Fatten your girlfriend Japanese game [Incomplete]

I discovered this previously unmentioned Japanese WG game by the author びーこん (bii-kon). It’s a short RPGMaker VN style game about cohabiting with your (thin) girlfriend for a year. It is a complete game with 4 stages and sprites. Unfortunately to the author’s own admission, its not the full featured version they wanted to make, missing some extra features.

Regardless, it’s a cute little romp and I’ve provided a quick (google quality) English translation patch below. I’ve made a few tweaks to the translation, but its still very rough.

To download, complete and open the provided URL in the tweet below (the Https part has a space in it) and use the password kon next to the download box.
Tweet link

彼女太らせver0.02_en_translation.zip (60.9 KB)
To apply the patch, just open the zip file and drag the contents onto the root folder of the game. Let it overwrite a few files and you are done!

Screenshot 2023-12-03 110336



Awesome game! Thanks for sharing! Really enjoyed it!
If you want the English version make sure you read the directions listed above carefully.

I really hope someone could take this project and keep working on it, like with Feeder Fantasy

This was great, nice find! Thanks for translating and sharing.

Translation is… serviceable, and the mechanics are basic.
But it’s still a short, fun little thing, and is really elevated by the cute art and the inclusion of a gallery and event replay at the end.