What Mobile WG/Inflation Games Are Out There

While bored in class, playing a very crummy made WG mobile game, I thought, what’s a list I can find alot of these at. With no clue I wanted to make one.

So for you mobile on the go gaining and ballooning. Whats a mobile game you can play in app or browser you know of? I mostly just wanna collect some for later and easy enjoyment.

Here are my shameless advertisements (all my games are WG/Inflation and playable in mobile browser)


I myself have experience with My Talking Angela and Tom (depending on your preferences).

The Sequels removed these features, but the first games are just too popular to be scrapped (still receiving updates today).

I already made a topic here discussing “making a copy-cat clone with a lot more freedom in mind”, but that’s up to the community.

My Talking Angela - Apps on Google Play

My Talking Tom - Apps on Google Play