What do you guys think of IRL weight gain for your partner?

I’ve been thinking about this recently, and while I love the fantasy of my partner gaining weight and watching her body go from slim to chubby, I’m not sure how I’d feel about it if it actually happened. I have no problem dating someone who is ALREADY large, and seeing their old photos from back when they were skinny fascinates me, but I fear that I would feel guilty if my (potential) partner lost their figure whilst in my company.

Sorry if this whole thing is confusing, I just needed a place to get this thought out in the open


Huh. Yeah, I probably wouldn’t either. Corrupting actual humans kind of takes this into some territory of vague abuse, and probably shouldn’t be done.


Yeah, I definitely would NEVER try and make someone gain weight without consent, but even if I told them my interest in weight gain, and they were 100% on board and excited, I’m not sure if it would sit well with me.

Also with weight gain, it’s not like with other fetishes such as BDSM, where you can simply jump back and forth between a “normal” life and a “private” life. Weight doesn’t just come off with a turn of a key, it’s a complete body and lifestyle change, and going back can take years of diet and exercise.


i would absolutely be against non-consensual stuff. its only if my partner is 100% on board and even then it wouldn’t be right to take it too far.


ABSOLUTELY! I would LOVE a fatty to embrace irl! Of course it’s not necessary, it’s their character that’s important, and they don’t HAVE to fatten up, but I’d love it if they were willing… to chub up a little, at least. ^^

…How’d non-consensual come up? OP didn’t even allude to that.


I don’t really know, I guess conversations just swing that way sometimes 🤷🏼

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I’d love it, but only if she wanted to, and enjoyed it.

And she was planning to, anyway…

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If my partner would want to gain weight, I’d also make sure to have workout sessions with them, try to find the happy medium between a fit yet fat body.

There would also have to be a large variety of different foods that mostly doesn’t consist of trashy fast food and sugary snacks, the actual weight gain has to be from eating (lots) of decent home cooked food.

This is of course only if they’d have any sort of interest in gaining weight, and not just to please my fetish, since it’s their body they’re changing!


I recall having a discussion on an ‘undisclosed discord server’ where a point was brought up on how body weight alone is probably less of an overall health indicator in comparison to actual health-beneficial habits, such as healthy eating. Long story short, most agreed that someone who is quite hefty (excluding extreme weights), but still exercises regularly, can still be generally healthier than someone who is at the ‘normal’ body weight but never exercises at all.

With that in mind, I wouldn’t mind in the slightest if my partner really wanted to bulk up, and as long as they understand that they’ll have to take their exercise and healthy eating regiment seriously at the same time then I’d say they should absolutely go for it!

Besides, as someone who generally falls under an asexual lifestyle, if I did fall in love with someone, I can assure you that their appearance - let alone their weight - was likely at the very bottom of my list of reasons as to why I fell for them in the first place.


My partner knows about my fetish. She wasn’t sure about it at first as she is already on the bigger side and has had body image issues in the past. But I assured her that my fetish had nothing to do with how I felt about her and that I loved her for who she is, and almost 3 years later we are both very happy together :grin:


I think this is the only thing wrong with this fetish and actually makes it quite sinister in a way. It’s a constant guilt trip for me because it’s like the thing that your girlfriend hates the most about herself is the bit you like the most and if she’s not fat and you want her fatter, it’s like you’re giving yourself reasons not to like her. Even if some of you guys know girls who want to get fatter ,you know for a fact they’re gonna regret it one day.

I’d never ever intentionally make my girlfriend put on weight and the mere idea of it makes me think I’m doing it subconsciously, it’s horrible. I think the best way to go is to get a girl who was fat anyway, I wouldn’t actually be able to date a skinny girl like you are because of that. Not because I’m not attracted to any skinny girls, just because it’d be too gruelling if she put on weight whilst being with me if that makes sense. It really unsettles me.


you know for a fact they’re gonna regret it one day.

That’s a bit of an assumption on multiple levels, one that she’s gonna regret it… but mostly, that we’d know for a FACT that she would, you’re assuming that WE’LL assume. XD

Look, mate, if you find a partner who is already into what you’re into when you meet them, more power to you. If they wanted to gain weight BEFORE you put the thought in their mind, then more power to both of you.

