[WIP] Zenn's Quest for Candy and Car

Hello everyone,

I have been developing a sequel to my last game The Weight of Your Crimes.

After creating the entirety of the last game in only two weeks for the game jam, I wanted to see if I could make a simple Halloween themed platformer game within a month… Obviously that didn’t pan out.
Turns out getting a full time job, learning a new game engine, feature creep, and SEVERLY underestimating workloads will add some extra time to a project.

Half a year of development later, and sadly it’s still not finished, but hopefully I will be able to get it done within the next month or six two.

Still need to make some UI’s, implement a few remaining features, iron out a couple bugs, actually add sound and music this time. Stuff like that.


A couple months after our Heroine’s destructive jailbreak (and somehow convincing the court that it was an accident), Zenn and Olivia are now relaxing at home on a late Halloween night. While reminiscing about their great escape, Zenn realizes she never got their car back from the impound lot! Now, being kicked out of the house, she must find a way to pay off the immense storage fees. Luckily, there is a neighborhood full of people willing to help you along your quest (for the right amount of candy~).

The game will be a 3D “Casual Collect-a-thon”, meaning it’s more about exploring the town and interacting with it’s inhabitants than difficult platforming.
While traveling around, you will be collecting candy and completing quests for your neighbors with the ultimate goal of getting your car back.
Throughout the game you can unlock costumes for Zenn that will be necessary to progress certain quests, or get out of reach items.
The game will have multiple endings based on your performance.



its going to be nice to play this sequel when it comes out in halloween

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