Witch of Gluttony

hey i enjoy mcdonalds too you dont have to word it like that

Sorry, it was rude to insult chicken nuggets by comparing them to AI-generated images.

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if it’s okay to be creatively bankrupt and lazy.

These are amateur projects at their heart. While you should try your best, it is fine to let your hair done and not be pressured in enjoying your hobby. Games are hard to make, especially solo, so there’s no real fault in having to use a handicap or two. If I start arguing they should put 100% of their pwn talent into their projects, I would deny them the ability to use things like plugins, royalty-free assets, assistants, or even RPGMaker in its own right.

It’s okay to be lazy and not press your talent forward all the time when you are indulging in your hobby. Maybe I won’t personally enjoy the result, and money can change a hell of a lot of on my perspective of things, but I can’t say a person using whatever tool necessary to create their passion is that bad.

Also, you sort of missed the

Specially if used just as a helping tool not an outright substitute :stuck_out_tongue:

part. Which doesn’t help your stance on this…


Again, like I said on my post, as long as you don’t fully replace it with your own, but use it as a stepping stone for a final better result, it is golden. Why not brainstorm ideas while using something akin to ChatGPT? Just don’t copy paste its output, use it to improve and develop your ideas faster than by banging your head against a sheet of white paper.
This applies too to image generating AIs. The reason we are adapting them already in the professional gaming industry is because they just… work, you can do better AND faster by using them.

@wartortle0 Thanks! But to be honest, once you kind of know how this things work, and have a decent enough model… Its about having a powerful GPU that can spit images fast, and do iterations and changes over the ones you like most, it isn’t crazy hard.

But going back to what REALLY matters… @BuiltToBlast , WHEN will we be able to suplex a train?



… It’s just a joke, it ain’t that deep.


No Suplexes, to dangerous for expecting mothers and trains are too fast for the cast to catch up to. Best I can give you is Noss giving a bike a Full Nelson.


It can hit people close. To me specially since it touches veeeeery close to my main form of income!

The imagery of this actually made lol

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Where can I find the discord server?

I have no idea where I need to get the “wig” from and the materials for the axe. Am I missing something?

Axe Sewer Quest
Hair Portal Quest

I had no idea there was a portal anywhere I looked everywhere for something. Hint as to where that might be? Thank you tho.

Keep heading south on the path in the western part of town

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why can’t i save in the candy land place. The game keeps crashing on this point and its getting pretty annoying having to start back to skip the dialogue again only for it to happen again.

Saves are disabled to stop character and event errors that can happen while saving in that area.

Is it a full crash or does an error message pop up?

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freezing i meant not really crashing

Do you have a link to download via mediafire or another alternative that is not mega?

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Update Teaser
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For real, these are major spoilers
Keep digging for spoilers
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A rock

The Rock

Guess what game I’m playing.


I hope you only ever get 999 korok seeds.


Oh man, that’s some tasteful content right there!

So how many torture artifacts beyond human comprehension have you made for kologs?