Visual Novel/Renpy games

Hi Everyone,

Just thought i’d open a thread asking what everyone’s favourite weight gain vns are that are still going strong?

Apart from this website i don’t really know where else to look so if anyone has any suggestions that’d be amazing!


Worshippers of the Gain seems to still be doing well.


Fill Me Up is probably the best VN/Ren’py game that’s still in development (in my opinion). Other than that, you’re probably best off looking in the “ren’py” category - there are plenty of life sim-esque VNs there. I don’t personally enjoy that type of game much, but there are plenty of options to choose from if that’s your thing.

If you’re looking for VNs that are no longer being developed, there are some good ones out there as well. Growth Academy is a pretty fun one with lots of content (just looked and it seems like this is still being developed, my mistake); just make sure you romance the chubby girl to get to the weight gain content.

If you don’t mind furry stuff, then Waist of Space and Expanding Horizons/The Interview I and II are great. There are 4 total games, and there’s plenty of content throughout. Fair warning, though - if you decide to check these out then I recommend starting with Waist of Space, since the others aren’t so explicitly focused on weight gain. Expanding Horizons focuses mostly on inflation, and the WG content in Interview I/II is fairly well hidden. If you enjoy Waist of Space and want more, then I’d recommend checking out the other games.


The Weighting Game is my favourite one, a kinda realistic dating sim where you develop a feeder/feedee relationship

Feed my Affection is another good one, where move to a town full of larger people…

Queendom of Corpula is great too, you find yourself having to feed a pretty hungry Queen

Fattening Career is an interesting one in relatively early development too


and also there’s Soft Fantasies by Ziul Walls which is mainly a Male furry WG/MG VN if your interested in that

Thanks for the suggestions all! It’s appreciated!