dev’s last note.