Dream Game Idea (Probably will never happen)

So I’ve been thinking about the perfect weight gain/inflation game. The game would be a 3D sandbox game, fully destructible terrain, building, lots of food, and dedicated items for inflating characters. You’d spawn in a procedurally generated world, and there will be a plethora of biomes to explore, some food related. Candy Land is exactly like it sounds like, a biome made entirely out of candy, and cakes, and every block is edible. Forest: pretty bog standard, just a forest biome. Desert: Dry and hot during the day, cold at night, best to be avoided unless you wanna eat cactus. Plains: rarer than forest, more common than desert, tends to have towns/villages where you can take quests, and some villages have more food. Food and gold will be rewards for quest completion. Frozen Forest: has snow, and trees. Fat characters do well in cold areas. Ice Cream Mountain: A mountain made of chocolate covered in ice cream snow, and giant cherries.
Items would include:
Pickaxe: removes stone type blocks, from stone, to brick, to chocolate (chocolate blocks can be eaten on being obtained)
Axe: for wood type blocks, and pretzel tree logs.
Spade: for dirt, cookie sand, cookie dirt, snow, and ice cream
Pump: A weapon that can double up as a useful tool. Pop enemies, (enemies pop into candy) or inflate yourself to fly.
Sword: Pops inflated enemies right away, or can be used to beat candy beasts into bite sized bits
You’ll be able to build, or craft from anything you collect, you get bonus candy and food for popping enemies. You can befriend some enemies, such as candy witches.
You can either play as a human, a dwarf, or a slime. All races have male and female varients. Slimes freeze most easily, but get the fattest, and inflate the biggest. Slimes are humanoid.
I know this will probably never happen, but hey, I can dream.


I actually like the idea. I don’t know how to make games myself, but, if someone where to try and develop a game biased on this idea, i would probably back it.


pretty solid idea, the hard part would be the terrain and the time it would take to make everything, but that is pretty much a complete game idea.

That’s a great dream game, sort of resembles a minecraft modpack I’m trying these days, what would also be interesting to see, as I’m a fan of that, is weight-related hitboxes, so if you get fatter/more inflated you’d have a bigger hitbox, be perhaps less agile and unable to go through some narrow spaces, same for the enemies themselves. Stuckage is fun…

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The idea has a critical failure: there is no actual gameplay? Player can chose a character, character can take quests and can eat to get fatter. It looks like character can fight some enemies, but there is no information about actual combat system. Also, there is no information about type of quests either. Is it some kind of sandbox game without goal? Then I think player get bored right after reaching maximum weight for playable character.

It looks to me like an example of a modded minecraft playthrough, minus the weight gain and inflation elements, I’d guess the quests are around either gathering certain items, defeating certain enemies or uncovering certain possible structures or other points of interest. In games like Minecraft, Terraria and Starbound, completing the game main cycle is simple, but not for that reason people stop playing it. With the same idea of being able to build stuff and fight enemies, you could experiment with creating more structures or finding weirder or better ways to fight certain creatures. Since this is just an idea, there can’t actually be too much of a definition in terms of what I’ve already said, or for that matter the combat system. Also, as I’ve seen that already being possible with certain games such as Kobold Dungeon, Coinpurse Kobold and Growth RPG, the weight gain could be made infinite, so the gamepaly could be made, although repetitive, possibly infinite.