Tramp 0.15.5 2023-06-15

This is a “visual novel” without any visuals (though I’d not call it a novel!) though actually more of a life-sim style. You play as a human female, and it explores weight gain, dieting, pressures, feeding, relationships.

Major features:

  • Female protagonist
  • Slow burn weight gain/loss (gain not inevitable)
  • Adapts to the way you play your character
  • Light-hearted
  • Possible F/F and F/M romance paths
  • Break-ups and make ups
  • Veils for intimate scenes
  • A lot of eating

Minor features:

  • Near immobility
  • Some minor health concerns
  • Getting stuck
  • Tight clothing
  • Teasing
  • Feeder/feedee
  • Gluttony
  • Drunkeness

Important: It is highly recommended to start a new game with v0.15. While effort has been made to preserve compatibility back to v0.10 some necessary restructuring may lead to some save games being incompatible, leading to exceptions that cannot be ignored. In any case you will miss out on early events and achievements if you continue an old game.

Download: [Morganism, achievements, lake, swings/slides, warehouse, 220k words, 2023-05-13]
(version 0.15.5 2023-06-15 - fixes exceptions, soft locks, achievements, food menus)
Tramp v0.15 pc/linux
Tramp v0.15 mac
Note: Please ensure that your game show version 0.15.5 on the Start and About screens. If not please download the new version above.

Old versions:
Tramp v0.14 [veils, Nicola, Reg, phone Steve, Sofia bedtime, Lacy tipping, bar menu, 2022-07-01]
Tramp v0.13 [clothes shop & Alicia, sunbathing, alternate Steve paths, new LRU picker, tuning, more events, save updating, 2022-02-27]
Tramp v0.12 [new food menus, woods, play area, metric stats toggle, tuning, more dialog, 2022-01-23]
Tramp v0.11 [fix time bug, screen resizeable, debug menu, add fountain, 2021-11-15]
Tramp v0.1 [updated to fix excess debug 2021-11-04]

  • Download the .zip (Note: some antivirus false-flag renpy games)
  • Unpack the .zip with a real archive tool (eg. 7zip) and US/EU locale. Do not navigate into the zip with file explorer.
  • Run Tramp.exe

How did this happen? While I was too ill to concentrate on the technical complexities of Yaffaif and was watching YouTube a lot, I thought to mess around with Python. And, to me, the obvious thing was to learn a bit more RenPy too: create a main loop, do a few classes, link it with a bit of story. However, the characters got away from me a bit to the tune of 45,000 words (v0.1), and it became more than just a technical exercise I’d originally intended.

The game isn’t archived, so feel free to look around the source. There’s a debugger built in you can choose to enable at the start of the story for debug/cheating and so on. One thing’s for sure: I didn’t appreciate before this how hard it is to test RenPy stories. There’s support for debugging in the engine, but nothing for testing.

Tramp is a back-burner project for when I need to step back from things, so don’t epect frequent updates. I would like to do some art for it at some point.

Let me know what you think please. Meanwhile it’s back to Yaffaif and the joy of actually having unit tests that tell me when I’ve fubared something that was working.


The link doesn’t work

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Had the same oddity. Try copy-paste.

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Firefox tried to block the download, I’m assuming false-positive.


Having played through this for ~40 mins: This is looking to be a ridiculously great game, characters are relatable, gameplay loop is good, and Sofia is bae.
My only complaint is how bright it is, but that’s an artifact of how early this release is, and not a major criticism.

Looking forward to more :smiley:


there’s still some debug text even when choosing to be pure.
But im really enjoying this either way!
Comes at a really good time for me :sweat_smile:


I’d love to play it, but that’s impossible for now.
Please let us adjust the resolution. On a larger screen the window is really tiny. Resizing doesn’t work, forcing the resolution higher externally doesn’t work either.
As it is reading the text does not work with it’s tiny size, while having a majority of your screen visible in the background is incredibly distracting.
For reference: my monitor has a 2560x1440 resolution.

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Fun game, just wish there wasn’t the debug text despite having chosen the non-debug option and some more variety and choice is always welcome, though I do know the latter will come in updates. I am excited to see where the story and the game will become in the future


Definitely was greatly amused by this game. It legit floored me how long it took before I found my first “This content is unfinished” screen and finding the current cap for the Size. Loved the characters and systems, would like to see more, but I think I rather have you work on Yaiffaif more than this.

For additional thoughts, I found it funny how you can two time with both Sophia and Steve and none will ever know, and I think I like it like that.
As well as how Lacy begins to regret you getting so big and voracious, and only stops minding if you tip her. Fun stuff~.


I’ve updated the link to use https, which may fix firefox being odd about the download. Can you let me know if that helps?

Hopefully the change to https will help you too, though it may be that like every other RenPy game the zip contains an .exe and it’s an in-flight virus scan that’s troubling it?

Thank you! I’m glad you liked Sofia - she was fun to write.

That’s down to a lack of art, and at the moment any idea of what the art might look like. I’ve been leaning towards B&W. But once I get a background in place it won’t be full on white.

Those are warnings when it can’t find the backgrounds I haven’t drawn yet. I should probably comment out those lines until they are ready.

I’m glad you are! I was shooting for something positive with the story part.

At the moment this isn’t easy - I need to better understand the way RenPy uses screens and backgrounds and the interplay between this and windows text scaling. I hate that it can’t be resized at the moment. Also I don’t own any screen bigger than 1080p to test on! Out of curiosity, what do you have your “Scale and layout” set to?

Absolutley. It really does need more events, more chat options, more menu options, and more locations. Glad you found it fun though!

As it was only ever intended as a test game when I started I went for a “depth-first” approach, that’s why there’s content for the higher weights, but a lot of repetition (less breadth).

I do have some notes for a conflict between those two, but I started feeling better and went back to Yaffaif (currently undergoing a rather complex change).

I did want to explore the way other people react to the PC’s changing, their expectations, and their being no “right” size that would please everyone.


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started playing it, even without visuals holy crap is this a good game. Hope you keep working on this, man!


After playing and exploring some more I’ve come to love the dieting/fitness mechanics.
I give this little project my blessing!

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Absolutely fantastic game! Probably the only fat life sim that i found enjoyable.

But i wanted to ask where does the content end right now? I’ve hit 800 pounds and no text has changed, compared to every previous 100 mark.

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This was a blast to play through! I really enjoyed the descriptions, you did an amazing job with them. And some of the scenes were extremely steamy in all the best ways. Obviously pictures would be fun, but I enjoyed this so much. Thanks for sharing!


700+ pounds is the last weight range in the game.

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I’ve been rushing through it so far and I’m only at 130- it goes up to 700? Holy shit. Well done with v0.1.

I really look forward to seeing where else the game goes.


Haven’t finished this yet but been a fun playthrough. It’s a bit repetitive in places sure but I think with the amount of time spent on it and the intent behind the games making, it’s totally understandable. However, that doesn’t really take away from the experience for me. It is written well enough and with likeable, relatable, characters that away repetitive dialogue is not a turn off for me.

If you decide to do more with this in the future id say good luck to ya, you have a great base for something here in my opinion.

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Well done! Enjoyed it thoroughly.

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Well, you’ve done it. Looks like this may be taking over as my new most anticipated game here. I’m at day 35 currently and astounded by how much content there is for a first release. So excited to see where this project goes!