Does Anyone Want to Help Make a Rimworld Mod?

Hello! I’m working on a Rimworld mod (I'm Working on a Rimworld Mod).

But alas, I’m a programmer and not an artist, so I’m having trouble making assets. All I really need is some body sprites based on the original Rimworld body types (only, well, fatter), but if you like Rimworld and want to be more involved that’s fine too.

To be clear, I’m looking for someone to voluntarily donate their time (sorry, I can’t even offer exposure bucks, unless crediting you in the mod counts), so my expectations are low. If someone wants to throw some sprites my way to incorporate into the mod I’ll take anything I can get.

These are the Rimworld naked female body type sprites:

As you can see there’s one for the front, back and side view of the pawn (the other side is generated by mirroring the side sprite), and the head and clothes are separate sprites. I’ve currently got code to support up to 10 stages of weight gain for each gender.

All I really need is the naked body sprites, but if you want to make additional sprites for clothing be my guest, but that will increase the workload exponentially. Core Rimworld has 13 clothing items that appear on characters visually, and there must be 3 images per item (one for front, back and side views), so that would mean clothing 39 sprites for EACH additional weight level :sweat_smile:.

Here’s some of the other in game sprites if that helps:




I am interested in trying to change female sprites for that, but currently I am not able to make any tests in the game by using your modification. I just installed this game to take a look on your mod and I don’t know how to use it. So, I activated Prepare Carefully mod and in body type section selected your additional body types, but those body sprites replace all other sprites like head, hair etc. So, I am not sure how exactly it works.

There are currently four different forum discussions about Rimworld modding, including this one:

Note that the last one was started by an artist. It’d be cool if everyone with both interest and skills necessary to mod rimworld worked as a team, just sayin’. :wink:

It is really hard to imagine how exactly body should look like in this game since there is no arms and legs. When you draw only torso feels not right, but I made some changes on sprite which you provided (as base for female in the game) in my personal vision of how maybe it should look like on female when she is nude.
Honestly it doesn’t look like a thin version, more like already a chubby one, but since I can’t test how it look in the game with a combination of ingame heads I can’t continue with other versions.
In my imagination would be better to transform basic rim world sprites to something like ghosts.

When the lower part is like a ghost I can create all body parts in more sexy way. Maybe would be nice to create simple arms without fingers for better visual effect. Anyway, you can contact me in discord “Coldsteelj#6767” if you want to cooperate.

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Interesting to see that lots of people have started their own projects! Working together would probably be a good idea if it was just as simple as the pawn gaining weight and changing sprites, but for me personally I’m looking to do a large-scale mod. Gonna have it’s own progression of research, events, ideology and royalty tie-ins, and it’s own end-goal, as well as a bunch of items and stuff.

Best of luck to everyone else making their own mods though! My thing may take a while before I get going hahaha

That level of depth matches more or less what Niwatori401’s project is going for, so I’d be interested to see how the systems both of you have some up with compare to each other.

I think it would be great if y’all came up with a unified base mod at the very least, to avoid mod incompatibility down the line. It would really suck to have to choose between several mods doing the same thing WG-wise, especially if both mods end up having different strengths and weaknesses.

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I’ll probably release the sprites I draw as stand-alone, and make my big scale mod a modular pack, where you can mix and match what you want and don’t want.

Also I’m pretty sure everyone else is gonna get their mods ready before mine, it’s not impossible that I contact and base my vision on someone else’s mod if they’re okay with that, but it’s probably pretty likely I’ll just do it all from scratch myself so I get to control how everything works together.

I like what you’ve drawn so far! I personally think the slightly chubby look still works for a thin body. And if it helps, there have been mods that have added legs to the pawns, such as this mod

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To be honest I was not expecting anyone to jump onto this so quickly :sweat_smile: This is my first serious attempt at a mod and I was unable to find any up to date documentation so I sorta jumped in and started trying stuff, and those body types you’re seeing are:

  1. Not set up correctly, I was just tinkering to see how hard it would be to add body types and as you can see I can add them pretty easily, but because I didn’t have sprites I actually stripped out the code for those body types since I ended up just using the 3 basic body size sprites instead.

  2. I’m making the mod first, tweaking things second, so right now any and all compatibility with other mods is purely coincidental. I tried using character editor with my body types and had similar problems, but that’s a problem for the future.

  3. I think that headless pawn bug is because the pawn has clothes on. From what I’ve tested, it seems that when a pawn is rendered, the game uses the names of the image files to determine which images to use, specifically the images are named in a [label]_ [bodytype]_[direction] format. All the body type images say Naked at the start (ex. Naked_ChubbyFemale_north.png), and all the clothes say the name of the clothing and then the body type they are for (ex. Duster_Thin_east.png). I noticed that if a pawn has clothes on and there is no image file matching the body type of the pawn, the pawn generates naked and headless, and sometimes they’re even completely invisible.

Whoops :sweat_smile: Sorry, I feel like I should have checked if there were any other threads on this before starting mine. I don’t really have any big plans for my mod, a few weeks ago I just decided I wanted weight gain mechanics in Rimworld and started working.

If anyone wants to coordinate with me they’re more than welcome to, I have no idea how well everyone else’s projects are going but if piggybacking off of what I’ve done would be helpful just let me know and I’ll do what I can to make it easy to expand on my mod.