Very short, free Visual Novel turn-based RPG! My Dear Fallen Angel -GRID:Farms- PLUS

Hello everyone!

Thought I’d finally make an account after lurking for so long and becoming inspired by the numerous, great games showcased on this forum! (ex Project F.A.T.)

Originally I had the idea to make a short resource gathering game, but I decided to squeeze some weight gain content in and make it its own release.

It features a very simple resource gathering mechanic and buyable upgrades to make numbers go bigger faster.

Includes a very short story, and the weight gain mechanic is found after the first major story event.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!

Average Playtime: ~30min-1hr

My Dear Fallen Angel -GRID: Farms- PLUS by Nemtropy (


This game felt like a fever dream, but i enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Managed to play this bad boy to the end and decided I’d give my thoughts about what worked and what didn’t! First up the lack of a tutorial for combat and farming (more so farming) it left me very bewildered for the first couple minutes of play time leaving me somewhat lost on what to do, tho I did manage to figure out the general gameplay loop of getting apples then buying upgrades at the shop. after figuring this out I then found myself maxing literally all the regular shop upgrades in like three in game days I bring this up because I actually almost turned off the game here pretty soon after wondering if I glitched it out or if anything was supposed to happen the vague dialogue didn’t help either. Luckily I noticed how new events showed up on the farm each day and managed to last long enough for the first Barb combat section. after this the fast balancing rears it’s face again seeing as I was able to get all the rituals shop items immediately leading me to max out weights pretty fast to the point were I was just trying to skip as many days as I could because there was no in-between dialogue anymore. combat was actually really nice in change in pace it was refreshing from the constant clicking loop I went through only thing I would have changed about it is explaining that resting is like a cleanse for Debuffs I say this because I used it once thought it did nothing then got stuck in like a 10 min fight with the Giant monster boys on the farm. story wise I really enjoyed what you were trying to go for! this like weird doki doki/time loop vibe the hidden hints on each character status, making me want to say it was probably the strongest point of the game at least in terms of keeping me playing to see where it was all going, but it was very scattered weirdly worded and a bit hard to follow for the most part I just barley managed to pull together what I think was happening. With all that said I think this game and any future ones have great potential all this really needs is a bit of ironing out and we’re good to go!(Ps liked the little survey thing at the end and Barb Shaman was my fav best girl for sure!)


Just done playing (I think? I made the page ritual but that didn’t do anything, so I figured that was the end of the content for now) and I think this is a very unique and cool game! Like SlothBear said, the DDLC/time loop vibe is great (makes me wonder if time is gonna loop again but with both characters fatter now), and to me the main problem was the pacing.

I don’t mind being able to buy every upgrade very soon and maxing out quick, I think it’s fine especially since the gameplay loop can get quite repetitive so requiring the player to farm more would make the game frustrating, but there was also a moment where I didn’t know what to do, as I had bought every upgrade and nothing really happened.
The second pacing issue comes with characters level. You get any of the two characters to their 2nd stage at level 5, then level 15… then level 99. I would recommend making more stages (either by making the growth slower or by making them bigger, or both) and maybe making it 5/15/25/50/75/99? I don’t know how bothersome that’ll be to implement though, so maybe it’s not worth it, but imo this’ll help the lategame feel more rewarding. Also maybe an option to give food more than five times at once, because at some point it gets repetitive clicking on all the options several times when leveling up your characters?

Anyways, I’m really interested in this project, and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!


Haha thank you for playing! I thought I’d go for a mish-mash of ideas in order to keep the game interesting.

Thank you very much for this write-up! I must admit that your experience was definitely what I was aiming for in term of designing this game. Definitely going to focus on more mid-game content during future games! Hopefully, that will make the chaotic theme of ideas easier to keep up with.

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Thanks for checking it out! I went for a fast pay off approach, though I can tell that I need to work on the mid-game in order keep players engaged. The ‘Powered Coatl Plume’ ritual item was my lazy fix for that, haha. There are 3 endings in total, of which 1 is only possible in Hard Mode. Maxing out lvls locks players into a specific ending though.

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Very unique story and a fresh gameplay mechanic. I like the isekai feel and mystery of it all. I think it also gives you a lot of creative freedom for a CYOA style with multiple endings!