I, personally, find the idea of wanting/asking a real person (not a fictional, idealized person) to physically change themselves and/or adopt and reflect your desires… Well, morally questionable, at best.

If they agree to a suggestion, under no duress and in the belief that you’ll love them, regardless of their choice, and that they understand the full ramifications of what they’re agreeing to in the first place… Then I certainly can’t hold that against anyone.

Regarding your “assumption” quibbling: It IS more likely than not one would end up regretting this decision if taken too far. Joints ache with more weight, blood doesn’t circulate as well, breathing becomes harder, movement becomes slower, clothes become tighter, sweating comes easier, bathing becomes harder… There’s a lot of downsides, believe it or not. There’ll be a lot of times they won’t really like what’s happened to them. This really isn’t something you just casually ask somebody to do. This isn’t the same thing as slipping on a costume, or using special lube, or something. This is a genuine lifestyle change.


Alright sorry, jeez. Incase you couldn’t tell from the “XD”, It was partly in jest, relax. It’s a serious subject I know, but I’m just trying to keep the mood light. This is a fetish forum afterall, it was just a bit of levity.

I’ll add… That if my partner was willing to gain, and especially if they wanted it as well, I’d happily gain alongside them, we’d be in it together after all… If we DO encounter some health problems(assuming we GO that far, a limit was never stated, but it was never denied either), we’ll deal with them together, side by side.

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I’m confident that nobody on this planet would die to be fat. but not even to the point of death, any amount of weight reduces quality of life not physically but also mentally and if someone actually realised they were ill because of their weight which was a result of some sexual peccadillo, I couldn’t imagine how pathetic that’d make you feel.

I see stuff just on my actual facebook all the time “woman who tried to be fattest woman in the world now regrets it”, because of course you’re going to regret killing yourself. It’s the irony of this fetish, the thing that might make your life more worth living (which is why you’d do anything), is something that simultaneously shortens your life which is going to fuck with anyone when they realise that they’ve been willingly shortening their lifespan.

People might tell you they’re happy to gain weight but as soon as they realise the actual dangerous side effects I can guarantee they’ll regret it deep down meanwhile it’s us perverts egging them on lol.

Jesus man… LIke I said, there COULD BE A LIMIT! Doesn’t have to go all the way into obesity, they can get just plain chubby.

As for dying to be fat… There’s a subreddit, literally with that title. And, well, assuming all the posts there are made seriously…
(Reddit’s under maintenance right now, I’ll link the subreddit once the servers are back up)



I feel like you’re either super pessimistic, or intentionally being insulting.

Weight gain doesn’t have to go to any extreme, like Turbo said. Plenty of women whom are into it, set a limit, or a goal and stay there. Or around it. Plenty whom are genetically pre-disposed to some weight gain play a fantasy, or just live with it. Eat right, plenty of exercise, sometimes you’re just fat.

I mean, by all means, let’s talk about the realities of it. But I don’t think this is healthy discourse to talk about “you might regret it!”.


I’m not being insulting at all, if I am then isn’t that a bit of an eye opener for you? Gaining weight intentionally is such a conflict of interests, if you want to gain weight, after you get what you want, you’re shortening your life.

It genuinely disturbs me when people sites like this encourage actual people, and donate to people, who are already like 500 pounds to get fatter so I suppose I fall into the pessimistic bit because I’m not trying to be edgy, it freaks me out and is something I have a problem with liking fat girls myself and I think anyone without this fetish would see exactly where I’m coming from.

About setting a limit and just being a bit fat, that still carries the emotional baggage I’ve discussed. At some point people are going to regret purposefully wrecking their own body, however, that’s fine for people to do on their own accord. But when a romantic interest encourages weight gain, or people on the internet send them money to be fatter, that’s actually a bit sickening and I don’t think it’s a decision 2 people can make because there’s such a bias as it’s like you might think your partner might leave you/love you less if you don’t gain weight etc. Then it doesn’t work out, then what? Not only are you heartbroken you’re also fat and hate yourself because you only wanted to get fat because your boyfriend liked it - that’s a nasty breakup and there’s where the emotional side comes in.

This is why I’ll never tell a partner I’m specifically into fat girls because I’d feel so guilty if they got fat “for me”