Trying to remember this one WIP Weight Gain RPG

It started with the MC getting a dream that male or female is the chosen one. And has to help the Goddess of Bounty or whatever and stop this one God who is the God of Famine/Starvation. I think I might be getting two projects mixed up though.

Opening sounds like RoundBound to me. This it?;

Roundbound: Gaining for a Goddess v5.1 - Famitu update - Projects - Weight Gaming

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No not that one, that one’s further along. It’s a really good one though

That sounds like Oppai Island:

Yeah that’s the one, forgot it’s name and was thinking maybe I confused/combined it with something else.

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Okay I got another one that I just remembered it involved this one lady teaming up with a demon and some other lady. You awaken to a feeder’s dungeon. You save the game by talking to this one lady who shows up everywhere. There was a segment involving bee girls.

should be this one

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Yes that is exactly it thank you.

I’m sorry if I’m dumb, but is this the end?

No which one is that?

Oh hey, thats my game lol. I havent been on here in a bit. That’s a side area that isn’t fully done yet. Something will be added there later.

I’m still working on it. It’s been years in development, since progress is SUPER slow. But I’ve never given up on it.