Weight Gain Virus for The sims 4

Hey everyone, so I kind of got this inspiration from the sims 3 Gro-Vrius mod. Now some people may find this mod to be better or worse depending on their tastes, I made this mod as good as I could given the fact that gro-virus was a plugin for a pre-existing mod. Now onto the mod…

How it works: The virus is called “The Gain”. The way this mod is set up is like this, whichever sim gets the virus which will be a buff that gives your sim the emotion “Fine”, this virus lasts for about 3 days and throughout the span of about 3 days any sim with the virus will reach max weight, although of course you can watch them grow to their max. If your sim has the virus then them simply getting close to another sim will spread the virus to the other sim. If you put the virus in game, chances are you are going to make just about the entire world fat eventually, so I would watch out. Keep in mind, you might not see changes within the first hours of your sim having the virus, this is because the virus works a little slower, but quick enough to balloon any sim in a few days.

How to activate the virus: Currently there are 3 working ways to add the virus into your current game, you will find that there is now a social event that has appeared, once you activate this social event you will need to select your sim as the recipient, and once the event starts all you need to do is eat some sort of food (of any variety), once you have eaten and get the gold for the event, you can end the event and your sim will have the virus. OR you can use the cheat trait, if you give a sim this trait than any sim that they interact with will get the virus regardless of if they have the virus. OR You can use the new virus lot trait, which gives any sim who enters that lot the virus.

Technical: Now this is going to be a bonus for a lot of you out there, this mod does work with Roburky and any other mod that changes or increases how big a sim can get, so be warned you may get some massive sims. Your sim can get the virus multiple times. There are not currently any known mod conflicts

Download: The Gain - Google Drive

New: Version that just affects females: Female Virus - Google Drive

WARNING: Due to the crappy way sims 4’s physique change works, sometimes to see any visual changes you need to click save.

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This mod will be posted nowhere other than weightgaming, there is nowhere else it belongs


Also, depending on if it’s requested, I can release different versions at different speeds.

I am not sure how much work this would take, but maybe you could add a slider or some different options within the mod to toggle between depending on a person’s preferences?

You mean like how fast they gain weight?

I’m enjoying this mod so far, you said it works with other fattening mods like roburky’s what mods are you using to get your sims as fat as possible? I’m using roburk’s mod myself I was hoping for more mods to help get my sims as fat as possible.

otherwise keep up the great work

I actually just use roburky, if you use roburky’s higher weight settings then sims will get to be around 3 times the size of the base game limit, any further and the sims start to look strange. But any expanded physique range mod will work.

Played around with the mod for a bit, and I really like it. I like how it’s slow and gradual. Although on the 3rd day do wish the sim would balloon to the maximum weight instead of just having to get the virus again to gain more. Or just have the virus last longer or be indefinite.

I am dedicated to making everyone able to enjoy this mod, so I made you a special copy with an increased virus duration. I’m just cool like that



Wow didn’t expect that. You’re awesome man I’ll definitely try it out!

Happy to be of service!

It’s nice to see something mirroring the fat virus mods for Sims 3; does it tie into the existing game systems for infectious disease (eg; there’s some things like flu that Sims can get)?

No, this is completely custom made so it runs all by itself.

I added this to the post but here is an edit that only gives the virus to women: Female Virus - Google Drive

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Yeah. I also noticed you added a separate version for female only, so maybe you could also find a way to implement selecting the gender(s) that are infected? Like I said before, I have no idea how hard it would be to implement something like that, so it’s up to you to decide any potential “flavors” you could add to your mod.

It would be 10x harder for me to do that than it would be for me to make 2 separate versions for each gender. Sadly.

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Could you make a version that only affects men, since a women-only version exists?

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This. Is. A. GOD-SEND!!! I LOVE IT!!! :heart_eyes:

So far, I’ve only tried it via The Gain Cheat trait. I created a M/M couple, in which one had that trait and was a Foodie, making him “Patient 0”. His partner has a Ravenous ( :wink:) appetite, is a Glutton and a Comfort Eater ( :wink: ). Needless to say, the Sim with the Gain trait began to grow almost from Day 1, as well as infecting his partner. By Day 2-3, the partner began to succumb to the effect of being around him all the time. And they also passed the virus on to the neighbor who came for the Welcome Wagon and an innocent passerby.

The partner of Patient 0 got fatter but the moodlet disappeared after Day 3 when he went to work in the morning. But, then when he got home, he was inevitably reinfected by his partner. Mwahahahaha!!!

I love this concept so far, and I find it to be pretty effective. I couldn’t create a better mod myself (mainly because I’m not a modder, hehe). Maybe I’ll try the Social Event path next! :clap: :clap: :clap:

I know you’ve created a female-only version. I’m looking forward to a male-only version if that’s something you’re planning to work on. Maybe creating a version of the mod which allows the player to toggle Females and Males on/off separately?

EDIT: My bad, I didn’t read the most recent comments which addressed the male-only version and toggling genders :man_facepalming:

Well I was planning on creating a male only version, but PC broke and I lost all my mod progress, doesn’t mean I won’t still do it, but I am sort of toying with different ideas

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I’ve created new saves since installing this mod, ones which were intended to be played as non-kinky. But then my Sim randomly encounters an NPC who’s got The Gain and it still spreads without me explicitly putting it in, lol. I guess it’s just a happy accident… :man_shrugging: :slightly_smiling_face:

Doesn’t bother me one bit!

Can I do a translation into Spanish? Well, I already did it, but do you give me permission to upload it? xP