Tramp 0.15.5 2023-06-15

I had no idea it was well the way it was until recently. Don’t wanna spoil it for any who haven’t read it. Who knew the word tramp would bee meant to be taken literally which is silly on my end considering it is the name of the game. But yea you may be on to something cause I’m guessing some of the slang used that i did indeed Google is i guess from the UK.

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Because we are both working in the same repo, and I was making systemic changes, I wasn’t able to give @Morganism free range to add Reg content to everywhere. Expect his content to become more integrated as time goes on.

Aside from the veils option at start-up I really want the experience to follow the player’s role-play of their PC in a choices have consequences way. The PC’s inner dialogue as well as her interation with the NPCs should give plenty of options for preferences to be established. I’d like to run the alcohol idea in the same way. As well as building new systems, I need to explore the characters own attitudes too.

From a dev standpoint I need to finish one of the main paths to make sure everything needed is in place. Then go back and re-visit the way kinkiness of various kinds is handled. Once that’s in place I can worry less about save compatibility!

Thank you!

Actually, there aren’t, and that really should be considered an omission. Not that I’d want to ever make dieting easy, it’s not!

Thank you for the encouragement too! The next update is going to be a big one, so it will be a while unfortunately.

To be honest, I didn’t expect it to work either, so it has been a learning experience for me too. It goes against what you might expect, but not having visuals helps make sure the writing can stand on its own and I think stops me falling into some VN tropes. Retrospectively I’ve also realised it also improves accessibility if you’re using a screen-reader.

That would be my experience as a DM showing through; it’s the GM’s rule-of-three in action! I’m not going to have the whole story pivot on one single interaction especially if the player isn’t sure they are ready to commit when the choice is first offered - after all, you’ve barely had time to get to know these NPCs when the first opportunity arises. The same is true (in different ways) of Steve and Reg and some other major decision points in the story. As for Sofia, she’s someone who knows what she wants (now) and where her heart lies, so why wouldn’t she?

I didn’t realise it was that unusual. It just seemed an obvious and in-character way to proceed for her. Maybe it’s the nature of VNs where you are constantly asking the player to make choices that allowing NPCs to have agency doesn’t fall out naturally.

I’m glad you are inspired! Do feel free to take whatever you need from Tramp. I’d much rather have another good game to play than be precious about what Tramp does.

Arrgh, you’ve seen through the veil of lies! Seriously, despite my best efforts, I know as a Brit I’m not going to catch all of them. And, yes, there are some sort-of easter eggs for those more familiar with the UK culture.

As a Brit, I do like having fun with words, and the title of the game is no exception. Depending on the way you progress, all the potential meanings are in-play!


I’d be lying if i said i didn’t think that word did indeed have several meanings. Then chuckled to myself thinking oh, now that was very clever. As for inspiration i think it might actully be a good way to go writing first art second. It will avoid scope creep. Another thing I’ll likely use is the way you handle weight management. It’s like it’s just realistic enough to be believable but also quick enough to keep the players attention. That is one i would’ve struggled with but not anymore.

The biggest benefit to a text description is, in some ways, also the biggest drawback: You have to make your own images in your head. Not everyone is good at that, but it’s a huge plus for those moments when you just do not agree with the design sensibilities of the artist.

Which is pretty damn frequent in these erotic VNs and games.

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I believe that is why his descriptions are both detailed and vague. Like he describes Sofia as chunky, thicker, olive skinned and dark hair. Then says beautiful. Which allows you to insert your opinion of beautiful. Even one who isn’t as good knows what they define as beautiful. But i agree with the not agreeing with the artist interpretation. Sometimes you just see things differently.


I come here, waiting for atualizacion

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