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I can’t find a game that i have seen on this site, it’s about a girl that must manage a kind of “bar” where the people go to stuff other girl (member of the staff). Someone remember it?

Is this it?

This list is so great :smile:
Good job!

Thanks for having this. Added Project Gaia to the board!


Can we start tagging these as complete? I think that would be helpful


That’s probably a good idea! Probably just adding “Complete” to the end of the line would work.

;-; Hey… We’re still maintaining Stardew Fatty ;-;


We could probably update or add that Noone is/has worked on Fatty Text Adventure, and there is a working version again linked through it’s page here on WG.


I’d love it if the OP could be updated with more information about perspective. Like, some games are games about the player gaining, and some games are about the npc’s gaining, and there doesn’t seem to be a tag/term/word for this difference.

Feels like there should be, no idea what word that word should be, but this might be a nice place to debute it.


Feels like there should be, no idea what word that word should be, but this might be a nice place to debute it."

I think its Voyeurism as the term for “enjoying through watching others,” so we could use Voyeur as the tag?

I don’t think voyeur would work, as it implies a fetish for spying.

Also like, I’m referring to the difference between say “tramp” and “a piece of cake” constrasted with the “weighting game” or “a whole lot to love” or “thicker treat”.

The weight gain of npc’s isn’t really voyeuristic.


Perhaps Feedee to refer to games about gaining yourself and Feeder to refer to games about encouraging NPCs to gain?


Would this count? An RPG with Bellies in it by Sinful Lapis

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it lacks any fetish or even sexual content, the only hints you would have that its a fetish game if you didnt have to go through the itch.io page to download is if you:

  • looked into the image folders for things that dont appear ingame
  • read descriptions for would be game systems that dont really exist,
  • messed with a tile interactable that pretty much just says “this would be fetish content but i didnt write it”

normally it would be “alright cool so its a alpha”, but the game has seemingly been abandoned by its creator with no devlogs or updates in almost a year.

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Would it be okay to add SolitaryScribbles’ Chub Chomp Chill to the list of games?


Any game that fits the theme of the site is just fine to be on the list. There is nothing that explicitly states you can’t have other things on the list, but I would say users expect fetishes in line with the sites theme to be there.

Things don’t have to have weight gain but general fetish stuff like, weight gain, stuffing, inflation, vore, expansion and all the related main and sub things that those fetishes correspond to. You can check what is already on the list and if the game you want to add features similar fetishes as stuff already on the list, that would give you a good idea if it is “safe” on the list.

Okay. It mainly has weight gain and stuffing.

that game is fine since it looks like it might be lots odf fun once it’s out of demo

This should definitely fit here:

includes weight gain elements (sry about last time)


I’d recommend resetting your browser initially, maybe afterwards if that doesn’t work download the game. IF that also doesn’t work, you may have a problem with your computer, in which case I’d recommend resetting it, if it’s still buggy, you might want to have that checked out.