What Mobile WG/Inflation Games Are Out There

While bored in class, playing a very crummy made WG mobile game, I thought, what’s a list I can find alot of these at. With no clue I wanted to make one.

So for you mobile on the go gaining and ballooning. Whats a mobile game you can play in app or browser you know of? I mostly just wanna collect some for later and easy enjoyment.

Here are my shameless advertisements (all my games are WG/Inflation and playable in mobile browser)


I myself have experience with My Talking Angela and Tom (depending on your preferences).

The Sequels removed these features, but the first games are just too popular to be scrapped (still receiving updates today).

I already made a topic here discussing “making a copy-cat clone with a lot more freedom in mind”, but that’s up to the community.

links removed because games removed all of the aforementioned features

These games have wg/inflation?

See this is a good question. I’m glad I found this thread. All the “WG” games I find on mobile are basically weight loss games where the character jogs or something. These games are much more my speed!


These games used to have them, but they got removed from newer versions for some reason…

I haven’t tried it myself, but I’m told that my game The Weighting Game will run on Android devices under joiplay.

And there will almost certainly be a native Android version of the game once it’s finished.

Well in my experience it’s not really fun because you have a max limit of weight you can reach but you can’t level up something to maximize the weight limit I don’t see the fun in them because there’s not really a reason to keep playing them after a few days there’s one exception on one app game that allows you to get as fat as possible but there’s no customization or things you can unlock in the game which makes the game suffer greatly