The pacing for upgrades and leveling up appears almost logrithmic as mentioned above, but not bad to help get through the story faster. One thing you might want to check for balancing purposes is the “Reveal” cards. Since they reveal all the cards every time, it is very easy to exploit the poor harvest and not have to worry about hitting any bad cards and losing HP. I was able to max out everything in a matter of days and then you just click every card without fear. And if I had a nickel for every time the “finish harvest” button on the HUD disappeared, and I had to continue twice before it did, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice. Right? But seriously, not a game breaking bug in the slightest, just wanted to let you know; I believe it was between days 5-15.

The battle mechanic is pretty bare bones for now and doesn’t require any strategy, but it will be a good addition as you build out the game. I understand this is more of a VN, so no real need to build a robust combat system. But you still want it to be somewhat fun and interactive.

Overall, I’m excited to see the game progress! And I took the survey!

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If you don’t mind, could you tell me what the endings are and how to reach them? I think I’m kinda stuck lol.

Also, just a suggestion, but maybe there could be a button to talk to your party members? And depending on the latest events, their weight stage etc they could have different pools of responses. I think this would do a great job fleshing them out

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yes of course, based on replies, I left a dev note on the game’s itch/.io page to explain endings to those who are interested in seeing the requirements.
edit: also thank you for the feedback! I like the idea!

Amazing game! Never played anything like it!
Can’t wait for it to finish one day! :slight_smile:
For those who might be stuck there’s on an item…

The Poor Harvest Goggles. Only harvest good stuff in the beginning buying upgrades. OP easy.

And if you’re wondering if you beat the game or not…

You will know when you beat or lost the game.
There will be no question. It’s a finished unfinished game with an ending.


I’m sorry, it may seem dumb but… how do I get to the ending???

I’ve been playing without any new stuff happening for a while now, and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I’ve made at least one of each ritual and have bought every item from the market, but it still says I’ve completed only 17/19 rituals. I have the page of world break, but it does nothing…

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By that point you can transition to just passing days to my knowledge. You will eventually hit a final boss battle.

The ending will also depend on if you’ve max leveled or not and/or the difficulty you’re playing on. There are three total endings.The world breaker page is only needed on hard mode for an ending. It also requires another item (great shaman staff) and not leveling to max.


Hello everyone! Time for a weekly dev post!
This past week:

  1. Today, I updated the itch/.io page with a new version of the game.
    It’s a small update that introduces a new Picture Gallery feature.
    There are two new bugs linked with the gallery, but they should not affect gameplay.
    You can find more info on the gallery feature and these bugs on the developer post on itch/.io!
  2. Recently, I started a twitter account ( that works as a dev diary.
    I will only talk about game development on this account!
    If you want to know how development of My Dear Fallen Angel II is going, I post daily about it on there!
  3. Lastly, the survey link found within the game only allows for 25 responses so I have made a copy of the survey on another website (My Dear Fallen Angel - GRID: Farm PLUS v1)
    Once My Dear Fallen Angel II releases, the original game’s survey link will be updated with one that allows for more responses!
    Thank you for reading and checking out my games!
    edit: forgot to add topic regarding surveys

its quite the fun game

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Hi fellow cultured people! Weekly developer recap post!
This past week:

  1. Some bugs were found in the original My Dear Fallen Angel! These will be addressed with a dev post on and fixed with update that releases alongside the sequel
  2. My Dear Fallen Angel II’s progress is going smoothly! I’m now aiming for a Nov 1 release date, but it may come out sooner if bug-testing goes well!
  3. Lastly, thank you to everyone who’s filled out the surveys! Please keep those responses coming! Apparently, the original survey still accepts responses, so you can still use the link found within the game. I will also be looking at the copied survey posted in my last dev post above!

Thank you for reading and checking out my games!
For daily game dev updates, check me out on twitter! (link in my previous post)


Happy Halloween, everyone! Spooky, weekly devpost time!

  1. A few bugs found in the original My Dear Fallen Angel have been fixed! Update your game, if you dare!
  2. Sequel has been delayed, if bug-testing goes smoothly, expect an early morning Saturday release, this week!

That’s all for now! Thank you for your time!
Check me out on twitter for daily updates on MYDFA II’s development!


Neat! Take all the time you need for your next project

Just a question, how much weight gain will be in the sequel compared to the first game?

The plan is similar to the first game, so 4 stages per female character based on leveling up, at least for most of them. At least 14 characters that can gain weight total, with 8 being playable. Let me know if that answered your question!

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Hello, everyone! Some quick news!

I’m pushing back the sequel’s release 1 more day in order to polish a few things! (so Sunday morning!)

See you all soon enough! Thank you for reading!