Tramp 0.15.5 2023-06-15

I’d like to repeat a comment from early in the thread: the background is bright, especially for nightime reading. Could you add a bright-on-dark mode, or else tone down the brightness in general?

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Oh right, thanks. I forgot all about that.

Ah yes, that’s right.

Just super happy to hear about progress. I’ll never ask but I’m always looking to see if there are any updates. Also i can’t break up with Sofia this firey breakup scene you say will eventually come is something I’ll never see. I can’t even say no to helping her over the weekend.


Looking forward to a new version of this masterpiece.
As about development:
Do you have any plans about using AI writing/illustrations in your game?
From my experience AI writing is good enough for creating hundreds of variations of dialogs of certain pre-developed pattern. It is easy to setup AI to produce even ready to use files that can be called by event generator and greatly improve replay-ability, while also each variant can have slightly different impact on game variables.

As for illustrations - of course it takes some time but Stable Diffusion AUTOMATIC1111+LoRa produce consistent enough results for creating character evolution stages. Backgrounds without characters - is even easier task, that probably will not take much time.

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I’d argue that AI writing wouldn’t make for good art, it’d merely add more content for the sake of having more content. I’d much rather have less interactions but have them each be of higher quality, than a large quantity of low quality interactions.


To add on a bit to that, regardless of the quality of what it puts out having a bunch of minor variations of a scene may not actually be that interesting from a gameplay perspective. By the nature of this game there’s a lot of speeding through repeat portions to get to the next new scene, and putting in a whole bunch of ‘it’s new, but not really’ scenes may not necessarily be desirable.

(And based on what I’ve seen thus far from AI writing, at least, it’d also require so much editing and proofreading to not necessarily be a more useful endeavor than just writing more.)


This. I’ve used ML models to explore ideas but at the end of the day, you cannot trust any output, those powerful enough to generate interesting stuff WILL have issues with hallucination and recursion. It’s a bit lowkey insulting imho to think those tools would produce seamless content especially when renpy scripts also have to be formatted to display properly.


I said “No” to helping her once, and her reaction ripped my heart out and showed it to me. I can scarcely walk at 800 pounds, but I’ll never refuse to help her again.


Random Question regarding the achievements.

How do you get the orgasmic delicious achievement? Been through a couple playthroughs and this is the only one I cant seem to get. Trying to get 100% achievements lol :smiley: and this one eludes me.

Any hints?

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i’d look into ways to cheat on your diet behind Joe’s back and also improve mobility at those upper weight ranges, plus plot one’s descent into gluttony, etc.


So, you have to give into your gluttony to get this achievement.

Once you have given into and accepted becoming a true glutton, while at work you will find some reading material that inspires you to give something new a try… if you do it and get off to it you’ll get the achievement.


Thanks. Seems I was messing around with Debug mode too often and messed up the event trigger.
P.S. Is there a way to move in with Reg and utilize mootube without using Debug mode and breaking the game? Just curious. If so, any hints?

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Not yet that I am aware of…

This might also be a time to apply the saying ‘Patience is a virtue’ and ‘Good things come to those who wait’.


Ahh gotcha. Good point.

This is THE best game on this site imo. Exactly what I have been looking for from a fetish gain. Specifically the relationship and social pressure stuff. I want to meet Sally, Antonio, I want more and more!!

The only thing I’d love more is one a touch more grounded. I’m happy getting as massive as we do in this game, but damn one with the same social status and pressure where people really would freak out at the tiny 90 lb girl getting 200+ drives me wild. I hope this gets more attention from the people who actually know how to make games and this subset grows


Couldn’t agree more with this being the best game on the site. Waiting with anticipation every day for the next update.

Almost wanna give the current build another go but I’ve done so more than a few times now.

Peak WG game.


So I finally got access to living with Reg (through Debug mode), and is fun to be living the High (weight) Life, but it is kinda bare-bones at the moment.

The things I would add/change are…

    • The ability to order in food, to some silly levels (like spending $100.00 on take-away as a mid-day snack)
    • Extra-large stuffing options for each meal (like the hot dogs but you can ask for extra mega-burgers, or bottles of syrup, or tubs of ice-cream, etc etc)
    • More special streams, like a donation based Mukbang, or a stuffing stream focused entirely on chugging melted ice-cream where your Gluttony level affects how much yu get in donations.
    • A larger variety of “snacks” from Reg (seems like it’s only doughnuts at the moment)
    • A wider variety of late night snacks (like you can choose from an actual drop down list and can actually start a stuffing scene, just like living with Joe)
    • The payouts for the custom streams / videos are insultingly low, I would double them at the very minimum (quadruple would be more realistic)
    • An option / special event to go back to the Chow-House, and stream yourself eating from the buffet.
    • A Bed-Breaking scene at a ludicruously high weight, which leads to replacing the bed with a high-capacity bariatric bed or something.

You can stream?? How? Is it directly tied to Reg content?

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Violating the law I see…

The whole Reg arc is very much a test and work in progress, which is slow due to brain problems. Suggestions are always welcome, in fact they help sometimes to inspire productivity.

  1. and to a lesser extent 2. - The issue with this is you would have to be pulling in a huge amount of cash per day in order to be able to afford to live. There are expenses being deducted behind the scenes, for example every meal Reg prepares, including snacks, costs money which comes out of your now shared with Reg income. Unlike the meals Joe pays for, this all costs money. So, doing this would just drain the bank and make it so you wouldn’t be able to eat larger amounts or even pay the bills.
    Plus, it’s still not sure if there should be a diminishing returns on gaining after reaching larger sizes…
  2. Mukbang stream is planned, the idea of getting donations is great, perhaps the donations could get higher the more fans you have/the more you manage to eat.
  3. and 5. Very much already planned
  4. Yes and No. At lower popularity/level of Fans it makes perfect sense that the payout isn’t that high, but yes, once you have more fans then maybe having the payout higher would make sense, considering you would have to schedule in people as there would be many requests.
  5. Yes, it’s a good idea until immobility sets in. Not sure about the streaming part though, seems like it might have to require the owners permission. Might need to think on that aspect. But eating there whiel still mobile, sure.
  6. Not a bad idea, other than a cool scene though not sure how much more it will add after that scene though.

You can’t stream, well, sort of. It’s more creating video content at this point, as well as live cam vids. Planned to not be tied to Reg, although right now it is.