Thoughts on cheats?

What are all your guys opinions on using cheats/debug/save file editing in games? Would you rather play through the game as intended or skip to the fetish content instead? It sometimes feels like there’s a group out there that just wants an art-pack instead of a game to play through.


it depends on the game. for really grindy games I usually cheat (or just drop it if I can’t) so I don’t waste to much time. I wouldn’t cheat on a first play-through otherwise.
but after the first play-through it can be a nice way to get some more gameplay from it. I once edited my stats in Super Fatty RPG so they where a lot higher and I ended up starving in the lower level areas (which game me an idea for something I want to make in the future).

I don’t get why someone would treat a game as a sort of art-pack. you kindoff miss the point of it being a game if you do (that goes for you if you are making the game as well btw).


When confronted with grindier RPG-style games, my first instinct is usually to cheat, yeah. I just don’t enjoy that sort of thing very much. If a game’s got a solid loop going on though and it’s just fun on its own then I don’t cheat unless I’m feeling extra impatient.

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I can see how some are more into the actual fetish rather than having to work to attain, I mean there are a few games that do take a ton of time just to be able to go through in order to see the fetish.

I will admit I am apart of the group that would rather play through an entire game again just to see everything once more, though if it is one particular scene or action I may try to seek ways to achieve it faster than what is usually possible.

I’m a boy scout in this regard, I don’t ever cheat. Speaking for myself, I don’t get the same satisfaction from the fetish content in a game if I didn’t have to earn it. I greatly prefer it to not take an ungodly amount of time/effort, but even if it does, I still won’t cheat.

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Like what was stated above, it depends on the game and the content. Sometimes, a level or challenge are simply cancerous, so I tend not to feel bad about skipping those.

In the specific case of fetish games, it again depends. No One’s RPG is a good example. I didn’t care much for vore or adventuring, so after a couple playthroughs, I learned what content I did and didn’t want to experience. I was happy working in town, eating more, getting fatter, outgrowing clothes, etc. Problem is, after a certain point, you can’t afford enough food to keep your weight and appetite increasing. If you don’t cheat gold in, you eventually hit a ceiling you can’t pass. Your stamina also becomes as issue at higher sizes.


In an ideal world every game would be enjoyable, as delivered, for every player, and there wouldn’t be any need for cheating. However many games fail to realise this, or deliberately set out to not achieve it. That leaves the (potential) player with three choices: never play the game, play it and quickly give up, and lastly, cheat and enjoy the game. Only this last one brings happiness to the player (though, admittedly, not as much as if the game had been well made in the first place).

Some game makers seem to view a game as a competition between the maker and the player to see who is the most hardcore, or they believe that only hardcore gamers should get enjoyment out of their game. In extreme cases they believe anything not hardcore is not-a-game. I think personally this philosophy is wrong, and their creations aren’t worth the time of day. Wait until they’ve a couple of decades on them, their reactions are slowing, and eyesight isn’t pin sharp, and I don’t think they will rate their creations either. So if someone posts a cheat that makes something unplayable playable, I welcome it.

Then there’s accessibility. After all the waffle AAA games are still failing at this just as badly as one man band games. I don’t see red very well, which is a bugger for health bars. Just a couple of nights ago this conversation happened:
“How are you supposed to know where the enemies are? Isn’t Spiderman supposed to have spider-senses? Is it something I have to unlock?”
“It’s on R3,” says my ex games industry housemate.
“Nothing happened.”
“Fuck, they’re outlined in red.”
“Can you change that?” - no, it turns out you can’t. So, without some kind of cheat to fix that choice, or to level the difficulty to compensate, it goes in the bucket of games I can’t play. As this was on the PS4, it’s bucket time.

Then there’s the infamous borked quest (I’m looking at you Bethesda). Sometimes developers make mistakes, and often can’t be arsed to fix them (you aren’t blameless either CD Projekt Red). Is it wrong to “cheat” to make the game do what it was supposed to do?

That these things are still a problem in professionally made games it should hardly be a surprise that they are also a problem in home-made games. It actually seems less of a problem because fetish homebrew developers get that games are supposed to be fun, and want you to see the content. What would be the point in hiding your well-crafted fetish content behind a level of difficulty such that only 1:1000 players could see it? Especially if you’ve only got a couple of thousand players? It would be a better use of time and resources to identify those two people and give them the personal touch!

Then there’s my hacker/maker/engineer philosophy. If I own something and I can see a way of making it better, I’m going to do that. “Warrantee void” be damned, especially if the warrantee isn’t worth anything. If your product is sub-optimal out of the box, then that’s your failure, not mine.

With all that in mind, my own game, Yaffaif, has a console and GUI debug built in. I’m one person, I don’t have a team of testers, I need to leave that option open. I want people to enjoy it, and if my idea of what it fun and theirs differ, then they’ve an out. If I’ve done a Bethesda and broken a quest, I can send a line of “gibberish” that will fix it. It’s an approach that makes sense to me.

