Vial of Infinity [A Weight Gain/Inflation RPG]

A truly excellent game. If Hoodah and Foxley are like Romero and Carmack, then you’re akin to Scott Benson or Dean Dodrill. (probably the latter since like him, unless I’m mistaken this project was all you).

Okay, in case anyone hasn’t mapped out the teleporter maze, I at least figured out how to get the last team member.
Starting from first entering the room, it’s:
UP, RIGHT, UP, fight the bodyguard enemy then go UP again.


who hurt you map designer, who hurt you?

How does devour work how do i use it?

Its been a while since I’ve played but I’m pretty sure it’s just like any other attack in battle. You chose an enemy and use it. Its got some randomness to if it works or not. I think you can up the chances of it working if your character is less full and the enemy is closer to defeat? I think you can check the factors in the character status screen if you wana know for sure.

I gotta say, you’ve really come a far way from Feed A Furry, Eggo! I certainly can’t wait to see how this comes out!!

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few suggestions for additions to the game when it gets a full release.
1:some kind of in game map to the maze part, the map designer was definitely really angry at someone when he made this section.
2:a renewable source of enemies and/or items, maybe an arena type area you can enter for a random encounter scaled to your party level.
3:there is no 3 this is all i have to say.

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so I follow you in the FA and noticed that you don’t post anymore and thats kind of worries me. are you alive and well?

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Yeah, he just takes a while to update

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Do they expand all over when attacked also could you add the sheriff of Nottingham and little john?

I think only original characters are being used for this. Also, expansion is different for each character. It mostly focuses on bellies, though.

Well, the creator does have a thing for inflation, especially bellies. I’m not complaining, personally.


For anyone curious about the maze at the end, I made a crude map of it in excel. Also, small brag but I beat the final boss with only the starting two members (didn’t find the fox until after the maze and don’t know about the dino in the thumbnail)


So, I hit Enter when it says “Hit Start”, go to the main menu, and then can’t do anything. I hit enter to select something, but nothing happens.

the attack of the giant interns. or the protagonists are tiny.

It reminds me of the battle screen in Lufia. That old RPG I remember playing.

this game male only?

Yes, indeed, it is

Character limit

I’ve never made a thread here on the new forum, are you able to add a male tag to the thread? If so, I’d recommend it.