Witch of Gluttony

Where do I need to go after I got a call from Sloth?

If it’s the first time you’ve talked with her, head to the second floor of the Inn and go to the top left

If it’s the second time, go back to the residential area.

Hello @BuiltToBlast , up until recently I was a Professional Lurker on this site and your game absolutely sucked me in. :heart: I want to do fanart of the main group very badly! My favorite type of kink content is one with a fully fleshed out world with a lot of lore so your game really appeals to me a lot. Thanks again and good luck with the rest of it!


One of these is not like the others:



Man I just caaaaaan’t tell. /s
New sprite stuff is always fun!

Hey. Psst.


You didn’t see nothin, capiche?

Tell anyone and the Goblins will take your kneecaps

*Goes back to work


skelly fight is so hard took me 2 days to do that fight
needs some balancing done

question dose bella and noss get together there story together makes me ship them if that’s fine.

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They’d probably kill each other if they actually got together heh.

that is very, very true :rofl:

Work work.

Here. Have an Ika.


hello…i have a cat problem…where is the cat that is supposed to be at the bar?

The cat in the bar isn’t related to Rose’s Cat Quest.

It’s just a little easter egg.

i thought it was…ok then there’s a cat that is really good at hiding