People enjoy different things, have different abilities. If your aim is to bring enjoyment (rather than frustration) to them all, the you’ve two options: develop god-level game design skills, or allow them to cheat. It’s either that or your game goes in the bucket.


is kinda aceptable when u already finished the game then the game got a update, then u just jump into the part what u want play, like in valey city

In most cases with the fetish games, it depends on how fun the game itself is. Using an often-discussed example in Vale City, I absolutely will cheat the shit out of that game, because it exists to waste my time before anything at all worthwhile happens. The combat system is maybe a little bit interesting, once it opens up somewhere around the maximum character level. Which is an enormous pain in the ass to reach, because there’s no reasonable way to make money while you’re low-leveled, and you can’t do anything but cheese the exp system to make it feel at all like you’re progressing, which takes literally forever unless you start cheating by altering the game’s item and skill coding. To say the least, that’s a step BEYOND cheating that I was totally willing to do.

To contrast, in a game like Grimimic’s Stuffing RPG, he didn’t decide to reinvent the wheel, in addition to putting most of the enjoyable content outside of the realm of the battle system. But at the same time, the battles aren’t totally trivial, because of the existence of bosses who can also provide the fun fetish content. So I will 100% not cheat in his game, because some cases make it more fun to be UNDERpowered.

The game part is important to the experience, and I want more than an art pack, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to balance your fetish and game engine content. Grimimic knows how to do that, and the guy behind Vale City doesn’t.


Personally I believe a balance should be met. If one plays through as intended, perhaps a cheat menu could be unlocked, allowing for a faster playthrough.

Play the game. I might be an outlier, but still. Play the game. All the way.

Cheats are fine. If the game’s being a pain in the ass to the point that it’s not fun to play, do whatever you want to make it fun again.


Interesting perspectives, and I definitely enjoy seeing the reasonings behind the answers given, especially those given from more of a game developer stance!

I’m generally fine with cheats, although if a game reaches an annoying level of difficulty that requires cheating to beat it (as opposed to simply cheating to speed things up) then there’s a good chance I won’t even be playing the game anymore at that point. I don’t come across fetish games too often that have this particular problem, it’s usually more of a matter of me still needing to really learn the game mechanics, but I’m sure they’re still out there all the same, especially based on some of the other posts here.

I do feel like there are times where fetish-based artwork/content in a game usually has some context with it though, so I personally prefer to play up to the point where it actually appears as opposed to skipping to it. Of course, I don’t plan to knock anybody who skips to it themselves, just do whatever you find to be the most fun either way – no harm done at the end of the day!


Really depends on the game, but IMO most lewd games shouldn’t be designed with the concept of having the player play for huge amounts of time to get to the lewd content, since lewd content requires us to be solitary IRL, which I’d assume most of us have a problem with, especially now with everyone at home due to COVID.
I gladly cheat on lewd games like that.

For real, IMO, lewd games should not be designed like regular, non-lewd games, they need to be designed with the fact that we can’t play it on our Jumbotron TV sets in our living rooms, it has to be played on our computers in a room with the door locked, or played while the kids are at school, etc.

I like difficult games. I LOVE games where they’re designed to keep you at the screen for hours at a time.
I dislike lewd games that are too difficult or require you to play/grind for hours to get to the content you want.

EDIT: Honorable mention to Hungry Girls, the game where you fatten/expand girls, where everything works on shitty Chinese mobile game mechanics, like literal 8 hour timers IRL between sex scenes, and special events that run on/around holidays.


Bonuses to living alone.


The Big Fat Vore RPG, now playing at 4K resolution in your living room!

Similar to what others have mentioned, I don’t like to spend much time on playing games, as I am a bit of a workaholic. So I cheat or extract to appreciate the work. Though I approach most games this way as I’m an explorer gamer. I mainly get enjoyment from finding all of the stuff not being challenged. That’s just how I learnt to play games due to the Lego games probably.

Also cheating/extracting can be rewarding. Learning different software/engines , looking for the best way to view compressed data, recreating assets the game usually makes. I learnt JavaScript/ActionScritp and wrote a python script just to get into one game.

I typically like to start with a “vanilla” playthrough on most games with no cheats or mods. Depending on the time investment and how much I like the gameplay loop, I may cheat on subsequent runs to speed things along.

This goes double for games that are works in progress where saves get broken with each new build. As new builds are released, it can be daunting to start a new playthrough from scratch to see a few new end game pieces of content.

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For me it depends I normally play without Cheats if the game is fun and fair but if the game is hard and i have to unlock sometime or the Game is a mess and it keep freezing and crashing them I may cheat.

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There are times where cheating was the only way for me to enjoy the game, whether it be too hard for me, or the combat is wonky and makes it harder than it needs to be, but I really want to experience the story. An example for me would be the Witcher 3; it took me 3 attempts to actually play the game. On the last one I said “Fuck it, I’m shit at the combat, I’m going to install a command line mod, and make myself an absurd level.” I was then able to play the game and figure out what an idiot I was for waiting 5 years to play that damn game.

In lewd games, you bet your ass I’m gonna cheat the second things get too hard for me to use only one hand. I’m a degenerate that wants to see the weight gain.

jesus christ i nearly wrote out an entire essay on “why i cheat in lewd games” when that last sentence sums it up nicely.